Backroom LIVE from Hot House

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EXCLUSIVE Backroom Live Footage from Hot House For

Hot House has started a live sex show weekly on Wednesday nights at 7PM PST that is freaking awesome. Each week Backroom Live showcases the Men of Hot House and many other famous porn stars to the! Team Hot House interviews the studs for a bit poking at some "deep, personal stuff" and takes questions from the fans in the chat room. They literally will ask your question you write in the chat room, amazing!

I've caught several of the shows that have included Hot House Exclusives Kyle King, Paul Wagner, Vince Ferelli and web studs Rod Daily, Beaux Banner and Derrek Diamond. I love the fact that I get to tune into un-scripted sex with my favorite stars. Kyle King, Paul Wagner and Rod Daily are some of my favorites out there in porn world.

This week's Backroom Live brought Kyle King and Beaux Banner and the chemistry was clear. Beaux Banner clearly likes to get fucked and hard and WOW what a thick muscled pair of legs. Kyle King was rock hard the entire time wanting to plow Beaux but he had to answer some questions from the fans too.

I got this exclusive clip not seen anywhere else in the world with a little Q&A with Kyle & Beaux. We get to find out what they were for Halloween and that sex is good! Check out the exclusive video and watch it live weekly @

The next show features one of my all time favorites, Hot House Exclusive Paul Wagner with the horny and super cute Conner Habib next Wednesday 11/11/09 at 7PM PST. I've got my questions ready for these guys, do you? Tune in and jack along with studs in Backroom Live from Hot House!

CLICK HERE to check out Hot House Backroom LIVE Every Wednesday Night!

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James Jamesson

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Next Door Male - James Jamesson

Few things get me as excited as a hot red head. Whatever you call it, fire crotch, ginger kid or red head it’s HOT! This week Next Door Male brings us a hot red headed boy next door. Time and time again Next Door Male brings us the hottest studs from next door but this week is extra special.

This week’s scene opens with the shirtless James Jamesson stretching a bit and "going for a run". Next he starts to flex his awesome lean fair skinned boy. This boy is sexy as fuck. He's got it all, abs, chest, back, biceps you name it. This stud has a little edge to him with some pierced nipples, tattoo on his upper chest and awesome red scruffy beard.

Soon enough our young beau is stripping down but he makes sure to keep flexing and showing off his hot body. Next door does an awesome job of giving it all to us.

As I'm watching the scene, I am loving every minute of it. Finally our stud drops his drawers and reveals a big thick piece surrounded by some beautiful red fire crotch. james is sitting on the end of the bed playing with his cock, staring into the camera and leaning back to show his abs. The camera man works me over with underneath shots of his nice ball sack and then coming from above to see his engorged cock. James is hot as fuck. As he's stroking you can see precum oozing out of his big cock. At one point he flips over on his back to suck his own cock or at least get the head in his mouth. He is jacking his cock right over his mouth, licking up the precum. Its not long til he shoots his huge load all over his face and mouth. His cum is everywhere! Huge gobs of milky white cum all over his beautiful fair skin. Thank you Next Door Male and keep up the awesome work! Next Door Male does offer a 3-day trial for just $2.95, check it out!

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Doug, Pete & Jake @ Sean Cody

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Sean Cody Hawaii 3 way - Doug, Pete, Jake

Still the top of the hill in terms of amateur studs, though they are not so amateur any more. This summer Sean Cody took off to Hawaii and took a collection of unbelievably hot studs with them. My favorite scene brought together 3 of my favorites: Pete, Jake and Doug. All these hot boys have amazing bodies and gigantic cocks, 2 of my favorite things!

The scene starts out with a little talking to the boys where we find out that cutie blond stud Pete has decided to get double stuffed for the first time. Apparently it’s everyone's first time double stuffing anything besides an Oreo! Things start out passionate with the boys and kissing and rubbing each other with Doug and Jake showing Pete a little extra attention to their bottom boy. Pete jumps on his knees and whips out both huge cocks and begins working on them while Doug and Jake make out. Pete sucks feverishly on those huge rods. The boys rotate around sucking each other’s cocks when we see our bottom has got a huge piece too.

Next Pete lays back and we see his fuzzy butt getting nailed for the first time by Doug while he sucks on Jake's huge uncut cock. The tops flip positions on their hungry bottom boy. Its not long until the boys make a chain with Doug fucking Jake, Jake Fucking Pete, and Pete’s huge cock helicoptering around as his hole gets worked. The intensity of the boys and the camera angles are amazing. The hot studs train for a while but you know were getting close to the main event. Man do I love watching huge cocks going in jock boy butts and flying everywhere, but then again who doesn’t?

Next up – main event - Pete sits on Doug’s cock and lays back. Then Jake comes in from the front and the Double Stuffing is on. This first time double fuck is hot! Our bottom Pete clearly is feeling it but Jake makes sure to kiss him deeply so he relaxes. Dam these boys are giving it to the camera. Pete’s loving every minute of what’s going on, but he can only take so much. The boys break out of the double and back to some regular fucking for the cum shots. Doug's cock is being worked by Pete's mouth and then he shoots a huge load all over Pete’s chest. Jake pulls out of Pete’s ass and dumps his load on top of Doug’s on Pete's chest. Pete is coated in cum and the boys make out together as the scene ends. Whew! Fucking hot, fucking amazing passionate and intense sex that is worth every penny. Catch all the action at and excuse me while I go work my boner out after watching this scene.

CLICK HERE to visit

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Ashton Kutcher @

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Ashton Kutcher presents front row seating to view Hollywood's favorite and most sexy leading men with little or no clothing! From masculine celebrity athletes to the music's biggest stars, gives members access to the whole kit and caboodle. Privacy is hard to come by for Hollywood's male celebrities. Some stars fight the paparazzi at every step while other stars wade through the paparazzi pool like its old hat. They are all listed on Nothing is forbidden.

Aston Kutcher got his start in the public eye modeling for famous designers. His body was his paycheck. Make no mistake about it, Kutcher is not all looks and no brain. Kutcher is one smart fella. Kutcher recently starred in the indie film, Spread, and filmed some Nikon commercials, but spends most of his time producing these days. On the Internet, he is the most followed user on the social site Twitter™. So what if Kutcher's latest television production endeavor, The Beautiful Life got canned. It has caused handsome Kutcher little worry for this A-list celebrity always has his hands on something. For the past several years, his hands have literally been on Bruce Willis' ex-wife, Demi Moore. Moore has kept Kutcher in the spotlight when she needed to be in it as well giving the two of them prime camera time.

Kutcher has a history of film and television where he shows as much skin as censors will allow. Famous for removing his shirt and sometimes underwear on the hit sitcom, That 70's Show, Kutcher showed everyone that there are some fashion and print models that can also act. Some of them can even make us laugh. gives members access to over 253 images of Kutcher. Over a 100 of the photos are nude/semi-nude!

CLICK HERE to see more of Ashton @

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Rod Daily and Arpad Miklos@ OnTheHunt

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Arpad and Rod
I was poking around, the porn video site from hookup giant, and saw a lot that piqued my interest quickly. OnTheHunt claims to be real Manhunt hookups filmed by real porn stars, but they also slip in the occasional porn stud combo. On the home page I was struck by an image of Internet superstar Rod Daily and porn legend Arpad Miklos and I just had to see it.

After digging around a little I found the scene on page 5 of their videos. Both guys are Manhunt members and agreed to fuck for the camera. From the sounds of things, this is where the studly tattooed bad-bad Rod Daily got his start. The scene starts of innocent enough with some passionate kissing, but from the get go you can tell Arpad wants to nail this young stud. It’s not long before Rod goes for Arpad's huge cock. These guys are clearly into each other constantly rubbing and kissing as they slowly work each other’s cocks. Arpad dives into the hot muscle butt of Rod and is hungry to plow this young buck. You can barely tear Arpad away from eating Rod's ass and likewise you can barely stop Rod from sucking down that huge rod, choking on it too, Hot! Soon enough Rod jumps on that huge rod and rides it hard. His hard cock helicopters around as Arpad is pummeling his ass. These 2 are going at it feverishly and the connection is as real as it gets. Then videographer and porn stud Jeremy Hall has had enough and has to have a piece of that ass too. He pulls down his jeans and his boner is ready for action.

Next Arpad fucks Rod everywhere from every angle, even holding him up and having him bounce on his dick. This boy loves to get fucked and Arpad is more than happy to oblige. Rod cums with Arpad fucking him slowly, then Arpad shoots a huge load all over the Tattooed Bad Boy. Gotta say the scene was freaking hot. I feel like I was a fly on the wall during a Manhunt hookup. I can only hope all my Manhunt hookups are this hot. This site is definitely worth checking out. The main page has tons of hot boys I'd love to find on Manhunt. I started my search now, but for the moment I guess I just have to check back for the action at

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