Uncut Cock Pool Party

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uncut_cock_pool_party_LE.jpgUncut Cock Pool Party
Lucas Entertainment

I haven’t seen a new Lucas movie in month, which is unusual – some of my favorite sex scenes include Lucas Exclusives.

I found Uncut Cock Pool Party in my porn stock and wanted to see how it would compare to other wet and wild films out there on the market. The movie was still in its original packaging (which includes two discs) so I decided to give it a spin.

Among the 15 guys in this movie, 14 got my cock rock hard just by the pictures! Instantly noticing the beefy Hungarian Ted Colunga, I was excited that Lucas and director Jozsef Budai brought him back for another film. Check out the fifth and final scene in which Colunga shows off his meaty uncut cock and then flip-fucks the hunky Buck Monroe.

The directors cut is rumored to have water sports and a dildo scene involved so make sure you specify which one you want – needless to say I don’t have that version! Overall this movie was damn good and worth your money. The only thing I didn’t care for in the movie was the scene featuring five studs by the pool. Usually those kinds of scenes do it for me, but this one didn’t – BUT PLEASE, do not let this sway you! Overall, Uncut Cock Pool Party receives a grade of a solid B, and a great companion to Uncut Cock Sex Club, also by Lucas Entertainment.
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Trunks 5

by Super User
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trunks_5.jpgTrunks 5
Hot House

So you’re all caught up on the Trunks series, if not then please CLICK HERE to read all about the movies you’ve been missing out on!

As soon as I heard the UPS truck pull up to my house this morning I knew that Trunks 5 had arrived at my front door. Thanking the delivery guy I ran to my room, ushered my dog out of my presence and slipped in Trunks 5!

Waiting for the DVD to load up I was instantly noticed the lack of star power in the new movie. The Trunks I’ve seen before have starred Francesco D’Macho, Josh Weston, Vinne D’Angelo, Alex Fuerte, Brad Patton – to name a few, this one director Steven Scarborough took a big risk showing off his newest stars instead of his golden boys for such a dazzling series of movies.

More than two hours later, I can honestly say that Scarborough’s gamble paid off. The ‘new guys’ are amazing, fresh as can be, and enjoying every minute of their sexual fun.

Starring David Dakota and Kyle King, the true star of this movie is Hot House Exclusive Ross Hurston – wow, he makes this film a solid gold, certifiable success! In two scenes he demonstrates his ability to fuck a nice ass – Tyler Saint (who bottoms for the first time) and then in the next scene gets his hole plowed by the pool!

For those who crave tattooed men Scarborough tossed in Johnny Gunn and Kai Ford, make sure you check out Ford’s tribal tattoo – you’ll see it when his hole is getting plowed by Mason Wyler.

Overall this movie is a great summer flick that can still be enjoyed in the winter months, sure to heat things up. Giving this movie a solid B rating is easy and buying it is too if you log onto HOT HOUSE – tell ‘em that Scotty B sent you!

Click HERE to watch Trunks 5!
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Best Men: The Bachelor Party

by Nick Young
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best_men_falcon.jpgBest Men: The Bachelor Party
Falcon Studios

Starring Tony Capucci, this new film is somewhat similar to the last movie After Party, only a tad hotter!

The movie kicks off with Capucci getting a little too drunk and passing out on a bad with Shane Frost. Taking his time with Capucci’s tight hole and cock, after an arousing oral session Capucci finally wakes up and pounds Frost – the scene did it for me!

Seeing Erik Rhodes bottoming was the highlight of the second scene! Four guys going at it was hot and especially the train they had going on… another hot, successful scene! Nash Lawler finds some time to get busy with Roman Heart in the back of a limo. I didn’t’ finish the scene because I came after watching Heart suck Lawler’s long slender cock and then rim his blond hole, but I can only imagine Roman takes it up the ass… did anyone watch it?

Finally, Matthew Rush and Zeb Atlas finally showcase the scene that has had the web talking for weeks now – Rush sucking Atlas off! This oral-gasmic scene features these two buff boys jerking their meat and looking as hot as ever!

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Trunks: The Series

by Nick Young
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trunks.jpgTrunks: The Series
Hot House
No Hot House hasn’t released the five movies in the Trunks series together in a bundle pack, yet (hint, hint to the folks at Hot House) but in honor of the new movie Trunks 5 finally arriving to my doorstep yesterday I’ve decided to cover the first four and give you the breakdown why they are definitely worth owning!

trunks_1.jpgThe first of the series starred Alex Fuerte! This Latin lover ignited this summer themed movie also starring Shane Rollins, Owen Hawk, Jason Hawke, Ricky Martinez, Marco Paris and numerous other guys. The scene to watch is the three-way with Fuerte, Martinez, and Fredrick Ford – for all the Latin admirers out there Fuerte’s ass and Martinez’s cock will get you going!

trunks_2.jpgThe second movie stars Tony Mecelli, Jason Ridge, Brad Patton, and Robert Van Damme – those four are reason enough to buy the movie. Mecelli just recently came out of a semi-retirement and for all those who aren’t aware who this East Coast bombshell is make sure you pay close attention to his long cock as it slides in and out of Nick Piston’s white hole! Fuck the Speedos these guys are better without them on!
Trunks 3 was when we new this series was only getting wetter and hotter! Hot House exclusive Francesco D’Macho has two glorious scenes in which he gets his ass eaten out nicely and then in the next scenes gets to fuck a nice hole. D’Macho looks excellent in his swim gear but it’s his fat, uncut cock that drives us nuts. Oh, and for non D’Macho fans there are plenty of hunks that are featured in this film, I just happen to lust after D’Macho the most!
Finally, Trunks 4: White Heat is the one that will make you climax time and time again! Filmed in Palm Springs, Francesco D’Macho returns with one of my favorite porn stars Dak Ramsey, C.J. Madison, Vinnie D’Angelo, Ty LeBeouf to name a few. The scene that you must, must, must watch is D’Macho getting fucked by Madison’s nice uncut cock and Nick Marino getting plowed by Vinnie D’Angelo.

Next week I will review Trunks 5 starring Kyle King and David Dakota. Remember just because it’s Fall doesn’t mean you can’t watch men in Speedos having dirty fun. I can’t wait to watch this one… I have a feeling it will be the best yet!

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