Francois Sagat Fists Erik Rhodes

by Cock Fight
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francois_fist_erik_rhodes_glamour.jpgOk, so maybe I'm a little behind the curve since I just heard about this but HOLY HOT PORN STARS Batman, what a pair!! Two of the most popular Muscle Stars in the business get together with a little (ok a lotWink) of Boy Butter and go to town! Francois must have shot this right before going back to Titan, but who knows, maybe there's more Francois Sagat goodies awaiting our eager! 

Erik Rhodes may be a mess...but he's a HOT mess and I do love to watch him enjoy a good fisting. Francois works like a master and watching him go to town; the combo is captivating! 
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Jesse O'Toole & Dawson: TIMfuck

by Pickles!
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timfuck_jesse_dawson_screencap.jpgJesse O'Toole and Dawson

Websites like Treasure Island Media's that offer not only tried and true fuck and suck footage from their legendary DVD library, but also exclusive video content that always gets your nut, have it made with their fans and members.


Treasure Island's cameras catch their fair share of hot action that you don't see on DVD (yet). Sometimes models that have a perfect chemistry, can't get enough of each other. The mere mention of Superstud Jesse O'Toole makes fans' dicks hard. Add world-class bottom, Dawson into the mix and you have a sure fire jack-fest on your hands, literally!


Dawson has verbally expressed in videos and to Paul Morris (owner) on repeated and documented occasions how much he enjoys getting fucked by Jesse O'toole's fat ol' log of a cock. Why deny a star? In an exclusive fuck scene from, Morris sets the camera rolling. O'toole has a look of a pleased man. His beautiful tattoos practically envelop Dawson who just spreads his legs and takes every thust of O'toole's massive dong.

What eventually happens always happens guaranteed. The bottom gets the top's load. You just don't always see it. continues to feature studs made famous in Treasure Island's videos in extra exclusive scenes as well as their feature. causes ware to your wrists. Enjoy the pain!

Enjoy blowing your load to



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You Love Jack: Charlie

by Cock Fight
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charlie_ylj.jpgCharlie's Big Cock Looks YUMMY!
Normally I don’t get all gooey over a solo unless the guy is too hot to ignore. Charlie's a cutie that you would definetly want to take home to mama but you could never tell her the secret to your success…his giant cock! I just can’t get enough of watching that big mushroom head drool it just makes me hungry!

His head is nice and big and I swear I can just feel it hitting me in all the right spots. I'll admit it, I have a weakness. A nice thick curvy head makes me weak in the knees and removes my ability to say no...but really, why would I?!


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Free Porn! Raw Entry Club 2 for 1 Sale

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raw_sluts_do_me_raw_rec.jpg bareback_academy_1_2_rec.jpg bareback_escape_wonderland_rec.jpg

Who am I to turn down free porn?! I like to think of this as the perfect way to crunch your budget, getting as much as you can for your hard earned dough without elbowing through people at Costco on a Sunday

Raw Entry Club is selling some of their best titles 2 for 1 and I'm scooping them up!  You can check out Raw Sluts and get Do Me Raw FREE! Scoop up Bareback Academy 1 and 2 together or run off to Bareback Wonderland and get Bareback Escape with it!  Who doesn't love a little cheap sluty action?!  Admit it, and grab your copy of one of my favorites, Raw Sluts!

Just in time for 4th of July Weekend, why not order some new porn and have a party!  BBQ and hot sex.  What better way to celebrate?!

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The Trainer

by Scotty B
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the_trainer.jpgThe Trainer
Falcon Studios

Slowly Adam Killian has become every gay mans fantasy and in the new Falcon movie The Trainer our fantasy becomes a reality as Adam emerges into a full fledged porn star starring in this iron pumping porn with Falcon Exclusive Leo Giamani, Ty Colt, The Jaric's, TJ Hawke, Hunter Vance and as a special surprise - Trent Davis from Randy Blue studios!

While there is a loose story to the movie, who really cares? The first sex scene stars Hunter Vance and hottie TJ Hawke. I've always been attracted to TJ, this boy is about as verbal as it comes and being sucked off on a weight bench is just that much hotter - what gym do these guys belong to? TJ gets to fuck Hunter and while Hunter's look is not a fantasy of mine, the two pull it off, especially when they shoot all over their workout bench - and what an impressive load TJ unleashes, very impressive.

the_trainer_2.jpgAfter the second scene as far as I'm concerned they could have ended the movie and I would have gotten my money's worth - even if I didn't pay for the movie to begin with! Featuring Ty Colt, Leo Giamani and Adam Killian, these boys give nothing but 100 percent showing not only how a porn star should fuck but how to suck cock like a pro. The boys are sensational and when you witness first hand Leo and Adam getting fucked you will understand what I'm talking about. Leo, Ty and Adam moan and groan convincingly like they really enjoyed everything going on *wink* - so much so I am convinced that Leo is gay (I've heard rumors he's gay for pay) and if he's not then he sure deserves the Best Actor GAYVN Awards because he takes top honors in this scene. Bravo and kudos to director John XXXX for making this scene click!

A little sweaty after the previous scene? Why not wash off your frustrations and sweat off with real life boyfriend's Aden and Jordan as they get nasty in the shower. These guys first work up a sweat in the gym with Ty Colt but after, retire to the locker room so Jordan can fuck Aden in the ass in the shower and the steam room. Does this scene have chemistry? I honestly have seen these two give better performances but their passion towards one another is genuine and sincere - too sincere, I want to see these guys get out of the ’romantic scenario’ scene and start doing some
the_trainer_1.jpgMustang movies where they can explore some dirty fetishes.

Finally, we get to see Trent Davis in action. Not only can you see him on Randy Blue but you can see him getting his ass pounded by Ty Colt during scene four! Ty puts Trent through a rigorous workout and after the buildup we get to see these boys get naked, giving the term ’reciprocation a new definition as they both take each others cocks down their throats. I was surprised to see Trent bury his face in Ty’s ass but wasn’t surprised to see Ty fuck Trent, it was to be expected - no biggie, but I would have paid an extra fee to see Trent turn the tables and fuck the shit out of Ty, maybe next movie: Trainer 2!

Overall the movie needed more Adam Killian, more Trent Davis... even if it meant eliminating the scene between Aden and Jordan - again it was good just not great.

The movie is a definite plus and it took me a few days to get through because I could not help nor control myself during the intense workout scenes and chemistry within the movie.

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