Kristen Bjorn Big Meat Nicoli Cole Peter Lipnik Milos Ovcacek Bareback

Big Meat: Nicoli Cole, Peter Lipnik, & Milos Ovcacek Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Nicoli Cole and Peter Lipnik are getting acquainted with one another, when Nicoli’s hot fuck buddy, Milos Ovcacek, joins the party.  Milos enters the room with an air of confidence and as soon as his huge cock flops out we understand why.  Peter and Nicoli quickly strip off their clothes while enjoying the show of big meat.

Nicoli is hungry and that huge cock is exactly what he wants.  Taking the mammoth cock into his hand, Nicoli slowly begins to swallow Milos’ rock-hard cock.  Peter moves in and begins to suck on Nicoli’s straining cock taking in his cock and pheromones.  Nicoli’s expert cock sucking skills prove to be too much for Milos, as Milos blasts his thick load of cum all over Nicoli’s lips and tongue.  Peter and Nicoli quickly move in and begin to feed Milos their pounding cocks.  Milos works his way from one cock to the other, choking both cocks down his throat.  Nicoli flips over and Peter begins sucking his cock while Milos probes his pink ass with his hungry tongue.  

With Nicoli’s ass primed for fucking the guys position themselves with Peter fucking Nicoli’s famished mouth and Milos pounding his ass deep and hard.  Nicoli begs for more as the guys fill him with cock from all directions.  Switching up again Peter and Nicoli begin tag teaming Milos’ furry ass.  The tag teaming intensifies as Nicoli pulls out and showers Milos with his hot load of cum then shoves cum soaked cock back into that hairy hole.  Peter unleashes his thick, creamy load as Nicoli gulps down his second load of cum today.

BelAmi Online Lucky Marcel Gassion Marc Ruffalo Rhys Jagger Bareback

Lucky Marcel: Marc Ruffalo, Marcel Gassion, & Rhys Jagger BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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So for this update, BelAmi has something a little different… 

Traditionally, they are known for their smooth, beautiful youths.  In this scene, we still have beautiful youths, but rather than asking them to shave prior to the shoot, they allowed the guys to film with their preferred facial hair.  For Marc and Rhys, that means a closely trimmed beard, for Marcel it means soft and smooth, as even he admits that is just isn't possible for him to grow a beard.  Even without facial hair, he certainly appreciates it, as his scene partners tickle his sensitive hole with their hairy chins.

Lucas Entertainment Rod Fogo Bottoms for Damon Heart Bareback

Rod Fogo Bottoms for Damon Heart Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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Damon Heart is proving himself to be quite the no-nonsense top, as he shows his fans with Rod Fogo.

Damon introduces Lucas Entertainment viewers to Rod in an interview for the fourth gay bareback sex scene of Bareback Auditions 10: Raw-Dogged, but before long he leans back and pulls out his cock for Rod to service.  The guys strip down, and when the sucking gets old Damon pounds Rod Fogo raw!

Sean Cody Derick Kaleb Bareback

Derick & Kaleb: Bareback Sean Cody

by Aaron Shepard
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“He’s pretty big!  He’s definitely got a fat cock, so I’m nervous… but I’m always excited too!”

Kaleb’s excitement about getting fucked by Derick certainly overpowered his nerves, and it showed!  As soon as Derick slid his big dick inside of Kaleb’s tight bubble butt, it was all pleasure from there.

Guys in Sweatpants Say Hello to Chandler Holt Austin Wilde Bareback

Say Hello to Chandler: Chandler Holt & Austin Wilde Guys in Sweatpants

by Aaron Shepard
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Chandler is an 18-year-old cutie, who came to GISP from Tennessee.  This is his first time ever getting filmed having sex on camera, and what better way to spend it than getting fucked and bred by Austin?

Chandler was hoping for a shoot with Austin, and Austin loves breaking in his new boys, so this it was a perfect match.  Watching Chandler suck on Austin's huge cock is enough to make you cum in itself, but luckily it didn't stop there!  Austin tongue-fucked Chandler's hole until it was lubed up enough to slowly slide each inch of his veiny cock into it... then they fucked nonstop like animals.  The smiles on Chandler's face as he laid there taking Austin's cock is the cherry on top of this fuck fest!  

Not to give too much away, but let's just say:  Chandler may have left the house this day with some of Austin's load still in him.  Enjoy!