Brothers Behaving Badly 2 : Nick Young Reviews His Movies

by NickYoung
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Brothers Behaving Badly 2
All Worlds Video/Channel 1 Releasing

No Real Brothers were harmed in the making of this movie.  Three Sex-crazed country bumpkin brothers are anything but backwards when it comes to satisfying their sexual desires! 

Watching this movie tonight I remember the total hottie Jerek.  Boy does that boy have a twinky young sweet ass.  Also, watching these old porns, what happened to tan lines?  When did they go out of style?  I think we need more guys with hot sexy Calvin Klein tan lines.  Anyways, Jerek was fun on and off set.  We all used to play with his hole for hours and seemed like it never got tired.  One time I remember fucking him in front of a deck full of people on the 'Pillage and Plunder' Cruise.  Fun Times!!!

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Echoes : Nick Young Reviews His Movies

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Men Of Odyssey
Okay it is years later so I can say I had no idea why they cast the fat kid for the lead in this movie.  I think it was cause he was sleeping with Jim Steel the Producer, that is something I am proud to say I never had to endure.   The infamous casting couch to land roles.   Well, unless of course you count the time I shot cum across the room into Chi Chi's wig.  Oh the things we used to do.  LOL  Anyways, Echoes attempts to parable, well I have to use a quote to explain it "When Moments In Time Are Gone Forever… When a lover dies, why do memories seem as real as life itself? Is it possible to move on..even if the new lover is the cause of your pain in the first place? These questions echo through the mind." That sounds like something the producers would have said.   Seriously filming this movie was like a week in the twilight zone. The Producer was so into the tubby kid on the set really it seemed we were more collectively working throught his issues than anything.  The best part was he'd take Chi Chi shopping @ Old Navy and he would buy each of them these horrible shirts in every pastel color, great comedy.

In the end Chi Chi pulled together a really good movie all things considered.  I must say this was one of the oddest movies in my videography. Check it out there are some pretty cool special effects for the time. 

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ManPlay 10 : Nick Young Reviews His Movies

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manplay_10.jpgManPlay 10
Titan Men

It was funny! I was completely stunned when I saw that I was in a Titan movie!  Who KNEW?!?!  LOL sometimes that happened you'd show up to a set and have no idea where your scene was going to end up.  Especially as the internet was developing it was common thing not be sure as long as they were paying your fee you didn't ask too many questions.   MaleFlixxx had this to say about the movie:

 With ManPlay 10, TITANMen once again lets a bunch of guys, a full dozen this time, rip into each other without plans, plots or props. The raw and sweaty, go-for-it sex is spontaneous, unrehearsed, and real. We catch two non-stop hours of steamy action in our unique documentary style, and shoot it to you straight up. It’s simple, but it’ll soak ya every time.

As always, the guys are new to the camera. Two exceptions are Carlo Cox, the hairy-chested Brazilian stud who’s recently been making a splash. And there’s that bundle of joy, Hans Ebson. No longer the pup who gets poked, he’s become a bulkier, buff, and definitely top man. The young men joining Hans sure know how to combine frisky with filthy. So don’t be fooled by the angelic faces of chunky Bastian and slender, spiky-haired Brentthese smooth dudes take it rough. Brian and Chase are wiry redheads. Uncut Jason’s shaved his crotch, Johnny’s pierced his lower lip, and black-haired Jack is one of the few guys without a tattoo. Like the untiring Nick Young, cream-colored Latino Joksan has a chewy foreskin.

Not a bad description, Since it had been a while since I fired up my maleflixxx account and took a look.  WOW, that was some hot fucking sex!  Trust me, stop by MaleFlixxx and Check it out, you wont be sorry.   Did I mention how hot the sex was.


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Skateboard Sliders 2: Slidin' In Deep : Nick Young Reviews His Movies

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skateboard_sliders_2.jpgSkateboard Sliders 2: Slidin' In Deep
Tribal Pulse Productions
I remember this movie only becase it was Directed by Phil St. John, that guy was sooo kookie!  But in a fun kinda perverted old man way we all know we will become.   Let's face it who better to be making hot fuck videos than dirty old men!!!  I FUCKING LOVE IT!!  

Here is what a reviewer had to say about us: 

You get more horny, thick dicked skateboard fuck buddies in this hard core edit, not available in stores. With TWO HOURS of long, hard, deep fucking, THREE double penetration scenes, a 3-way in a public washroom, dildo and anal play, you see loads of giant cum shots and we think you find the sex even hotter than Skateboard Sliders. Double Penetration 3 Way 2 Way Blow Job Rimming Dildos and hot Twink Nick Young with that uncut schlong that wont stop! 

So there you have it, it was a hot fucking movie.  Lots of dirty young skater boys getting dirty hot young man sex.  I remember Hans Ebson from this movie he and I used to work on a lot of films together back in the day.  It is such a trip to look at all these titles not only to see how things are done differently today, but just thinking about all the hot fucking guys who used to be steaming up the silver xxx screen.  Good Times!

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Frat House Secrets :Nick Young Reviews His Movies

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frat_house_secrets.jpgFrat House Secrets
Dirty Pictures

This video features insatiable cock suckers, succulent ass eaters, bone-stiff pricks, and foot fetish lovers. Starring Casey Williams, Andy Hunter, Abram Rodriguez, Lexx Parker, Nick Young that's me, Jay Ross and Doug Jeffries. Directed by Michael Zen. An IMD/Dirty Pictures DVD.

I barely remember making this film.  I guess that is what happens when you have so many under your belt.  Aww to be so young, honestly when I look at these old box covers I think to myself where did that guy go?   So young and thin and what soft pretty skin us twinky boys had back then.  I must admit there seems to be some trace of innocence left in my face back then.  ROFL.  Anyways this was one that was fun definitely to watch because so many of these guys are still around and still sexy but to see us all looking so young and fresh what a nice way to kick back and spend a Friday night.

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