Ennis Marley: BelAmi

by Cock Fight
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Ennis Marley of BelAmi

So I stumbled upon this gem at DripClips.com and had to see the whole thing because LOOK AT THOSE EYES!  Okay so the rest of him isn't so bad either, what with those rippling abs and one of the longest cocks I've seen in a while!  I love the tattoos on his arm as well which add just a dash of badboy into this brown eyed dreamboat.  I just want to spoon with him (little spoon) and then of course have him fuck me until my eyes pop out.

If you can get past the cheezy BelAmi soundtrack (will someone please tell me why they do that?) it's a hot hot scene.  Personally I would rather just listen to the sound of him jerking his beautiful long uncut cock.  Since he's a BelAmi boy, he could be from anywhere.  Does anybody know?  I'm just going to continue to fantasize about what I have decided is a Croatian accent telling me all the ways he's gonna fuck me!  Ahh Pretty BelAmi boys.  





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