ChaosMen Jalen Robbie Rivers RAW

Jalen & Robbie Rivers: RAW ChaosMen

by Aaron Shepard
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Robbie is obviously a pro, so the guys at ChaosMen were happy to put him with Jalen, who had not done a full-sex scene on film.  Though, given Jalen's sensual enthusiasm during his Serviced video, they were not expecting any problems. 

Robbie is definitely the dude in control in this video, but my guess is that Jalen will be more aggressive once he finds he can also take charge.  It also helped that Jalen was really into Robbie.  Jalen is more of a top, but he proves in this video that he is an eager bottom as well.

Robbie certainly has some moves!  He rides Jalen's cock like a pro with is hard cock bouncing up and down as he grinds Jalen's cock into him.  Robbie is a great top as well though, fucking Jalen hard while he strokes his buddy's cock. 

Jalen gets his ass fucked last, so Robbie squirts his load all over Jalen't hole.  Then, Jalen cleans his cock by sucking out that last little bits of cum, before finally blowing his own load!

Fraternity X Plowed Hole College Bareback

Plowed Hole Fraternity X

by Aaron Shepard
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Gauge was lipping off, so the brothers at Fraternity X slipped a little something in his drink to calm him down… He ended up face down on the floor screaming like a little bitch.

They threw his dumb ass on the bed, and plowed his gapping hole till no one could recognize it anymore.  For real it looked like somebody juicy lips.

Lucas Entertainment Devin Franco Bottoms for Muscle-Daddy Tomas Brand Bareback

Devin Franco Bottoms for Muscle-Daddy Tomas Brand Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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Devin Franco has a major daddy fetish, and enjoys hanging out with older men, which includes befriending the King of All Muscle Daddies, Tomas Brand.

Devin is always cruising for daddy dick, and when Tomas catches him checking out guys on his phone, he makes an advance.  This is an opportunity Devin can’t pass up; he’s had a major crush on Tomas for a long time, and giving up his hole to an experienced power top like Tomas is a reward for any hungry bottom.

Lucas Entertainment Sean Xavier Jackhammers Ken Summers Bareback

Sean Xavier Jackhammers Ken Summers Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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As far as Ken Summers is concerned:  the bigger the better.

He’s taken some big dicks from our hottest tops, but Ken’s never had a big black dick like Sean Xavier’s – until now.  Sean is one of the nicest guys in porn; this fact makes it a lot of fun to watch him shed that kind disposition, get naked, and relentlessly use his dick on a bottom’s throat and hole.  

Ken Summers, it is time for you to step up to your greatest bottoming challenge yet!

Kristen Bjorn Sex Men Lather Felipe Ferro Julio Rey Ely Chaim Bareback

Sex Men: Lather Felipe Ferro, Julio Rey, & Ely Chaim Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Julio Rey is meeting up with his very good friends – Felipe Ferro and Ely Chaim – and brings along some champagne to add to the festivities.  Felipe and Ely are at home lathering up in the tub when a big surprise pops up out of the water.

Julio walks in to find Ely fucking Felipe’s hungry mouth with his long, slick, hard cock.  Julio greets his friends fully naked, completely erect and spraying them with the champagne.  Now that everyone is nice and bubbly, it is time to savor each other’s bodies.  Ely and Felipe takes turns sucking on Julio’s fat cock.  Ely slides down into the warm bath water, spreads Felipe’s hairy ass and delves in tongue first.  

The guys retire to the bedroom, where Ely plunges his raw cock deep into Felipe’s hairy, pink hole.  Flipping positions, Ely lowers his ass onto Felipe’s straining cock as Julio feeds Ely his hot cock.  Ely rides both cocks with expertise; one is his mouth and the other in his bare ass.  Moving onto his back, Ely is mounted by Julio, who rams his big cock into his ass as Felipe begins to fuck his face with his rock hard cock.  All three men are reaching their peak, and Felipe is the first to shower Ely’s heaving chest with his thick, creamy load of cum.  Ely luxuriates in the feeling of Felipe’s hot, creamy load on his chest and Julio fucking him hard and deep that his own load of cum erupts from his cock and flies everywhere.  With the grip that Ely’s ass has on Julio he is unable and unwilling to pull out and coats his muscle fuck canal with his hot load.

Time to finish off that bottle of champagne.