Sextortion - Catalina Video - Nick Young & Jason Branch

by NickYoung
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Catalina/Channel 1 Releasing

Okay  This is a BLAST FROM THE PAST, this is the film I have been waiting to write about for quite some time.  Directed by Brad Austin Produced by Josh Eliot & Starring Jason Branch Blake Harper and introducing me Nick Young.  Sextortion was a film that really meant a lot for me and for my career.  This was actually my very first real porn movie where a set lights and all the glamor was involved, Bradley Picklesiemer did my make up on this one Mona was there too and they had grips and lights and a wap professional set and everything was as it should be.  It was the height of the industry glitz and glamour galore, I was oh sooo sad to realize these glory days and the perks would soon become memories of the set and known to some of us as the good ole days. 

Remember, my avid fans will know I was in another movie before this I did do the Chi Chi thing called off the streets but that was barely released, also that was just a solo in a hotel room with a video camera no lights no crew, it was true to its genre "Off the Streets"..  Sextortion, was in LA on a movie set and oh so fucking cool.  This was my first MOVIE I was working with an agent at this time named Raul Rodrigquez of JumpStart Casting and Models.  He had everyone in the biz, he later up his ante to repping DJ's and other main streem peeps...  This guy was fun,

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King Pin

by Scotty B
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king_pin.jpgKing Pin
Blue Pictures

King Pin by Blue Pictures is another prime example of when bad cover art happens to great porn. Please, please, please do not be fooled by the box cover *sorry Blue Pictures* but the guys in this film are so fucking amazingly brown, lean and uncut it could be served at my next birthday dinner.

Speaking of birthday dinner, this porn centers around a birthday party and from what I gather the guys in the film have a certain *clears throat* different kind of gift to give the 18 year old piece of ass!

After the cake the birthday boy sucks on an uncut cock from a dark brown Brazilian, which is then followed by a threeway between three lean horny guys. From fingers in the ass to tongues in ass, plus every kind of moan and groan, the scene seemingly goes on and on - in a good way.  Just wait until you see the hot tattoo boy get his ass worked and plowed - groan baby groan!!!

In fact if you love threesomes King Pin will be your guilty pleasure. The boys in the pool is hot, except for one of the guys, but isn't there always someone in a threeway that isn't necessarily your cup of tea? Instead check out the abs of the bottom boy in this scene. He gets fucked so hard he is getting an entire abdominal workout and finds it impossible to get his cock hard!

Overall this movie gets  8 uncut inches out of 10. Is it an outstanding film? Eh, no...! Will it do the trick and make you hot, bothered and shoot a load? DEFINITELY!!!!

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I Love A Marine

by NickYoung
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i_love_a_marine.jpgI Love A Marine
Regiment Productions

I sure do!  And working with Stonie was great fun. That lucious lil' butt was just so much fun.  Stonie and I got along really well off camera he was one of the sweetest and most down to earth people I met in the Gay Porn Indy.  This guy and I used to love to just sit back relax and have a good time.  This movie is great show case for Stonie and that perfect round ass of his.  I am sure you all realize why he is called Stonie and lets just say that always made him very popular.  It was always 4:20 when Stonie was around and quiet a bit of fun if ya get my meaning.  LOL  Ah to the good ole days.  What I wouldn't give to be running down the street with my old boys Nino Bacci, Stonie, and anyone else from anywhere America who was in LA, silly fun days. 

I wanted to speak a little about working for Paul, Paul Barassi has kind of a bad rap as a Director, cause he is old school and when some boys don't get it, he let's em know.  Well to be honest he has always been one of my favorites, a perfect gentlemen and sweet as pie.   I always have loved working with Paul, something nice about working for a guy whose sexually ambigious and looks like Sean Connery.  

Thanks Paul Stonie and everyone involved in this great flim.  I hope everyone will catch it on DVD/VOD/or Download mmm Download!!

Have a great Day love and Hugs,

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The Men I Wanted

by Angel Benton
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The Men I Wanted
Lucas Kazan

If you want to see gorgeous European boys having beautifully filmed hardcore sex, you go to Bel Ami. But if you would rather see gorgeous European MEN having beautifully filmed hardcore sex, then the top of the heap is Lucas Kazan (although Csaba Borbely comes a close second).

The Men I Wanted (which was selected by as one of the best movies of 2007) tells the story of a Tuscan farmhouse, and all of the gorgeous men that have come in and out of there over the years. The actual farmhouse may be rustic and quaint, but it has the only infinity pool that I have ever seen in the middle of a countryside!

The movie opens with THREE solos at once: cute Samuel Dolce, studpuppy Pietro, and Mark Federico (who looks like he could be Brant Moore's beefier European cousin). Normally I HATE solos, but three at once (with all of them looking lustfully at the camera, engaging the audience) was actually kind of cool. Then after the credits, the real fun begins. Scene 1 is between Lucas Kazan Exclusive Jean Franko (who reminds me of a slightly-less-piggy Manuel Torres) and Canadian Alexy Tyler. Scene 2 is between Ethan Clarke (who is so fucking gorgeous that I would drink his bathwater!) and European superstar Roberto Giorgio. Scene 3 features exotic Brazilian Lucas Andrades and Glenn Santoro, and the finale is a romp with Samuel Dolce and Mark Federico. In all of the duo scenes, every model cums TWICE; once during oral and once during fucking.

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Chi Chi La Rue's Off The Streets Vol. 2: Chicago and Minneapolis

by NickYoung
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Off The Streets 2: Chicago and Minneapolis
Channel 1 Releasing/Rascal

This was literally my first movie! A totally random cool thing I did. I remember I was a roofer at the time for my sister's construction company. I had just left corporate America, unsatisfied with my work. I quickly turned all that around after staring in a little known film Chi Chi La Rue's Off The Streets II: Chicago and Minneapolis from Rascal Video. It was a totally rad time to be entering the industry, Chi Chi LaRue was starting up her own production company and Stars like Cesar, Nino Bacci and Myself were living it up in West Hollywood in the old House. I have many fond memories of sitting on the front steps at Chi Chi's house, not to mention the great number of boys I got to sit on living there. I swear her house was a magnet for hotties and with hotties brought more hotties. We used to hang out all night party and have a great old time until whoever would pair up with whoever they hadn't paired up with yet and bed down for a lond days sleep.

I had a really fun time filming off the Streets in Chi Chi's hotel room in Minneapolis. It really was Live and Raw back then. I know I am dating myself with my statements here a bit but I am happy to say I was smart and got into the adult business at a ripe young age so thankfully I still look pretty good.
 Anyways, I digress. This was really the movie that got me into the biz and promted Chi Chi to Raul R. Who I met in Chicago who quickly got me into Sextortion where I had my first on camera penetration. I co-stared opposite Jason Branch; DAMN that was a hot fucking DAY! That boy was so good to me he took amazing care of me and made my first on camera sex scene a wonderful experience. I really loved the guys at Catalina, Catalina was later purchased by Chi Chi LaRue and Channel 1 Releasing.

My career has come a long way since Off The Streets, but this is where it all began... I will have to write that story some night too! Here is what Channel 1 Releasing had to say about it: "
Chi Chi LaRue takes 24 real men OFF THE STREET and get's them in front of the camera. Filmed on the road, Chi Chi stops by four cities and get's some midwestern guys to get off in front of the camera. With five hot solos and four sweaty duos, OFF THE STREET will have you hard as a rock and ready to hit the road for the midwest!!"

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