Raw Fuck Club Muscle Pounded Gabriel Lunna Julio Rey Bareback

Muscle Pounded: Gabriel Lunna & Julio Rey Raw Fuck Club

by Aaron Shepard
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Gabriel Lunna is taken to levels of pleasure he could have never imagined.

Julio Rey, this Venezuelan muscle-stud, shows Lunna his entire Latino prowess in this sexual encounter.  After having his face-fucked and his hole bred, Lunna is left satisfied and begging for more from his Latin-lover.

Channel 1 Releasing Dr. Big Dick Scene 3 Scott DeMarco Cesar Rossi

Dr. Big Dick (Scene 3): Scott DeMarco & Cesar Rossi Channel 1 Releasing

by Aaron Shepard
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Cesar Rossi just went in for your standard physical, but instead ended up getting physical with Dr. Scott DeMarco!

Dr. DeMarco wasted little time getting down on his knees so that he could service his patient’s thick, uncut cock.  Satisfied with how his patient is reacting to his “treatment,” Dr. DeMarco takes a seat so that he can enjoy a warm mouth around his massive meat.  Switching to a 69-position, the two begin to service one another simultaneously, so that they can both enjoy the pleasures of a warm mouth.  Cesar Rossi is looking for some anal stimulation, though, and Dr. DeMarco is more than happy to oblige.  These two fuck around the office till they’re both drenched in sweat AND cum!

Channel 1 Releasing Dr. Big Dick Scene 2 Seth Santoro Osiris Blade

Dr. Big Dick (Scene 2): Seth Santoro & Osiris Blade Channel 1 Releasing

by Aaron Shepard
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Seth Santoro and Osiris Blade just can’t keep their hands off each other!  These two lock themselves into the exam room and immediately begin to explore one another’s bodies.  Their tongues interlock as their hands wander.

Seth pushes Osiris to the exam table and continues to explore EVERY inch of his body with his tongue.  Osiris massive cock disappears into Seth’s throat as the two switch into a 69-position so that Osiris can taste Seth’s beautiful hole.  Seth wants more than just some oral fun, though; he wants Osiris’ ass!  He pounds that ebony hole hard till they’re both ready to shoot their milky loads.

Channel 1 Releasing Dr. Big Dick Scene 1 Jace Chambers Devin Adams

Dr. Big Dick (Scene 1): Jace Chambers & Devin Adams Channel 1 Releasing

by Aaron Shepard
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Devin Adams had just been in for a visit with Dr. Jace Chambers the week prior, but he simply couldn’t resist coming in for a second consult.

Dr. Chambers begins with an oral examination; using his tongue to explore every inch of Adams’ mouth, body, and cock.  Satisfied with his findings, the doctor moves on to examining his patient’s ass.  First with his tongue, then with his fingers and cock!  All that prostate stimulation proved to be too much for Devin, though, and soon enough he was drenching himself in his creamy load.