Lucas Entertainment Brock Magnus Andrey Vic Andy Star Bareback

Brock Magnus and Andrey Vic Double-Team Andy Star Raw Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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Andy Star is a cock-hungry power bottom, who has proven his ability to handle two strong powers tops at the same time.  

Andrey Vic wants another go at Andy, and this time he brings along his buddy, the muscle jock – and new Lucas Entertainment exclusive model – Brock Magnus.  Andy Star is turned-on big time by worked-out guys with huge hulking bodies; because of this, he spends some time sucking on Brock’s chest before taking the jock’s cock down his throat while Andrey fucks him.  Andrey and Brock switch off, and Brock Magnus mounts Andy Star for some hot gay bareback action!

Lucas Entertainment Scott DeMarco Dylan James Bareback

Scott DeMarco Flip-Fucks with Dylan James Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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The ultra-gorgeous Scott DeMarco usually tops the guys he fucks, but he’s been craving “The D” ever since he saw what Dylan James has between his legs.

After Dylan and Scott talk for their Bareback Auditions interview, the two meet up again at night to fuck beside the pool.  Dylan has a soft spot for handsome Italian-American men, and he loves every moment of Scott being inside him.  When the situation is flipped, Scott rides Dylan… and his rock-hard Italian cock is a beautiful sight to behold as he bounces!

Kristen Bjorn Full of Spunk Scene 5 Ely Chaim Xavi Duran Bareback

Full of Spunk (Scene 5): Ely Chaim & Xavi Duran Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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On a mild summer day, the heat begins to rise as Ely Chaim and Xavi Duran hook up.  Ely lowers Xavi’s sweat pants and feels the hot, meaty flesh of Xavi’s fat cock as he takes it into his hands.  As he strokes the massive cock he feels how the girth continues to grow and expand his grip.  Ely takes Xavi’s hot cock into his mouth and savors how the hot, meaty cock forces his mouth to stretch to its limits to accommodate it all.  As Xavi feeds Ely his weighty cock, Ely strokes his cock to a full and steely rod.  Ely finds that his balls are churning too quickly and backs off just as Xavi allows Ely’s lengthy cock to glide across his wet tongue and deep into his throat.  The guys then move into a hot 69 cock sucking session that pleasures both men and their cocks.  

With Ely’s sexy, furry ass teasing Xavi, he reaches up with his tongue and plants it into Ely’s sweet pucker.  Xavi flips Ely over the armchair and rams his raw cock deep inside of Ely’s hairy hole.  Ely gets flipped again, but this time he is on his back with his legs spread wide open as Xavi takes aim and plows him deeper and harder.  Xavi’s thick cock and rhythmic fucking has brought stimulation and aroused Ely to the point where he erupts his creamy load all over his ripped abs.  Xavi continues to fuck the cum out of Ely as his own load grows and begins to flow up and out of his huge mushroom head.  His hot load coats Ely’s drained balls as the two embrace with a kiss.

Kristen Bjorn In the Mirror Scene 1 Jay Moore Hugo Stark Bareback

In the Mirror (Scene 1): Jay Moore & Hugo Star Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Hugo Stark got turned on watching Jay Moore’s muscles pumping at the gym, so he invited him back to his place.  The guys strip down and Hugo moves in on Jay’s muscular ass perfectly framed by his jock strap.  Hugo probes that hot, pink hole with his hungry tongue before Jay spins around and consumes Hugo’s swelling mushroom head.  Jay masterfully works his wet lips up and down Hugo’s throbbing cock shaft, forcing it to swell to its full circumference.  Hugo flips Jay over again and can’t get enough of that sweet, smooth hole.

Jay’s ass is wet and hungry and is fully prepared for Hugo’s cock as it rams deep within his treasure canal.  Jay loves that he can watch Hugo fuck him, as he is perched directly in front of the mirror.  Jay lies on his back and Hugo rams his cock into his famished ass.  The guys flip positions again and this time Jay squats his ass down onto Hugo’s fat cock and begins to grind his ass down hard onto Hugo’s pubic bone.  The guys work in tandem in who controls the fucking as Jay’s cock gains in strength and hardness.  Jay is working hard at making Hugo’s cock his fuck slave as he picks up the pace and rides him like a wild stallion.  All of this hard grinding has pushed Jay over the edge as he blows his huge creamy load all over Hugo’s ripped, furry abs.  Hugo pulls his cock out and Jay’s ass begins teasing, taunting and inviting Hugo’s cock back for more.  Hugo shoots a huge, thick load of cum all over Jay’s smooth ass, and then starts to finger that hot ass with his cum slicked fingers.

We all love to see that hot man “In the Mirror” that we are fucking!