Road Trip Part III: Yosemite

by Angel Benton
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Road Trip Part III: Yosemite

So let's recap shall we? Volume 1 of the Road Trip series from Jocks (Russian River) was a great reinvention of the Jocks line, but Volume 2 (Santa Cruz) was a little bit of a step backward. Thankfully Yosemite is a HUGE improvement over BOTH previous volumes. At the beginning of the video, when all 7 boys are in the RV on their way to Yosemite, the director asks which ones are tops and which ones are bottoms. Nathan Sommers proclaims that he is a top, then adds, "Nothing is going in MY ass!" That struck me as sort of hilarious because Nathan Sommers is most famous for sticking a water bottle up his ass on CockyBoys!

The first scene is on the RV and is a three-way between Trystian Sweet (Famous for his work with Helix, Citiboyz, Buckshot, and Channel 1), Kyle Pierce (Who has worked with Hot House), and GORGEOUS boxcover boy Austin Kent. After all three engage in oral action, Trystian pounds Kyle into oblivion. Whereas it can be disconcerting when models are too quiet during sex, Trystian is the polar opposite. He is SO vocal that it is distracting, only because he keeps repeating the same things over and over and over again.

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He's So Big

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hes_so_big.jpgHe's So Big
Blue Pictures

Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing a new line of cinema called Blue Pictures.

"What is Blue Pictures?" you're asking? Yup, that's what I said. The first of the four films I received in the mail was called He's So Big. Corny name right? Yup, that's what I said, however I had to try it out and verify for Nick Young how corny the movie was... well, I was sorta wrong.

While He's So Big, showcases some guys that aren't my taste, Raul, the star of this film is my taste - Yummy! All taking place in a night club, Raul is shown dancing for the crowd, invites a guy up on stage and then proceeds to fuck the shit out of him. The cute little bottom boy never even has a chance to get his uncut cock rock hard, instead Raul slides into him and does fuck the living shit out of him. Throughout the entire scene the bottom is balancing between pleasure and pain, at one point the moaning gets so intense the producers cover it up with music. The scene is actually hot and got me going (know what i mean?).

All the scenes feature extremely verbal Brazilian boys which turns us on completely! Often times directors tell models not to be so verbal, especially if the movie will be marketed outside the country they are shooting it in. My opinion: leave the foreign language in - IT'S HOT! The fourth scene takes the cake and also makes this film easily worth the purchase. Imagine a lean Brazilian boy taking a bath. Climbing out of the tub donning suds all over his nice chest and cock he phones up two of his buddies to come over. His buddies: one a masculine, toned twink, while the other is a beefy, muscular, golden browned Brazilian guy with some beautifully placed tattoos on his broad arms. Who is this Adonis that loves oral play, please tell me!? These three waste no time getting naked, rock hard and down to business... dirty business. There are a few more scenes included on this DVD, but as far as I'm concerned the scenes I described are WORTH THE PURCHASE and will keep you coming back for more... I heart verbal Brazilian boys.

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Gear Action: Leo and Josh

by Nick Young
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gear_action_leo_josh_2.jpgLeo and Josh get Benched!
Football season is in high gear so I'm in the mood for some helmet action! I dropped by GearAction to see if I could score some hot guys in football uniforms and cha-ching! Success!   A British Twink who has a hard on for American Football jocks. Leo lifts his weights until Josh just can't take it anymore and devours Leo's uncut cock before riding him on that bench and I bet Leo has never been happier to ride the bench!

Love em' and leave em style Josh takes what he wants and then leaves but you have to see what he and Josh do with that gas mask! I thought it was a little weird at first but it turned out to be hot hot HOT, and I don't just mean the cock hungry breath of the guy wearing the mask.

If you're into any kind of uniform action and have never checked out GearAction, you've been missing out and you have to get to it! Cowboys, Dirt Bikers, Military you name it and sometimes they mix it up and the combinations a crazy hot! Check it out!

CLICK HERE to check out GearAction!

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Michael Lucas Auditions 21

by Angle Benton
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michael_lucas_auditions21.jpgMichael Lucas' Auditions #21
Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment is known for its big-budget productions like Dangerous Liaisons and La Dolce Vita, but their Auditions line proves that you don't need a big budget or lots of editing to make a hot fuck flick. The way that the Auditions series works is that someone who has never worked for Lucas Entertainment before is "broken in" on camera by either a Lucas Entertainment exclusive, or at least someone who has worked for that company before. (If there are two newbies in a scene together, then Michael Lucas himself is usually off on the side directing them.)

This video is probably the best volume of the Auditions series because it has the perfect mix of fresh-of-the-bus new talent, experienced porn performers (who have never worked for Michael Lucas before), and of course, the regular faces you are used to seeing in Michael Lucas films. There is also another reason that this video is awesome....but we will come back to that in a second.

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Tristan Bull: Next Door Male

by Nick Young
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tristan_bull_5.jpgTristan Bull Returns To Next Door Male!

How did I miss this guy his first time around?!  Apparently back after having been gone for a year, Tristan Bull is so fucking gorgeous I had to watch.  He's in really great shape and that smile just melts me!  He's got an uncut cock which is such a yummy treat and I just wish I could suck on it for hours!

Such a pretty face but we need to get him having sex with some hot hot guys STAT!  Those looks are just wasted on a straight guy that solos, however, it's a pretty hot solo!  He teases and takes his time which just makes me extra horny and then when he's ready to shoot that load he stands up and jacks it all over the coffee table!  I wonder how many crew members were volunteering to lick it up after that hot shot?!

Click on over to Next Door Male and check this hunk of gorgeous out!

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