Falcon Studios About Last Night Brent Corrigan JJ Knight

About Last Night (Scene 5): Brent Corrigan & JJ Knight Falcon Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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After a long night of bachelor partying, Brent Corrigan finds his buddy JJ Knight, the groom, crashed out on the couch.  It's early in the morning, and they've barely slept, but that doesn't stop them from having one last fling before JJ's married off to someone else.

Brent pulls back the blanket and opens his mouth wide to get a taste of JJ's monster cock.  Reaching into his buddy's briefs, JJ fondles Brent's throbbing boner.  After JJ uses his mouth to moisten Brent's cock, they rub their dicks together as they kiss. Turning around, Brent parts his amazing ass cheeks and JJ dives in face first.  With JJ's tongue wedged in his hole, Brent moans and shudders with pleasure.

Now on the floor, Brent gets in doggy style position and JJ mounts him with vigorous thrusting.  They grind together, taking turns providing the momentum for their intense penetration.  JJ gets back on the couch and Brent climbs on to ride JJ's cock.  Thrusting up from below, JJ's massive balls swing through the air.  Rolling over into missionary position, Brent grabs his cock and strokes himself as they reach the point of no return.  With JJ still inside him, Brent shoots a white-hot load.  JJ stands up and sends jets of white cum into Brent's open mouth.  After Brent sucks every last drop of cum from JJ's cock, they press their faces together in a final cum-covered kiss.

Dominic Ford Vegas Domination Jaxton Wheeler Dominates Coby Mitchell

Vegas Domination: Jaxton Dominates Coby: Jaxton Wheeler & Coby Mitchell Dominic Ford

by Aaron Shepard
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Vegas Domination is back with a brand new scene and it is HOT!

Jaxton Wheeler is the ultimate Dom:  he's naturally masculine, muscular, hairy, hung, and aggressive.  In this scene, he uses muscle jock Coby's body, mouth, and ass for his pleasure until they both squirt their loads.

Dominic Ford 3-Way Kayden Gray Josh Milk Ken Summers

3-Way: Kayden Gray, Josh Milk, & Ken Summers Dominic Ford

by Aaron Shepard
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When you put Kayden Gray, Josh Milk and Ken Summers in the same room, only one thing can happen: cum will fly everywhere.  Oh, and Ken will get double penetrated… so two things can happen I guess.

This scene opens on a terrace in Barcelona, where Kayden and Josh are making out.  Soon, Ken joins them and starts blowing them both outside before they all head inside to fuck.  They all fuck and suck each other, and double penetrate Ken.  Kayden fucks Ken, and then fucks Josh.  This scene is hot, and culminates in explosive cum shots you need to see to believe.

TimTales Eduardo Picasso Fucks Skyy Knox

Eduardo Fucks Skyy Knox TimTales

by Aaron Shepard
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For the final chapter of Skyy Knox's visit to Barcelona, the guys at TimTales gave him the cherry on top... It's just the biggest, most massive cock in porn!  TimTales Exclusive Eduardo Picasso seals the deal for Skyy's wide hole.  He fucks him into submission and definitely to his limits.  Skyy couldn't believe his eyes, mouth or hole!

“It’s so heavy!” he told us.  It takes four hands to hold! 

After meeting TimTales' holy trinity – Tim Kruger, Caio Veyron, and Eduardo Picasso – Skyy Knox can certainly say he had some epic vacations in Barcelona.  His hole can confirm that!

Fraternity X Fucked His Bitch Bareback College

Fucked His Bitch Fraternity X

by Aaron Shepard
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This dude likes to dress like a homo… So one of the brothers decided to fuck his girlfriend and show him the video.  

The dude started crying!

Haha… the guys bent that bitch over and made another video; this time he was the one being spit roasted!  They can’t wait to send the video to his girl!