Jeremy Hall: Zakk and Lance

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Zakk and Lance
When you watch the interview with Lance you can see the effect his boyish charm and uncut cock has on the room. I just couldn't wait to see him in action and even though I was looking forward to seeing more of that uncut meat (and Zakk clearly enjoyed sucking on his foreskin),
watching Zakk fuck him hard on that table was even better!


The contrast of Zakk's Tan and Lance's milky skin is intoxicating to watch. The dirty talk starts flying and I swear I lost control too early it was so hot and had to watch it again! They both jerk-off in the table for a grand finish and Zakk's load, like his cock, is impressive. Don't miss this one!

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Jeremy Hall and Zakk

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You Saw The Interview, Now Check Out The Goods!

After Scotty B interviewed Lance and Zakk during Jeremy Hall's trip out to Los Angeles to film at a house in the Hollywood Hills we waited for Jeremy to give up the goods and let us see the cock behind the interviews!  Zakk is just too cute and clearly has a melting effect on everyone including Jeremy who used him in 3 scenes, one solo, once with himself and once fucking the also adorable and lusciously uncut Lance.

Lucky for you I have watched every scene and I can see why Jeremy picked these Twinks.  I wouldn't know what to do first, fuck em' or make them dinner, they are sooo sweet! Today, I think I'll start with Zakk...yummy!

Jeremy and Zakk
If POV is your thing you'll get an extra kick out of this scene.  Jeremy films Zakk with a handycam while they are being shot together and the footage is all mixed together which I think is really hot because you can see Jeremy making sure the camera is perfect because he wants to jack off to this again soon!

Zakk sucks on that monster cock of Jeremy's with ease and warms him up before he straddles Jeremy on the couch for a hot hot fuck.  When Jeremy is ready to nut he sprays it all over Zakk's ass and back without moving out from underneath Zakk and it's so fucking hot to watch!  Heck, any excuse to watch Jeremy Hall fuck a hot Twink and I'm in!  Great stuff Jeremy!


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William Price and Yuri: Jeremy Roddick

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yuri_prince.jpgWilliam and Yuri
Have A Hot Afternoon
The Director of this recent stellar scene wastes no time in setting the scene. He creates an obvious short opening immediately then placing the boys in each other's private company and getting right down to business.

William Prince and Yuri quickly focus on what they came back to the Director's place to do. Prince pays special attention to Yuri's lengthy tool. The action is quite hot. You can tell every time Prince throat fucks Yuri's hot cock, it throbs and his ball tighten. Yuri lets the blank and blue-eyed twink continue to stroke and suck his cock producing a yummy site to see.

yuri_prince_2.jpgWhile anyone could watch Prince suck Yuri's cock forever, Yuri feels the need to go down on Prince's cock. The director pans the camera up the complete length of each boy's long slender bodies. It's not long before Prince is back sucking tattooed Yuri's pleased cock.

yuri_prince_3.jpgThese two don't finish like I'm sure they do off set though it's hot none the less. Each of the boys lie next to each other like boy scouts beating and stroking their cocks. First it's Yuri with an impressive load on his pelvis that sends Prince through the roof and shooting his own load onto his stomach. should feature more of these two in a hot fuck scene.

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Reese & Trent: Randy Blue HOTTNESS!

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Temptation I Can't Resist

And once again, Randy Blue makes my day! Last night at Mickey’s in West Hollywood we got to watch several of the Randy Blue boys in town for L.A. Pride come up and interview with Scotty B…not to mention show a little skin! We loved every second of it and I was so happy to finally meet Trent Davis after falling madly in crush with him after his last interview with Scotty B and Gavin Tate. What a sweetheart! If you ever see him in a bar, he likes Champagne.  What can I say, he's the classiest piece of candy you'll ever hope to get in your mouth.

When I got the scoop last night that his scene with Nick Young’s favorite Reese Rideout would be coming out today I swear I barely slept. The look on his face was priceless when he told us and I knew that meant that this scene was going to be a hot one to watch!

trent_reece_2.jpgWell today felt like Christmas morning as soon as that video finished downloading onto my computer and all I can say right now is HOT! Okay, I’ll say more…SMOKIN’ HOT! Trent looks so excited about ripping Reece’s shorts off, his grin is huge! I just love to watch Reece suck on Trent’s cock, it’s so hot I watched it a few times before getting to the sex, not to mention Trent’s effortless Deep throat action. Pro.

As I predicted, the chemistry between these two is fun to watch. Passionate, they know exactly how to work that camera while managing to maintain a really organic feel. Just two ridiculously hot guys fucking for our pleasure. Reese just melts me every time, I don’t know how Trent could keep it together. Trent is just full of sweet cum apparently and by the end of the scene I was ready to lick it right off his chest! Man I love Randy Blue!!! Check out the teaser below, but seriously, if you don't have a Randy Blue membership yet, WHAT ARE WAITING FOR?!  Hot cock like this doesn't just fall out of the sky ya know.  Get ahead of the curve.


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Chris Ward: Porn Star Scene @ Club Inferno

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chris_ward_porn_star.jpgClub Inferno Archives Brings us
Fisting Porn Star Chris Ward

Well Hello there Mr. Director! Raging Stallion Director Chris Ward was once ready for his close-up and boy was it close up! Chris Ward is a dirty bird and I had no idea!! I guess it makes sense considering he has been the mastermind behind so many hot a dirty scenes but now we get to see him in action...and I mean action!

The scene starts off with a bang...or rather, a smack! Mac Masters squeezes the nipples of a leaner, meaner Ward as we watch his Prince Albert bounce with his cock in excitement. Mac then begins beating him on the chest with his leather gloves as Ward shouts with pleasure and pain. Outside, Rex Tempest is passing by and hears a sound that excites him.

He enters, and join in as he and Mac take turns flogging Ward as he snarls and grunts and occasionally screams which is actually really hot to this dirty bird!

Mac then puts a black condom on his cock, bends Ward over and fucks him while Rex enjoys getting deep throated by their new piggy. After he's had his fill, Mac gets the gloves on, grabs the boy butter and fists that bad boy and you have to check that out!!!!!!!! Watch it, watch it, watch it!!! Me, I love to know what turns on my favorite Directors...check one off the list! Thank you Club Infero for this treat!

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