Fraternity X Shut Up & Take It College Bareback

Shut Up & Take It Fraternity X

by Aaron Shepard
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A few of the brothers at Fraternity X were cruising campus, just hanging out, and hitting on chicks, when they recognized this dude walking down the street.  He fucked one of their girls at a mixer last weekend!

So they dragged his ass into the house, threw him on the bed, and ripped his shorts off.  The four of them went to town on his hole!  They all had lots of fun with this one…

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Kristen Bjorn Give and Receive Max Duro Angelo Curti Gianni Maggio Bareback

Give and Receive: Max Duro, Angelo Curti, & Gianni Maggio Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Angelo Curti has had “Daddy Issues” for a long time, but Max Duro and Gianni Maggio have agreed to help him address those issues…

Max and Gianni have decided that they are going to give Angelo everything that he could ever want to receive from a Daddy.  Of course, this means that things are about to get a little rough and aggressive.  Angelo is led into the room and forced to his knees as the monstrous daddy dicks are released.  Angelo’s mouth and throat are stretched to their ultimate limits as the gigantic cocks force him into submission.  Going back and forth from one huge cock to the other, Angelo does everything that he possibly can to pleasure his daddies.  

Being bent over, Angelo’s mouth is stuffed with Max’s hard cock as Gianni spits, licks and fucks his hot ass with his tongue.  Gianni stands up and rams his mega cock deep into Angelo’s wet ass.  Max leans in and spreads Angelo’s ass open as Gianni pulls out and then back in repeatedly commanding his ass to open up.  The guys switch it all up and Max gets on his back and Gianni splits his ass open with that huge cock of his.  Angelo moves in and squats down onto Max’s throbbing cock.  Gianni is going as aggressively as possible on Max’s hairy ass and Angelo is riding his cock as deep as he can possibly go.  The pleasure levels are through the roof and our guys are in total sync with each other.  

Switching up just in time, Gianni lays on the floor with Max on top of his cock and Angelo grinding down on Max’s cock.  To see these huge cocks deep in action and pleasure is phenomenal.  Max kicks into high gear, grinding his ass as hard onto Gianni and equally slamming Angelo’s ass with his cock.  All this rough ass fucking sends Angelo over the edge as he shoots his hot load of cum.  No sooner has the last drops oozed out of his cock that he is forced onto his back and Gianni and Max begin to feed him both of their hot loads of cum.  Angelo opens wide to accept daddies’ loads.

Now the only issue that Angelo has is when is this going to happen again!

BelAmi Online Jambo Africa Scene 9 Liam Efron Pip Caulfield Bareback

Jambo Africa (Scene 9): Liam Efron & Pip Caulfield BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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Some of BelAmi’s videos are full of energy, some are more erotic and some even have humor, but then some, like this scene with Liam and Pip, have a mix of all three…

Anything that involves Liam is bound to have a slightly frenetic pace to it – he is literally the Energizer bunny with no off switch – and as he races around the house looking for someone to fuck, we definitely can feel his urgency.  Enrique is actually the person who eventually points him and cameraman Adam in the right direction, where they find Pip, who seems to be the only boy that wasn’t working that day and able to help Liam satisfy his needs.  What we end up with here is a very genuine clip of two horny young guys fulfilling their urgent desires, all captured on camera by the always horny Adam Archuleta.

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Lucas Entertainment Ruslan Angelo Viktor Rom Bareback

Viktor Rom Splits Ruslan Angelo in Half Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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Viktor Rom doesn’t just fuck his bottoms; he splits them in half and he loves every second of it… But so do the guys, who take Viktor Rom.  Ruslan Angelo, who gets his turn to ride Viktor in this gay bareback sex encounter, was no exception.

There’s always a strong sense of dominance and submission, when Viktor Rom uses the throat and ass of a boy; Viktor knows what he wants and it’s totally for his pleasure, which is one of the reasons why he’s an alpha-top porn star.  It is also a reason why Ruslan was salivating at the chance to take his raw meat!

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Fraternity X U Fucked Up College Bareback

U Fucked Up Fraternity X

by Aaron Shepard
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This pussy didn’t finish his beer… So the brothers at Fraternity X slapped the bitch around, and told him to get on his knees.  He was going to take each of dicks.

And don’t fucking stop till they say they’re done!  Cock in mouth; cock in ass.  They want it all and he’s going to take it!

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