Andy O'Neill and Jak Williams: Boys With Toys @ FreshSX

by Pickles!
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Boys With Toys continues to offer some of the UK's hottest stars up on a platter for lucky members to devour. Reality is often blurred when it comes to the need to setup a scene and deliver it in porn. FreshSX's hot new film, Boys With Toys features only sex with little need for story line.

In a hot and sexy scene from Boys With Toys, hung twinky Andy O'Neill grabs his Fleshjack and some magazines featuring the adorably lusty, Jak Williams. Super sexy O'Neill strokes his long cock while turning the pages of the magazine. Just as expected, O'Neill finds himself locking lips with Williams. Several toys are spread across the bed including a big black dong dildo along with large anal beads. The expressions on O'Neill's pretty face as Williams fucks him with the big black dong is priceless.

Williams builds up rhythm as he fucks O'Neill's smooth hole full with "his" big black dick. Williams replaces the dildo with the anal beads. O'Neill closes his eyes and takes one ball after another. First a hint of pain shows in O'Neill's expression, shortly followed by a look of absolute pleasure. Williams continues to pop one in after another. By this time, both are extremely turned on and the kiss is far more intense.

The balls come out and Williams positions O'Neill to take his cock in place of the balls. Williams fucks O'Neill intensely though Williams' sagging nuts hide the penetration though providing a truly hot experience to view nonetheless. A change of positions shows Williams fucking O'Neill's hole from beneath whilst wearing a condom. The condom is almost lost inside O'Neill's sweet cherry hole. Fantasy or not, this is as real as it gets. O'Neill rides Williams pounding cock while Williams tenderly twists his nipples.

The scene seals the deal when both boys grab a long double-ended dildo and bounce back against it sharing each and every length. O'Neill is face down and in ecstasy. Williams however rock hard, shows some winces, but is truly a professional and takes each inch like a pro. The action does not end there. True bottom boy, Williams takes a pounding from an enthusiastic O'Neill. O'Neill replaces his cock this time with their favorite 3rd, a BIG BLACK DILDO. O'Neill drives the dildo deep into William's welcoming hole. This ends with Williams busting his nut and O'Neill sending off an amazing multiple shot cum shot across William's beautiful smooth body.

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