Milo and Elijah Peters ride Trevor Yates' Monster Cock

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BelAmi's latest produces Sexy Porn Twins and a Huge Cock

Okay so you'll either find it Hot, Disturbing...or if you're lucky, both; either way it's quite an eyeful!  BelAmi has discovered the Peters twins and unlike the Visconti Triplets, they don't mind giving eachother head.  YES!

Speaking of head, Trevor Yates is packing a seriously huge fuck stick and those boys just devour it with gusto!  I'm impressed, as should anyone be.  Be sure to get an eyeful of the trailer below and watch as these two identical studs cheer eachother on and dominate Yates.



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Lance Howard and Josh Hart: Straight Edge Vol. 3

by Pickles!
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Lance Howard and Josh Hart

Jet Set Men proves that the dialogue doesn’t need to be believable (though it is) if you have two hot studs willing to get right to the action in order to move the story along. Tall and handsome stud Josh Hart thinks he overhears schoolboy Lance Howard talking to himself as the two head to their next class. The stairwell is the set of these two men as they find out exactly how straight they are. Howard asks for Hart to clarify his sexuality. What better way to iron out their sexual differences then to make out and begin the cock sucking?

One small intense kiss leads to Howard on his knees and worshiping Harts thick and long tool. Where Hart begins and ends his heterosexuality, Howard makes no bones about getting down to the gay part. There is plenty of it. The two use the stairwell to leverage themselves up against each other’s hefty dicks. Hart looks pretty straight getting his rock hard cock licked and sucked, though it is obvious the feelings he has for men are strong. Howard gets to his turn when sexy Hart places him up against the wall for some oral pleasuring himself.

All thoughts of Hart’s heterosexuality fly out the window when he begins his oral attention to Howard’s own uncut sausage. With ever flick of his tongue, chew of the foreskin, and tug of the balls, Hart makes Cutie Howard harder and harder. Ripped Hart wants Howard’s hot ass and tells him to show it to him while he slaps it and preps it for the onslaught. Hart pounds the hell out of Howard’s hole throwing intense noises into the air from both of them. It is absolutely breathtaking to watch Hart’s beautifully chiseled body slam into Howard’s beautiful ass.

Hart continues to thrust deep into Howard’s ass to the hilt causing Howard to grit his teeth and hold on for dear life. After Howard can’t take anymore of the pummeling, the two bust their loads in the stairwell. Hart’s load is blurred by his tight abs and fast moving fist, while Howard’s load is shot all over Hart’s killer abs. It is the same load that Howard immediately laps up in his wet mouth. Jet Set Men has enough story, screen presence, and quality productions to keep you entertained whether you are beating your meat or really enjoying the smart dialogue.

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Ennis Marley: BelAmi

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Ennis Marley of BelAmi

So I stumbled upon this gem at and had to see the whole thing because LOOK AT THOSE EYES!  Okay so the rest of him isn't so bad either, what with those rippling abs and one of the longest cocks I've seen in a while!  I love the tattoos on his arm as well which add just a dash of badboy into this brown eyed dreamboat.  I just want to spoon with him (little spoon) and then of course have him fuck me until my eyes pop out.

If you can get past the cheezy BelAmi soundtrack (will someone please tell me why they do that?) it's a hot hot scene.  Personally I would rather just listen to the sound of him jerking his beautiful long uncut cock.  Since he's a BelAmi boy, he could be from anywhere.  Does anybody know?  I'm just going to continue to fantasize about what I have decided is a Croatian accent telling me all the ways he's gonna fuck me!  Ahh Pretty BelAmi boys.  




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Erik Rhodes@ Randy Blue

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Long Time Falcon Exclusive Erik Rhodes Solo's for...Randy Blue?!?!  YES!!

Okay so apparently I'm a little behind the curve here (wtf!).  I love me some Randy Blue and I really love me some Erik Rhodes but somehow I missed this?!  HOW is that possible?!  I should have been screaming it from the mountain tops!

The man needs no introduction...but I will say this.  Just seeing him glistening in the sunlight almost made me pop.  I swear I could just watch him sweat by the pool and be perfectly happy.  Lucky for us all however, we get to see a lot more than that.  This little nugget will have a permanent place in my Cumtastic Forever folder.  Oh pretty please fuck a Randy Blue boy soon!  Erik, Randy, my cock thanks you... a lot!


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Jason Pitt Bathtub Solo

by Pickles!
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Jason Pitt Jacks Off In A Soapy Tub!

If you have been to, then you have seen the model that currently graces the splash page. Moppy-haired blond Jason Pitt enjoys a relaxing and sensual bubble bath in a delicious solo scene on Careful not to get his perfectly highlighted hair wet , Pitt soaps up his slender twinky body stroking and jerking his thick cock.

Pitt oozes a sensuality which can easily cause anyone to adjust their britches. Pitt is especially hot when he shows off his beautiful ass. The soapy bubbles looks like art careful placed throughout his sexy body. First Pitt jerks his stick using the soft bubble bath, but after he has stroked his cock dry, he reaches for some conveniently placed I-D lube. It is a very hot site seeing this young stud beat his thick and slick meat. You can see the blood as it pumps through his shaft leaving his balls hanging and brewing with juice.

Pitt picks up a steady pace as he slow teases hi cock to completion. His cockhead is as read as an Irishman’s cheeks. Much like the beat of his rhythm, his small gold charm bracelet on his left hand rocks with the same seductive beat. The sounds of the lubricant coating his long thick shaft keep you on edge. This boy has to blow soon.

His pace picks up as his body stiffens against the cold tile wall. This boy is definitely about to blow. He fires a long shot down outside the bathtub and onto the floor. Following the first shot is several long shots across his leg. It is hard to believe it is over because if you have not cum yourself, then you are going to just have to rewind the clip and watch it again. Might as well tell the misses, you are working late!

Jason Pitt is a fucking hot ASSet to We hope to see more of him!

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