Kristen Bjorn Romance Attila Kardos Dani Robles Bareback

Romance: Attila Kardos & Dani Robles Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Though they have only been dating for a few short months, Attila Kardos still gets butterflies in his stomach when Dani Robles walks in the door.  

Of course, every greeting is met with a kiss, but they just can’t stand to have clothes on when they are around each other.  You know that feeling!  The clothes are quickly stripped away and our lovers are all over each other in a heartbeat.  Attila lowers Dani’s underwear and his hard cock springs forward demanding attention.  Danny desires to see his man in his full glory as well and strips him of his underwear.  Dropping to his knees, Danny immediately begins making love to Attila’s perfectly shaped cock with his moist mouth.  Danny has learned exactly how Attila’s cock responds to certain movements of his tongue and lips and he makes sure that every move is a calculated movement of pleasure.  Attila moves in and begins to suck on Dani’s cock, but Dani cannot get enough of Attila’s cock and shows him exactly where he wants it.  Attila shoves the fat head of his cock into Dani’s awaiting mouth and throat.  Dani takes a face fucking that we all love to watch and feel.  

Dani is moved to the chair, where his ass is spread open and Attila dives into that hot, pink, hairy hole tongue first.  With every thrust of Attila’s tongue Dani’s cock gets that much harder.  Dani moves into a position that he knows that Attila cannot say no to, therefore Attila walks up, spits on Dani’s furry hole and rams his raw cock deep inside of him.  Attila moves to the sofa and allows Dani to lower his ass down onto his cock and pleasure himself as he desires.  Attila flips Dani onto his back and plunges his rock-hard cock inside of his pleasure canal.  No sooner has Attila picked up the rhythm that Dani is driven to the edge of ecstasy and blows his huge load all over his furry, ripped abs.  Dani sticks out his tongue to capture some of the never-ending flood of cum erupting from his cock.  Attila immediately coats Dani’s hairy balls with his thick globs of cum and coats the head of his cock with cum as he shoves cock and cum inside of Dani.

Passion and romance will always lead you to a hot time. Pranksters Part 2 Paul Canon Thyle Knoxx

Pranksters (Part 2): Paul Canon & Thyle Knoxx

by Aaron Shepard
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Paul Canon is at it again pranking as many men as he can find, by walking up to them with a huge hard-on.  This may outrage some, but lucky for Paul, Thyle Knoxx is all but too happy to be pranked!

Thyle takes good care of Paul’s hard-on for him, and the two leave more than satisfied.

Guys in Sweatpants Ash Hendricks Cums in Kaden Dean Bareback

Ash Cums in Kaden: Ash Hendricks & Kaden Dean Guys in Sweatpants

by Aaron Shepard
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The guys at GISP introduced Ash a few weeks ago, when he was taking the biggest dick he had ever taken.  This time he gets to use his fat dick on one of their cute power bottoms, Kaden Dean!

Ash is really big into yoga, so he wanted to get Kaden nice and loosened up at the park before fucking him silly.  They swallowed each other's cocks before Ash bent Kaden over the back of the couch to bury his face in that perfect, pink hole of his.  In perfect “bottom form,” Kaden presents his hole for Ash to slide his thick, lubed up cock deep into it.  The way Kaden started riding every inch of that cock is why I'd call him a power bottom.  The guys at GISP LOVE deep, internal cum shots, so that's what they gave you guys!

 "I can feel it coming out..." is what Kaden says as Ash his pumping his load into him.  So hot!

Falcon Studios Love & Lust in New Orleans Scene 6 Brent Corrigan Kurtis Wolfe

Love & Lust in New Orleans (Scene 6): Brent Corrigan & Kurtis Wolfe Falcon Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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It's another crazy night in New Orleans.  The crowds are out, the bars are full, and everyone is ready for a good time, including Brent Corrigan and Kurtis Wolfe.

The two studs don't waste any time getting back to their room, and shedding all their clothes.  Before Brent's underwear can hit the floor, Kurtis has his mouth wrapped around the jock's hard dick.  After sampling what Brent has to offer, Kurtis spreads Brent's legs wide open and goes in to taste his smooth, tight hole.  Kurtis has a love of servicing men and doesn't miss an inch of Brent's shaft, balls and ass.  Brent doesn't want to be left out of the taste-testing action and gets Kurtis hard by offering up his warm, wet mouth.  Kurtis is so turned on by the whole experience that he can barely contain himself.  

He gets Brent's butt lubed up and then slips his giant dick deep inside the moaning stud.  Brent loves the feeling of being stretched and rides Kurtis, taking the hard dick as deep inside of him as it will possibly go.  The two hung jocks switch up their positions, and after a sustained pounding, Brent announces his intent to blow and lets it rip.  After seeing Brent shoot, Kurtis is ready to join the ranks and unleash on Brent.  He gets the stud into position and releases all of his inhibitions over Brent's perfect bubble butt.

Falcon Studios Love & Lust in New Orleans Scene 4 JJ Knight Pierce Paris

Love & Lust in New Orleans (Scene 4): JJ Knight & Pierce Paris Falcon Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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Last night, JJ Knight and Pierce Paris enjoyed taking in some of the historic sights of the French Quarter in New Orleans.  After a good night's sleep, Pierce wakes up next to JJ with a raging hard-on.  Pierce starts to take care of business and reaches over to wake JJ from his dreams.  JJ is happy to have a helping hand from Pierce, as Pierce takes care of both of their needs with a dick in each hand.  Pierce isn't satisfied with just a hand job, though, and surprises JJ with a blowjob.  JJ wants a taste as well, and soon the studs are 69-ing on the bed.  JJ realizes that Pierce wants to get fucked and rolls the stud over to eat him out.  He eagerly takes care of Pierce's tight, hairy hole and gets it nice and opened up.

JJ is ready to enter Pierce and slides his massive dick deep into the muscle stud.  He pounds away, making Pierce's back door gape.  JJ's dick feels so good inside of him that Pierce shoots a geyser, while JJ is pumping him deep.  After giving Pierce all the pleasure he can, JJ pulls out and covers the jock with cum.  Pierce is so turned on by JJ that he starts jacking again and cums a second time.