Kristen Bjorn The Foreigner Salvador Mendoza Ivan Gregory Sergyo Bareback

The Foreigner: Salvador Mendoza, Ivan Gregory, & Sergyo Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Being a foreigner in a strange city can be intimidating, but Ivan Gregory is in luck, when sexy, local couple, Salvador Mendoza and Sergyo, spot him.

Ivan follows the guys back to their place, where passionate kissing and the seductive disrobing begin.  The guys reveal their monster cocks and begin a chain of hot cocks that demand to be sucked.  Salvador devours Ivan’s fat cock, while Sergyo chokes down Salvador’s meaty cock.  The guys change directions and the tongues get busy with those hot, tight asses.  Sergyo receives the talented tongue of Salvador and Ivan delves deep into Salvador’s Latin ass.  

With everyone hot and wet, Ivan plunges his huge cock directly into Salvador’s hungry hole.  Sergyo steps up and feeds his sexy cock into Salvador’s salivating mouth.  Salvador finds himself in the position that we all dream of, skewered with hot, pleasuring cocks.  Ivan’s ass is too hungry not to get in on the action, though, and mounts his ass onto Salvador’s throbbing, beefy cock.  Ivan is an equal opportunist and plants his ass onto Sergyo’s awaiting cock.  Ivan grinds his ass deep and hard onto Sergyo’s cock then flips back and forth between Salvador and Sergyo’s cocks.  The guys switch things up and put Sergyo in the middle this time with Ivan’s huge cock stuffing his throat full and Salvador stuffing his smooth, raw ass with his hefty cock.  Sergyo loves servicing hot cocks and this is his dream come true.  Having such huge cocks to pleasure drives Sergyo to the edge of no return and blows his huge load of cum.  As the last drops of his cum splatter across his heaving chest, Salvador creams Sergyo’s smooth ass with his silken cum, then breeds him with the remainder of his load.  Ivan is mesmerized by all that he has witnessed and is able to contain himself no longer; he shoots his rich load of cum all over Sergyo’s lips and tongue.  Sergyo revels in the joy of being filled with cum from his partner and the foreigner.

Kristen Bjorn In My Dreams Peter Connor Mateo Sandoval Bareback

In My Dreams: Peter Connor & Mateo Sandoval Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Peter Connor is at home watching a video on his mobile of Mateo Sandoval getting fucked hard and deep.  As Peter strokes his cock he begins to dream of what we all dream, when watching one of these videos: that we could to be a part of that hot action.  

Peter continues with his dream as Mateo enters the dream with his underwear working overtime to contain his unyielding cock.  Mateo gently moves in, removes Peter’s phone from him and begins kissing him passionately.  As the kissing builds Mateo lowers his lips down to Peter’s huge, black cock.  With a level of expertise Peter’s cock is consumed, sucked and pleasured to its fullest.  Peter moves to the sofa and has Mateo lower his pink ass over his probing tongue.  Peter feels the warmth of Mateo’s ass on his tongue and knows what he really desires.  

Flipping onto all fours Mateo’s ass is spread wide open as Peter guides his massive cock head deep inside.  Peter holds his position to allow Mateo to back himself onto his cock and pleasure himself.  Joining forces, Peter and Mateo begin working together in a rhythmic fuck that brings deep, uncompromised pleasure to them both.  Peter climbs higher onto Mateo and goes in for a much deeper and harder fuck.  Mateo is more than eager to take all that Peter has to offer.  The final flip puts Mateo on his back with Peter driving his cock harder and deeper than before.  Every muscle in Mateo’s body is flexed and ready for his massive explosion as Peter continues to fill him with his throbbing cock.  One more stride and Mateo’s cock unleashes his hot load of cum.  With all those muscles flexing and gripping his cock, Peter showers Mateo’s pink ass with his hot creamy load of cum.  With his cum slicked cock back inside of Mateo’s ass Peter enters into that half-awake half dream state, where we all wish the dream would never end.

Sweet dreams! He's Mine Jay James Pierre Fitch

He’s Mine: Jay James & Pierre Fitch

by Aaron Shepard
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Jay James takes control of the situation AND Pierre Fitch! 

He shows Pierre just how hard to really give it and how he has no problems taking it.  Thankfully Pierre is a quick study and gives Jay exactly what he was craving.  By the end, these two are drenched in both sweat AND each other’s cum!

Guys in Sweatpants Austin Wilde Introduces Ash Hendricks Bareback

Austin Introduces Ash: Ash Hendricks & Austin Wilde Guys in Sweatpants

by Aaron Shepard
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Ash comes to GISP from a small town in North Carolina, and the way these two devoured each other; you'd never guess it's his very first time in front of a camera. 

Austin starts out by asking him some questions to get to know him a little better, and then it begins.  Ash says he prefers to top, and admitted he was nervous about his first time on camera, but his eagerness to get fucked and take Austin's load quickly took over.  Their clothes were off, and both of their big dicks were in each other's mouths in no time – Ash has a fat cock too.  Austin pulled Ash on top of him, lubed up his cock with his spit, and then slid him onto it, inch-by-inch until it was balls deep in his hole.  Ash's cock seemed to get harder and harder the further it went in.  They filmed this all in one take, which ended with Ash not being able to control his load once Austin started choking him!  Ash was craving Austin's load in him, so Austin fucked his whole load deep into him!

Falcon Studios Love & Lust in New Orleans Scene 2 Sean Zevran Cooper Dang

Love & Lust in New Orleans (Scene 2): Sean Zevran & Cooper Dang Falcon Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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Sean Zevran is taking some laps in his New Orleans pool when Cooper Dang offers up a glass of wine on the pool deck.  Sean has more than a glass of wine on his mind, and before either of the guys can have a sip; Sean has Cooper on his knees servicing his massive uncut dick.

Cooper is good with his tongue and gets Sean throbbing hard and ready for more action.  After fucking Cooper's warm mouth with his massive member, Sean decides he needs a taste of the jock's smooth, tight hole.  A few licks are all it takes for Cooper to start begging Sean to slip his dick inside of him.  Cooper spreads his cheeks wide as the studs kiss passionately.

Sean is ready to oblige Cooper all his needs and slips his dick deep inside the young stud to give him exactly what he wants.  Sean is unrelenting and pumps a steady rhythm as Cooper moans out with every thrust that Sean doles out.  Sean wants to feel Cooper from a deeper perspective and rolls him over onto his back.  Sean is as far inside the jock has he can possibly get and hits all the right spots to make Cooper leak a creamy load all over his perfectly toned body.  Sean can no longer hold off and pulls out of Cooper to give him his own creamy release that leaves the panting stud wet, sticky, and extremely satisfied.