Stud Buds

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stud_buds.jpgStud Buds
Blue Pictures

The box cover of Stud Buds looked so awful that I kept it next to my bed for weeks... no part of me wanted to review this movie. It finally took Nick Young's incessant threats of taking away my porn movie review privileges to make me watch what would be the most painful movie ever from Blue Pictures- BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

"Never judge a book by its cover," my family used to say, however I'm sure they weren't talking about the movie Stud Buds. From the first scene featuring two bicyclists, one with a twisted ankle, quickly get to know each other and in no time flat start sucking on each others bike shorts, nipples, semi-hairy holes and uncut cocks... YES, YES, YES. What I like best about this scene? They let the models foreskin show when the bottom is getting fucked. Too many major studios shun foreskin and try to hide it, in this scene as the model gets fucked his foreskin is prominently displayed and they even feature the cock getting a bit smaller as the hung top fucks his partner vigorously - you know how it happens in real life, again... extremely hot!

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Fleshjack Sighting: Dirty Boy Video

by Nick Young
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Blonde Ambition: Toby
Dirty Boy Video

The Fleshjack Ice must have been in everyone's stocking this year because I keep seeing them everywhere!  Toby at DBV gets to play with one for the first time and we get to watch! 

He gives that Fleshjack a good workout but takes it off at the end and just jacks that hard cock the old fashioned way so that we can get a look at that hot sticky cum all over the place.  Even though it was his first time, I think he's in love.  By the end he's wet and glowing and looks very happy!

We'll all have to check in to Dirty Boy Video again soon and see what else Toby can do!  Personally I'm going to go get my Fleshjack and watch it again!
Fleshlight Sex Toy
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Fleshjack Sighting: Randy Blue

by Nick Young
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Ryan Brody
I love my Fleshjack and every time I see one I get excited. I got all kinds of excited this week while checking out who's doing who (or what) when I discovered two adorable guys using Fleshjacks for their solos.

The first is brand new Randy Blue Model Ryan Brody. I don't want to give away too much but I think the vid is definetly worth checking out and I think Fleshjack may have found a new model! Those soft brown eyes immediatly melted my heart and I just couldn't stop watching and I doubt you will either.

I heard this hottie just emailed Randy and said "take a chance on me, you won't be disapointed". I'm so glad he was right and I'm sure Randy is too. I'm sure he'll be making plently more appearances and I can't wait to see him graduate from the Fleshjack to another models gorgeous ass. Any predictions? Personally, I'm hoping Ryan and Reece Rideout get naked really soon!

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