Jason Pitt Bathtub Solo

by Pickles!
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Jason Pitt Jacks Off In A Soapy Tub!

If you have been to ClubJasonSparks.com, then you have seen the model that currently graces the splash page. Moppy-haired blond Jason Pitt enjoys a relaxing and sensual bubble bath in a delicious solo scene on ClubJasonSparks.com. Careful not to get his perfectly highlighted hair wet , Pitt soaps up his slender twinky body stroking and jerking his thick cock.

Pitt oozes a sensuality which can easily cause anyone to adjust their britches. Pitt is especially hot when he shows off his beautiful ass. The soapy bubbles looks like art careful placed throughout his sexy body. First Pitt jerks his stick using the soft bubble bath, but after he has stroked his cock dry, he reaches for some conveniently placed I-D lube. It is a very hot site seeing this young stud beat his thick and slick meat. You can see the blood as it pumps through his shaft leaving his balls hanging and brewing with juice.

Pitt picks up a steady pace as he slow teases hi cock to completion. His cockhead is as read as an Irishman’s cheeks. Much like the beat of his rhythm, his small gold charm bracelet on his left hand rocks with the same seductive beat. The sounds of the lubricant coating his long thick shaft keep you on edge. This boy has to blow soon.

His pace picks up as his body stiffens against the cold tile wall. This boy is definitely about to blow. He fires a long shot down outside the bathtub and onto the floor. Following the first shot is several long shots across his leg. It is hard to believe it is over because if you have not cum yourself, then you are going to just have to rewind the clip and watch it again. Might as well tell the misses, you are working late!

Jason Pitt is a fucking hot ASSet to ClubJasonSparks.com. We hope to see more of him!

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