Hicks With Dicks

by Angel Benton
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Hicks With Dicks
Saggerz Skaterz

Hicks With Dicks from boutique Twink studio SaggerzSkaterz features nine Southern boys in six scenes doing what they do best: sucking and fucking!

Scene 1 is a solo with Internet sensation Jeremiah “Spanky” Johnson (whom you can find on the Web at JustJeremiah.com). Although he is dressed a little more urban than the country overalls that he sports on the boxcover, this Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike’s solo does not disappoint. At first he does almost the entire scene with his eyes closed, but when he open his eyes, that’s when the fun begins as he sucks himself off! I’m not a big fan of solos, but this is a good one.

Scene 2 features cuties Ty and Kendall. Ty fucks the hell out of Kendall and all the while Ty’s cousin Ayden “AJ” James (not to be confused with Aaron “AJ” James from Jet Set Men and College Dudes 24/7) has come home and watched the whole thing while jacking himself off to completion.

Scene 3 is another solo, this time featuring Cody Ray Crawford (I wonder if he’s related to Cindy?). He is wearing a black Stetson and white wifebeater, looking like he just came in off the range. He slowly strips down and jacks his super-long cock. Seriously, his fuck-stick is no joke. The only complaint I have here is that is entire solo is done with his eyes closed.

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Road Trip Vol. VI: Temptation Ranch

by Angel Benton
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Road Trip Vol. VI: Temptation Ranch
Falcon Studios/Jocks

Nestled deep within the woods of San Luis Obispo, California lies Temptation Ranch, a clothing-optional gay resort. The ranch has actually been used as a location for MANY gay porn shoots (like Raging Stallion Studios’ Grunts for example). The sixth installment of Jocks Studios Road Trip series makes its way to the popular locale.

Not since Vol. 1 Russian River has there been such a star-studded cast for a Road Trip movie. As in that first movie, every single one of the stars of Vol. 6 has gone on to bigger and better things.
The first scene is between Jared King (who looks SO much better on film than he does in still photos) and Nick “26-inch-waist” Cross. Nick sucks all of Jared before Jared royally plows him.
Scene 2 is between Wade Wilder (who has also shot for Next Door Studios ) and Ridge Michaels, who is so fucking gorgeous that I would write bad checks for him! Wade is an EXPERT cocksucker, and you can tell that he is loving every inch of Ridge’s cock. Ridge gets so turned on that he fucks the living daylights out of Wade.

The next scene is the obligatory orgy, and this time the entire cast is involved. Nick and David West are the bottoms that get passed around and 5 out of the 6 climax.

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Snow Trip Vol. V: Big Bear

by Angel Benton
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Snow Trip Vol. V: Big Bear
Falcon Studios/Jocks

This latest installment of Jocks’ Road Trip series goes to the picturesque town of Big Bear Lake, for some fun in the snow. After some introductory shots of the town, this opening scene forgoes the customary RV location of the previous installments and instead takes place in a cabin in front of a roaring fire. J.T. Ross (who has shot for Channel 1 Releasing) flips a coin with Boston beauty Shane Frost (who has recently filmed some scorching scenes with both Pierre Fitch and Jeremy Roddick for their respective websites) to see who bottoms. Shane loses….and receives a deep-dicking from J.T.

The second scene is a little bit, ummmm…puzzling. The cameraman barges in on Zane Jacobs and Shawn Romano, who are already naked and getting down to business. Shawn inhales Zane’s cock and then rims him like nobody’s business, all the while telling him how much he is going to fuck his brains out. Then after Zane sucks Shawn for a little while, Shawn gets out a dildo and fucks Zane with it until Zane blows a load. That’s it, end of scene. I was left scratching my head thinking, “WTF?!?” Shawn doesn’t fuck or get fucked and he doesn’t cum either (very reminiscent of Austin Kent’s performance in Vol. III: Yosemite).

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Wet Sex Parts 1 and 2

by Angel Benton
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wet_sex_1.jpgwet_sex_2.jpgWet Sex Parts 1 and 2
Jet Set Men

In 2004, Jet Set Men decided to take a chance and create the first gay porn soap opera, where the dialogue was just as important as the hardcore sex scenes. Nine volumes of Wet Palms were released. The industry buzzed, but audience reception was lukewarm. I personally thought it was brilliant, but maybe a bit ahead of its time. The audience was not quite ready for such a forward-thinking concept.

Fast forward to 2008. Jet Set head honcho Chris Steele decided that, regardless of what people thought of the campy storylines, Wet Palms had TONS of HOT SEX!! So he took out all of the dialogue-only scenes, cut out the non-sexual characters (some of which people found to be quite irritating), and re-released all the sex scenes as Wet Sex Parts 1 and 2.

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by NickYoung
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I would give anything to work with Dean Phoenix again. In fact I think if I do another scene it will only be with Dean, Nino or Jason Branch…ok or lots of other guys! I’m not so picky as long as they are hot, but I really want to work with Dean AGAIN! This man has one of the hottest, biggest and yes, most hit you in that spot cocks you can imagine. I loved working with him in this movie.

There was a bit of off camera drama. Dean had a boyfriend who I still adore Colby Taylor, but we were in porn and everyone wanted Dean. It was hard for Co Stars not to fall in love with this taken Stallion. Just look at that sexy man and imagine how many must have just thought “oh if only”... Lord knows I look into Dean’s sexy eyes and see that gorgeous guy I will never forget. Oh by the way, I wasn't in a scene with Dean in this movie. I worked with Cory Summers and we didn't get along so well. The scene was pretty hot anyways though because I wanted to pound the fuck out of that little brat. It was fun, he had to keep running off set because I was too big and he couldn't take it. I started to feel bad but it was just so fun to pound him into submission. I will never forget when Chi Chi came up to me on the set and said “I want you to shove it in him”.

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