Hot House Preview: Masterpiece Scene 4

by Nick Young
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masterpiece_img_hh_2.jpgMasterpiece: Scene 4
I just ordered my copy of Hot House's Masterpiece, after seeing the trailer for scene 4 and I was instantly hooked!  masterpiece_img_hh_3.jpgOh how I love a big juicy cock and Ethan Wolfe has a seriously huge dick!  A brand new Hot House exclusive, he's done a few scenes (including one with Ross Hurston, yummy!) but Masterpiece is his first movie with Hot House and I can't wait to see it!

They paired him with experienced Hot House model Ty LeBeouf who's tight ass is a great fit for his first movie. 

I love anticipation and a good hard copy so I'm waiting anxiously for mine, but by all means if you want to see it now, download it!  Sorry I don't have the preview video but you can check it out by clicking the link below!

CLICK HERE to check out the trailer for Masterpiece Scene 4 at Hot House!
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Randy Blue: Buddy Davis and Kelly Hayes

by Nick Young
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Randy Candy for everyone!  I liked these solo's so much I thought I would share!  There's something about the way a Randy Blue Boy looks at you through that camera; is just hypnotic.  I'm a sucker for beautiful eyes and these two just pulled me in. 

Are we sure that song from the 80's wasn't called Buddy Davis Eyes?  Wow.  This new guy just gets personal on camera and it really does feel like you're spying and seeing something you shouldn't...oh but you should!  It's crazy sexy how comfortable he is.  I just can't stop fantasizing about getting behind this guy!  He even looks up when he's bent over, like he knows you're there.

Kelly has those Ice Blue eyes that look almost like island pools.  He's workin' the sweet country boy angle, but he's not foolin' me!  I know there's a hot freak hiding behind those incredible abs.  Download and check it out!

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Damien Diego Fucks Ryan Dyser : College Dudes 247

by Nick Young
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damien-diego-fucks-ryan-dyser-019a.jpgDamien Diego
Ryan Dyser

I just keep stumbling across firsts this week!  I thought I would drop by College Dudes 247 and see if there were any hot new guys to scope out and this video caught my eye.  Both Damien and Ryan have such a hypnotic look that I just had to check this scene out.  Damien is a new exclusive and until this scene with Ryan Dyser had never fucked a guy.  Ryan is such a sweet heart and he just loves to get fucked! He's a great first Damien!

They start off with some hot cock sucking and watching Ryan slap his face with Damien's cock got me so hot I had to slow down!  For his first time Damien got really into it and obviously enjoyed fucking that pretty Freshman's ass!  I could watch it for hours.  Ryan is loving it, no doubt and I'm sure we'll see more of both of them soon!

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Cocky Boys: MJ Fucks Bobby!

by Nick Young
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Oh how I love the Cocky Boys!  I heard the news so I rushed right on over to see it for myself.  Bobby Clark bottoms by the pool!  This straight boy has come a long way from his solo's. He's a natural to be sure guys. 

Watching him pound Marc Cody's ass was so fucking hot and I KNEW it was only a matter of time before he got more adventurous.  He loves it and you can tell!  There's nothing hotter than watching a hot guy enjoy his first cock in his ass.  You can really tell by the way he grinds on MJ's cock, he'll be doing this again soon.  MJ, the self described "Monkey on Viagra" and his rock hard abs deliver a hot first time.  Bravo MJ!

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Jocks Roadtrip Vol. 6: Temptation Ranch

by Scotty B
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roadtrip_6_temptation_ranch.jpgTemptation Ranch
If Wheel of Fortune was giving away a trip a day I'd want it to be to Temptation Ranch!

Falcon gives us this series Jocks Roadtrip Vol. 6: Temptation Ranch and it's pretty hot - just not the music that accompanies the different scenes!

The first scene features a lean Russian Floridian, Jared, who nicely fucks a tattooed and uncut Cuban boy, Nick Cross, both have nice cum shots and are masculine - a definite plus!

If you like cornfed white boys the two in this scene, Ridge Michaels and Wade Wilder look and act straight but definitely know how to suck a good dick. Wilder, our uncut Atlanta boy gives some good head to Michaels, taking every inch of the cock down his throat. Was there reciprocation? Definitely... then we are treated to Wilder getting fucked - we love to see a masculine boy like that get fucked and take it... yum!!! The scene finished off by Michaels licking his own cum off of Wilder's ass cheeks, after we get a close up of Wilder's uncut cock and the the long distance cum load he shoots.
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