Sex Hiker

by Scotty B
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Sex Hiker
Black Scorpion Entertainment

Sex Hiker was the most nominated GAYVN movie for Black Scorpion studios and if the pristine and expensive packaging of the movie doesn't get you then this high caliber release will!

Black Scorpion's Exclusive D.O. is a force to be reckoned with in this movie that depicts him as a... well, Sex Hiker, not necessarily looking for a destination, just a good time!

In the first scene Braxton Bond and Orlando Toro pick up D.O. on their way to a party in Palm Springs. Braxton and Orlando decide to have a shower session while D.O. decides to just watch them both get wet and Orlando to fuck Braxton in numerous positions. "Join the action D.O., join the action," I screamed from my bed, but he never did, instead he watched and shot his load all over the floor cleaning up the rest by eating it.

Since the previous scene features Braxton, Orlando and D.O. you'd think the next scene would involve any of the other models that are also in the movie. Nice try, instead Black Scorpion pulls a gutsy, yet rewarding move and has the three models in scene together. D.O. wakes up and has his eye on Braxton's pink hole. Fingering his ass while stroking his own cock, Orlando lays sleeping right next to them, totally unaware of what's happening - one of my personal fantasies. After causing a lot of noise Orlando wakes up and starts jerking off to the site of Braxton getting fucked hardcore. When D.O. has his fill... for now, he sends Braxton over to Orlando to get a nice plowing, but not for long! Someone is double penetrated in the scene. Wanna know? You gotta buy... it's totally worth the purchase!!!!

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Brotherhood Secrets

by Scotty B
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Visconti Triplets: Brotherhood Secrets

Forget the GAVYN's for a minute, let's talk about the newest storm that has taken over the porn industry - The Visconti Triplets.

The future is so bright for Joey, Jimmy and Jason that when they recently flew into San Francisco to attend the Awards show girls and guys alike were clamoring to get a peak/autograph of these boys! Currently the boys have numerous projects in the works including a deal with Fleshjack to develop a toy line coming out this summer centered around their mouths, ass and cocks, plus numerous DVDs - including the GAYVN nominated movie Brotherhood Secrets!

The movie starts out with Jack Dragon photographing the lean triplets with fellow model Mickey. First off, it's amazing how comfortable these brothers are with each other. It's also amazing to witness how infectious their smiles are... just adorable. As the four boys are in the middle of the photo session, other models come in and out while Jack Dragon directs them to see if there is actually a fit - whether he invites the boys in to shoot or denies entry depends on if they're hot enough in Jack's eyes. The triplets are strictly voyeurs while Mickey plays the aggressor. It's rather cute seeing the many expressions of the 3J's (Joey, Joseph and Jimmy). Since they can't speak fluent English it's fun to try and figure out what they're thinking through their cute smiles, eye brow raises and stares at one another - they do say that twins/triplets can read each other’s minds, right?

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Dexter Reece Solo: CollegeDudes247

by Cock Fight
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dexter_reese_eyes.jpgDexter Reece And Those Hypnotic Blue Eyes
Maybe this little picture doesn't do them justice but the second I saw those glassy Paul Newman Blues I had to see more and really, he does have a young Paul Newman look and I have a weak spot for the classics!Wink

When I finally got a look at the rest of him I was definitley not disappointed.  Some nice definition for a young first time Porn Star, milky fair skin and a long luscious cock that I could watch him jerk for hours.  Not robbing you of the experience of looking into those baby blues, he keeps them open rather than closed for most of it and the so called novice flirts with that camera like it was his voyeuristic lover who was right there with him.  It was so hot to watch especially for a new guy.  Sometimes the shy thing is cute, but watching a budding Porn God in the making is another story all together.  Bulk up a bit and this guy could definitley go places! 

dexter_reese_1.jpg dexter_reese_2a.jpg dexter_reese_2.jpg

Not sure if he's a straight guy yet or not but he does like a little ass play and he licked his own sweet cum after he was done so the good news is he's well on his way to some hot guy on guy action. Me?  I'll be camping out on the front page every day until it arrives!  I'll keep you posted!

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Jeremy Walker and Trent Davis

by Nick Young
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trent_jeremy_1.jpgSpeaking of Trent Davis...
How much did I just adore him when he came over for a chat?  There aren't enough words my friends, the guy is a peach!  A sexy sexy peach with a killer smile and I have been waiting to see this scene since he was in town talking to me about it.  Well as soon as it came out I got it.  Signed, sealed, delivered it's mine and I love it!  I would describe it for you, but instead I'll let Randy do the talking because his description of this shoot is great and I couldn't have said it better myself.  Since we now know Trent so well behind the scenes anyway, let's hear about his hot hook-up with Adonis, Jeremy Walker straight from the director himself.

"This video with Jeremy Walker and Trent Davis doesn't start slowly and build... it jumps right into things with all engines go. ...when Trent dove face first onto Jeremy's beefy sausage I thought I was going to droptrent_jeremy_2.jpg my camera it was so damn hot. Then Jeremy gave the best blowjob he's ever given, taking quite good direction from Trent I might add. He then used his hard dripping tool to plow Trent's hungry hole like there was no tomorrow. Trent's moans alone could bring anyone to the brink but on top of that it was the dirty talk between the two of them that made this video priceless for me. These guys were so into each other it was like I wasn't even there. They went at it like dogs in heat. Each one of Jeremy's powerful thrusts driving Trent crazy with desire. Just watching his eyes glazed over, totally lost in the experience of it all, grabbing Jeremy's arm and giving a little nibble like an animal out of control. And the intensity with which Jeremy stares down Trent as he rams his cock into him, getting closer and closer. And when they finally reached climax the fact that they did it one right after the other just totally blew me away." - Randy Blue
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Chaos Men: Ashton and Jagger Raw

by Cock Fight
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Jagger and Ashton RAW !!!

OMG!  Every once in a while Chaos Men does something that really turns me on and when I came across the video of these two I had to see more!  Say what you will about bareback but after I checked it out last night, this scene got me so hot I had to call in sick to work and watch it again this morning!  Something about straight guys really getting into their first real guy on guy action just drives me crazy!!!

Jagger's hot tats and his tight body drew me in right away the first time I saw him, not to mention that yummy hard cock.  You can tell that he was a little nervous but really excited at the same time (and isn't that really what we love about Chaos Men's straight guys anyway?).  He might not have been %100 ready when he started but by the time Ashton was done rimming his hole and sucking his gorgeous cock he needed to fuck bad and Ashton was ready to go.
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