Green Door

by Scotty B
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Green Door

Falcon Studios

Porn powerhouse producers Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo are either on a long term LSD trip or they just really love the use of colors in their movie because their newest flick Green Door, is the continuing exploration of how color is represented in sex/porn and if Leif and Steve Cruz have anything to do with it they are making sure it's dirty, raw (not that kind of raw) and as true to life as possible.

Admittedly the movie is a bit creepy to view - not your typical 'pull your cock out and start jerking-off,' it truly does set a tone and sucks you in, making you wonder what the fuck is going to happen and more importantly is this flick even good!

Since the movie is a Mustang release expect the guys to look like daddy - well the daddy you always wanted to showoff. Featuring Mustang exclusive Samuel Colt, Chad Manning, Zak Spears, Erik Grant, Beaux Banner, Luke Riley, Drake Jaden, newbie newcomer Alessio Romero and the breathtaking Nash Lawler - giving the cast a cohesive connection.

The first scene features Zak Spears and Luke Riley, while both take on the role of cock sucking, ass eating maniacs - Zak Spears steps up his game and truly perfects his art at eating some great ass. Luke Riley can only lay back and jerk-off while enjoying his ass being rimmed and fondled for an extensive amount of time. Finally bent over a coat rack, Luke Riley gives in and gets his all plummeted by big daddy Zak - oh my, how verbal Zak becomes when his cock slides in the ass. Care to know who shoots so far that it goes in their own mouth? Buy the movie on or just stream it on their site. Okay besides the cum in the mouth scene the final minute of the two's appearance together is a bit strange and creepy - what did it mean? Why did he disappear, why didn't they end up cuddling, why is the door green? Gosh... so many questions, oh well - onto the next scene featuring Samuel Colt and Los Angeles boy Alessio Romero - we gotta have him at the COCKTAILS WITH THE STARS show.

If you thought that Alessio was a newcomer well in this scene he sure as hell doesn't play the part of a newbie, instead this rugged, tattooed Latin performs like a veteran taking every jab and spit shot that Samuel pits at him! Sporting a jockstrap, Samuel immediately wants Alessio to start the cock worshipping - and he doesn't mind. Alessio starts sweating and choking while servicing, while Samuel keeps an eye on him waiting for the perfect moment to turn Alessio over and eat his hole out - wait for it, cause when it finally happens you will likely start calling him Samuel 'SPITTING' Colt - Alessio's ass will never go through a drought !

So it's no secret that Samuel is a powerhouse top so no big surprise that he breaks Alessio's ass in, fucking him in several positions until he can hold his load no more - great job on both ends. What was my hope for this scene? Simply that my new Latin obsession did a double cum shot scene - is that too much to ask for these days?

Beaux Banner and Chad Manning suit up in classic sailor outfits to give the scene a more colonial feel. Dressed up and no where to go these men swap spit in a bar while onlooker Erik Grant plays bartender, watching these two fondle and undress each other. The scene quickly goes from a duo to a triple - and we don't mind. Chad's clothes and cock is the first to come out, followed by Beaux's beautiful ass and body. Erik Grant grants Beaux a wish by dropping to his knees to rim Beaux's slightly furry ass - very nice by my standards! If you love ass play and intense oral scenes than you will love these three, not only is there chemistry but the site of Chad getting his cock sucked off is a beautiful site to behold. Beaux if you need help just let me know... I can help you sucking Chad off!

I really wanted to see Chad Manning get plummeted hard in this movie and was hoping he would cum as much as Erik did but even though either of these things happened, overall this was a highly erotic scene that shows how well three boys can get along if they are naked, porn stars and have huge cocks! The final scene between Nash Lawler and Drake Jaden bridges the gap between all-American boy and punk boy. At first glance I chuckled and laughed at the thought of these two boys together - not a good pairing at first, but when Nash puts his new found oral skills to work and sucks Drake off the magic of the scene starts to unfold.

Again, if you like oral scenes this one is the cream of the crop. Both boy drop to their knees and from what I can see Nash loves to suck some serious cock better than he likes to receive - is this true Nash, I know you are reading! The two tire of risking getting caught in an apartment corridor so both retire to a vacant apartment with an unassuming green door.

Nash gets his completely smooth hole eaten and it is not necessarily the rimming that turns us on it is Nash's beautiful hole - I think it's the prettiest I've ever seen. I also think Nash enjoyed it so much that it turned him on, prompting him to fuck Drake in a chair - legs up, meat on meat and non-stop action. By the end of the scene Nash has worked up a sweat, both are drenched in cum and Nash falls into a deep sleep. Eventually he wakes up and is greeted by Alessio, Samuel, Erik, and Zak - and then it ends and I am left puzzled and yet wanting more. I stopped the movie and played the DVD again from start to finish - like the movie Mulholland Drive I finally get it but think that a third watch will do me some good !

Oh, P.S. if you are done watching the movie too and have a favorite part, you probably have seen the feature where you can skip to specific parts of each scene - it's all laid out for you, just select SCENES from the top menu and select one then choose your favorite part, for instance in scene four you can choose to watch the 'cocksucking,' 'ass eating,' 'fucking,' 'Drake cumming,' or when Nash cums - it's all yours!


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