Leo & Sean

by Nick Young
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Leo & Sean
Randy Blue

Leo is new to Randy Blue but he fits right in as yet another HOT Randy Blue man. Ever since I saw his first video in August I have been anxiously waiting for more and the video with Sean does not disappoint! A Wolverine style sexy look (without all that pesky fur) and that one naughty eyebrow raised, if you have a Hugh Jackman fantasy Leo’s hot body is a perfect substitute. Watching these two fuck is intense! Sean has been beefing up and just gets sexier every time he shoots. Speaking of shooting, Sean’s orgasm with Leo is so intense his whole body shakes! I’ll be watching this one a few times!

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Cody Cummings Unleashed: Volume 1

by Nick Young
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cody_cummings_unleashed_1.jpgCody Cummings Unleashed: Volume 1
Next Door Male

Next Door Male, the mega site that governs over Cody’s site has hit another homerun with this new DVD that hit the streets last month! This DVD is amazing on two levels; from the business perspective NDM makes the viewer sit through an entire three to five minute ‘getting to know Next Door Male sites’ interlude before the viewer watches Cody in action. True, it might be annoying to the viewer but it promotes a great selling point for the company, especially since NDM is generous enough to give a lot of these away for free at promo events, trade shows etc… Secondly this movie has a handful of great scenes that has Cody getting sucked off and shooting his load in different settings. Sadly Cody doesn’t fuck guys or get fucked but seeing a gay dude suck his masculine meat off is sufficient enough for us – for now. Come on Cody, give us want we want… just fuck a dude already, we’re waiting patiently - maybe in the next Cody Cummings video.

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by Nick Young
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Collin O’Neal Productions

Collin O’Neal packed up his bags from Raging Stallion and set off to not only start up his own, independent film company but he also decided to pack his bags and head to Belgrade, Serbia to film himself and some amazing muscle Adonis’ having some amazing sex! Starring porn superstar Roman Ragazzi, remember him? Ragazzi was the guy who was working at the Israeli Consulate in NYC and was splashed all over national media as a result for also being a porn star! Serbia also features the tall and smooth Dakota Rivers, sadly this film also is the last time we will see O’Neal on video, as he is retiring from modeling! Our favorite scenes are the ones that include ass play: from Ragazzi getting his furry hole worked over from the insatiable model Brennon to Bijan getting his ass licked, fingered and then fucked, O’Neal shows that Belgrade, Serbia is a viable place to have sex and travel to! Buy Serbia or any of his other movies now on www.WorldofMen.com!

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The Private Life Of Tim Hamilton

by NickYoung
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The Private Life Of Tim Hamilton
Bel Ami

Do you like slender blonde Euro twinks? If so than porn star Tim Hamilton is your man for the next two hours and twenty four minutes! The entire movie plays out like the MTV ‘reality’ show The Hills – the adult version. The movie is filled with commentary about Hamilton’s life with now sex buddy Danny Saradon and Hamilton’s old boyfriend Lukas Ridgeston. Dramatic? Yes! Sexually arousing? Not entirely, but it’s great to hear Hamilton and Saradon’s take on certain events and then act them out for us… that’s pretty hot! My friends have all given this an A+ and I give it a B+. I say buy it, you’ll get some good use out of it! Oh, and if you want to know something private about Tim Hamilton, just incase you ever run into him, he loves cum on his lips!


Nick XO


Find Tim Hamilton on BelAmi


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