Jeremy Roddick and Chase Nailor

by Pickles!
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jeremy_chase_1.jpgJeremy and Chase Fuck Like Crazy!
If the incredibly hot scene between fat-dicked Canadian stud Jeremy Roddick and delicious Twinky Chase Nailor is not a favorite on your iPod, then you are just not that into him. But for those who love seeing Roddick dick a hot Twink hole, then this is the scene that does it. Members get the full video as an iPod™ download or those that frequent the site and leave with only a hot memory and a sore wrist with the beautiful streaming video of Jeremy Roddick and Chase Nailor in a hot recent update! Not to mention a high quality Quicktime™ download.

Both boys began this hot session in colorful underwear which concealed their yummy erections. Quickly sans underwear Roddick and Nailor trade blow jobs with Nailor blowing Roddick's mega dick while waving his hole to the camera lens. - Perfectly puckered with a invisible bulls-eye.

jeremy_chase_2.jpgRoddick can't take it any longer and moves Nailor to the corner of the couch and gets his hole ready with his probing tongue. His tongue doesn't do his own cock justice for the workout gives to Nailors forgiving hole. First Nailor gets Roddicks fatty slammed deep from behind. Nailor's expressions are priceless. He really gives every depth oh his accommodating hole to the lovely Roddick.

The cumshots in this scene deserve an award. First while being pummeled by Jeremy Roddick's fantastic fuck stick, Chase Nailor spirts out a long couple of impressive shots and still continues to erupt all over his chest and tummy. Roddick stands over the exhausted and internally satisfied boy and busts out powerful jets of cum.

This goes in the times capsule! Well done Jeremy and Chase. We hope to see more scenes of you two together.
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Benjamin Bradley at Randy Blue!

by Cock Fight
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benjamin_bradley_rb.jpgWeren't we just talking about how much we love Benjamin Bradley?  I think we'll do it some more!  So I stumbled upon this treat fresh off the presses TODAY and I'm bouncing in my chair I'm so excited about sharing the news!  Solo's are usually amazing or boring boring boring but having said that, Benjamin is ANYTHING but boring and I can honestly say I cannot remember the last time a solo got me so HOT! Randy decided to go with the Narcissus angle and he couldn't have picked a better Model.

He knows exactly what makes his body look best...not that he has any bad sides!  Every angle is cock-a-licious and he really dives in like a Pro.  No shyness here!  It's just hypnitoc and I have to say, moving away from super blonde is workin' for me!  I liked it dirty blonde and this brown is hotter still.  What next?  Will he grow a second cock and become the sexiest man in existence?!  Check out the video and be sure to kiss Randy square on the ass the next time you see him for such a jack-tastic gift! 
Get it get it GET IT!
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Top 10 Porn Movies Of The Decade: Angel Benton's Picks

by Angel Benton
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So when Nick asked me what I thought were the best 10 gay porn flicks of the past 10 years (2000-2009) I REALLY had to think long and hard about it (pun intended *wink*). So here is my list. Some of the choices may surprise you, some may not. They are actually in NO particular order. Having to pick 10 flicks was difficult enough, but if I had to actually rank them it would drive me fucking CRAZY!

Red Devil Entertainment

Jett Blakk did some kickass work for his own company, and this video was a starring vehicle for Jason Ridge (who pops up on this list way more than I would have thought). Jason played long-lost twins (one of which is two French fries short of a happy meal) who get together and (through some Parent Trap-style camerawork) fuck. Great supporting cast too.
Channel 1 Releasing

Chi Chi is probably the most prolific director in all of gay porn, and this film (which starred Johnny Hazzard but also featured incredible performances from Chad Savage and Luca DiCorso) SWEPT most of the major awards, and deservedly so. The sex is hot, the cast is outstanding, and Hazzard proved that he could act as well as fuck (in fact we'll be seeing him again on this list later as well).
Raging Stallion Studios

Anyone who has seen this movie cannot dispute that it is not just one of the best gay porn movies of the last 10 years, but one of the best gay porn movies of all time. The performances are all MAGNIFICENT and the sex is scorching hot. Throw in a compelling story, gorgeous locations, and one of the most beautiful casts and you have one for the history books.
Jet Set Men

Jet Set took a huge risk by making a nine-volume gay porn soap opera. The reviews were mixed, primarily because it was EXTREMELY storyline-heavy and at that time a lot of people thought that it detracted from the scorchingly hot sex (which is why Jet Set later released a sex-only version called "Wet Sex"). I think that it was just ahead of its time, and looking back, in addition to being HOT, it is also FUN. Who says sex can't be fun?
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Pickle's Picks: Top 9 Porn Films 2000-2009

by Pickles!
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The nineties are long over. We have almost a decade into the "new" millennium, we have witnessed many changes in the industry from the evolution of technology to digital rights evolution.  As well as how adult film has blended with Hollywood quality productions - Lucas Entertainment and Digital Playground - to produce breathtaking scenes.

Battles have been won and lost for the gay and straight markets proving the need to be ever evolving and resourceful. Models come and go while some make a mark in the minds of fans and popular internet queries. Porn isn't a statistic. It's a part of this economy for better or worse.

wet_palms.jpgWet Palms
Jet Set Productions (2004-2005)

As if there isn't enough gay drama in your complex already, Jet Set began releasing this multi episode series of gay porn in 2004. It's definitely a first of its kind. Writers Jack Shamama and Michael Stabile won the 2005 GAYVN AWARD for Best Comedy and Best Screenplay.

Eurocreme Productions (2004)

Max Lincoln is a fantastic director only equal to the models he films. SkaterBoy is jam packed with hung studs and hungry bottoms. The U.K. never looked so good.

ladolcevita.jpgLa Dolce Vita
Lucas Entertainment
Hollywood has come a' knockin’ and Michael Lucas answered the door. Filled with superb cinematography and steamy sex, La Dolce Vita is a GAYVN award winner (14 awards) on many top 10 lists.

crosscountry1.jpgcrosscountry2.jpgCross Country Parts 1 and 2
Falcon Studios (2005)
Falcon hit it on the mark with this big budget production introducing superstar Roman Heart.


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5 Easy Ways To Fuck A Straight Guy

by Cock Fight
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5easyways_straightguy.jpg 5 Easy Ways
To Fuck A Straight Guy
Jet Set Men

Oh this made me giggle! Jet Set Men’s latest release 5 Easy Ways To Fuck A Straight Guy is a how to guide that pokes fun at the notion of how to talk a straight guy in to having sex with a another guy, namely you. It’s a little cliché but in a really fun way! Personally as long as I get to watch Marcus Steele, Patrick Bateman and Adam Campbell fuck and get fucked I don’t care what they talk about!

Baffle him with scientific facts?! Brilliant, as Cody Carter watches Austin Wrigley jack-off. Austin (“straight guy”) sees him but Cody tells him that stopping before he cums is dangerous and bad for his health and he shouldn’t stop. After all Cody is the Med student! he offers to help. What a courteous stud he is! Couldn’t we all use some hunky pre-med guy walking in our room to take care of business every time we’re jacking off?! Thank you Chris Steele and John Tegan for my new fantasy of the day!

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