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by Cock Fight
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Cock Fight's College Dude Crush: Buddy Davis

Fine, it's Cliche' but I don't care!  The Ugly Duckling syndrome of my youth has now morphed into a horny Monster that likes to devour my previously forbidden fruit, Frat-lookin' Guys, and leave nothing left but the bones.  For this reason, College Dudes 24/7 gets a lot of play on my machine and my newest favorite with the long lashes and big, soft brown eyes is Buddy Davis.  OH but my mouth just watered the first time I saw this one!  I don't like to pick favorites in any category, be it Men, Movies or Ice Cream, but like any good quality crush, I get hard for this guy pretty darn fast lately!

Cocky, yes yes yes and I LOVE IT!  His chest is the perfect size, not too big, not too small, his cock is pretty and pink and I just want to grab those curly locks and make him suck my dick.  Just watching his first scene with Tucker was enough to get my attention and his solo is actually really hot with none of the stage fright and all the juicy gooey goodness.

 I think we'll be seeing much more of Buddy David @ CD247, and who knows...maybe he'll pop up elsewhere!   I'm thinking Jet Set Men would be an excellent place For Buddy to blossom.  What do you think?

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