Paging Dr. Finger

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Paging Dr. Finger

This week I received two new films from Hot House: Red Hanky – we’ll get to that one later, and Paging Dr. Finger. I knew the later of the two was my cup of tea so I popped that in first. Johnny Gunn graces the front of the DVD displaying his smooth hole and hard cock. Behind him is Ross Hurston dressed as a doctor, probably waiting to give Johnny, his patient, a rectal exam! If you like porn stars, you won’t be disappointed with this flick! First and foremost the Italian Stallion himself, Francesco D’Macho hands his European charm to this film. Tattooed, uncut and totally versatile, Francesco takes part in a three-way with our two front cover stars – it’s butch and hot! Other notable scenes include Hot House Men like Vinnie D’Angelo, Dillon Crow, Ty LeBeouf, plus two of gay America’s most favorite porn star top and bottom: Trevor Knight and C.J. Knight respectively – no relation. The entire doctor scenario isn’t necessarily what makes this film, instead it’s the stud factor! With 12 studs, five scenes, one foursome and a three-way there is plenty to rave about – and rumor on the Internet is there’s another one in the works or waiting to be released in the near future. Is that true Mister Steven Scarborough? God we hope so!!!

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Cruisin Grounds

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When cruising for fucking-hot man sex the options are endless. But with this 5-scene dvd, you get 5 different pairs of horny men prowling common ground to snag the right fuck buddy or as I like to call him mister right now.  I particularly enjoyed Jessie Balboa's scene and the new Aaron Ridge is a natural, is he sure this was his first time, somehow I think he will be around for a while.  And don't even get me started on the super hung Bo boy would I love to ride that python. Where did they say this park is, I will see you there around 10pm on a hot summer night.

Starring Eddie Diaz, Chad Hunt, Matt Majors, Cole Ryder, Ken Mack, Dominic Sol, Bo Matthews, and Jessie Balboa. Introducing Justin Jameson and featuring the return of Aron Ridge.
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Staring: Roman Heart, Trevor Knight, Cal Skye, Koen Bradshaw, Hayden Stephens, Tory Mason, Kyle Pierce

Hard work or hardly working; these overtaxed employees have to deal with impossible schedules plus impatient and difficult bosses. But they seem to find a means for releasing that stress, there are not many noses to the grindstone more like hot ass licking and butt pounding.  Now that is my kind of office. Who knew, the surprise bonuses might prove a hearty incentive for invaluable services, and there is no more worthy service than the sucking, rimming and fucking going around this work space.  Where do I send my resume?  Or better yet how do I get Tory Mason to be my personal assistant.
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Rough Play

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Written and Directed by John Bruno

Starring Falcon Exclusives Tristan Jaxx, Aden & Jordan Jaric, Ryan Wade; Falcon stars Tyler Riggz, Jackson Wild, Dakota Rivers, Marc Ryan, Sean Preston; and introducing Falcon Exclusives TJ Hawke and Cal Skye.

Maybe it is because I tend to enjoy a sex a little rough myself once in a while and find nothing hotter than a stud in a jock strap. But this movie was scorching hot after a rough practice, the coaches are tough, and this talented team of young rugby fuck buddies have the goods to score – not only on the field, but in the locker room, shower, gym and dorm, they just need a place.
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Jocks - Roadtrip Big Sur

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What do you think will happen when you take six horny dudes out on the road? Turn them loose and watch what happens in the middle of the woods. More than a trip to Big Sur that is for sure, this movie is a sexual tsunami on the California coast. where unabashed and Unrelenting cocksucking, ass licking and butt pounding sex climax with torrential splashes of cum. This movie is so fucking hot you will want to watch it several times. I think Shane Erickson is just so damn don't you agree, I would love to take him on a road trip?

Cast features Shane Erickson, Scott Fremont, Jason Michaels, Orlando Dawson, Tristan Phoenix, and Brandon Matthews.
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