by Scotty B
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end_game_jett_blakk.jpgENDGAME: Review with Trailer!
Dirty Bird Pictures
Directed by: Jett Blakk

Two things attracted me to Jett Blakk's newest movie ENDGAME. One, Jett Blakk is a beautiful Director and Person so anything he puts his name on I am automatically there. Two, Chad Hunt bites the big one and bottoms for a bunch of guys including porn star Nash Lawler, who happens to be a friend of mine.

For months I've heard the buzz about Chad bottoming and new the SECRET for months but swore to secrecy because of Jett, the movie's sake and for the life of the person that disclosed to me the tidbit of information.

This plot-driven movie delivers a somewhat believable scenario and the hottest sex Jett has filmed yet! The scene that everyone is talking about is not Chad Hunts jerk-off scene, although it's in there and worthy of a GAYvn nomination. No, no, no, the scene that people are buying this DVD over features Cort Donovan, Phenix Sait, Nash Lawler, and Chad Hunt. Playing the victim of a gang rape ever so well, not only does he display his talent as an actor but as a rotating bottom giving turns to all the men!

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Pin-Ups: Blondes

by Nick Young
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Golden Bel Ami: Pin-Ups Blondes
It occurred to me that I hadn't visited Bel Ami in a while and with all this gloomy rain we've been having here in Los Angeles I thought I would pop over to Bel Ami and get some sunshine in my day and boy did I find it! Pin-ups:Blondes has a whole array of hot golden blondes being shot in the sun and it did this body good! I got a good dose of Vitamin D and I feel much better.

I think my favorite is Dolph Lambert is my favorite so far. That uncut cock is just makes my mouth water and those eyes. He's the perfect example of a Bel Ami Twink. Chiseled yet soft and that perfectly round ass makes me hungry! Get me on a plane so I can get behind that ass!

Ettienne Pauliac looks like a California boy who's been busy on the beach all day long. All I can think about is getting him inside, rubbing some aloe all over his sun kissed body and then fucking him until the sun goes down.

If you're looking for a cure to the winter blues, Pin-Ups: Blondes has all the sunshine and hot guys you could possibly need to kickstart your beach season fantasies and tide you over until they get here, and hey; doesn't Bel Ami always perk you up?  It works for me!

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Road Trip IV: Big Sur

by Angel Benton
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jocksroadtripbigsur001.jpgRoad Trip Vol. 4: Big Sur

So we've been to the Russian River, to the seaside town of Santa Cruz, and to the forests of Yosemite. The next stop on the Road Trip tour is the coastal community of Big Sur, and overall this volume continues the "two steps forward, one step backward" feeling that we get from this series.

Scene 1 starts out with Shane Erickson (who is mostly known for his work with College Dudes 24/7 and has also shot for Jet Set). He gets to the house in Big Sur and quickly drops his pants and starts stroking. You think this is going to be a solo (which would be different for a Road Trip video) but just when you think that he is going to bust, Orlando Dawson shows up and gets a fucking he will never forget. Scene 2 features furry Brazilian Jason Michaels (who has also shot for Channel 1 Releasing and Cockyboys.com) getting fucked by Scott Fremont, and scene 3 has Tristan Phoenix (before he signed his Raging Stallion exclusive contract) getting plowed by mega-dicked Brandon Matthews. Tristan is one hell of a bossy bottom, and although Brandon's dick is ginormously thick (Tristan can barely get his mouth around it) he is pretty passive.

Normally in these Road Trip movies, there is the obligatory orgy with the majority (if not all) of the cast. Not so much here. Instead they close with a threesome featuring Jason Michaels, Scott Fremont, and Shane Erickson.

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Sextortion - Catalina Video - Nick Young & Jason Branch

by NickYoung
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Catalina/Channel 1 Releasing

Okay  This is a BLAST FROM THE PAST, this is the film I have been waiting to write about for quite some time.  Directed by Brad Austin Produced by Josh Eliot & Starring Jason Branch Blake Harper and introducing me Nick Young.  Sextortion was a film that really meant a lot for me and for my career.  This was actually my very first real porn movie where a set lights and all the glamor was involved, Bradley Picklesiemer did my make up on this one Mona was there too and they had grips and lights and a wap professional set and everything was as it should be.  It was the height of the industry glitz and glamour galore, I was oh sooo sad to realize these glory days and the perks would soon become memories of the set and known to some of us as the good ole days. 

Remember, my avid fans will know I was in another movie before this I did do the Chi Chi thing called off the streets but that was barely released, also that was just a solo in a hotel room with a video camera no lights no crew, it was true to its genre "Off the Streets"..  Sextortion, was in LA on a movie set and oh so fucking cool.  This was my first MOVIE I was working with an agent at this time named Raul Rodrigquez of JumpStart Casting and Models.  He had everyone in the biz, he later up his ante to repping DJ's and other main streem peeps...  This guy was fun,

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King Pin

by Scotty B
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king_pin.jpgKing Pin
Blue Pictures

King Pin by Blue Pictures is another prime example of when bad cover art happens to great porn. Please, please, please do not be fooled by the box cover *sorry Blue Pictures* but the guys in this film are so fucking amazingly brown, lean and uncut it could be served at my next birthday dinner.

Speaking of birthday dinner, this porn centers around a birthday party and from what I gather the guys in the film have a certain *clears throat* different kind of gift to give the 18 year old piece of ass!

After the cake the birthday boy sucks on an uncut cock from a dark brown Brazilian, which is then followed by a threeway between three lean horny guys. From fingers in the ass to tongues in ass, plus every kind of moan and groan, the scene seemingly goes on and on - in a good way.  Just wait until you see the hot tattoo boy get his ass worked and plowed - groan baby groan!!!

In fact if you love threesomes King Pin will be your guilty pleasure. The boys in the pool is hot, except for one of the guys, but isn't there always someone in a threeway that isn't necessarily your cup of tea? Instead check out the abs of the bottom boy in this scene. He gets fucked so hard he is getting an entire abdominal workout and finds it impossible to get his cock hard!

Overall this movie gets  8 uncut inches out of 10. Is it an outstanding film? Eh, no...! Will it do the trick and make you hot, bothered and shoot a load? DEFINITELY!!!!

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