BelAmi Online Freshman Fuck Enrique Vera Matt Thurman Bareback

Freshman Fuck: Enrique Vera & Matt Thurman BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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Rounding out a week of freshmen on BelAmi, we have this scene with Enrique Vera and Matt Thurman filmed for us by Lukas Ridgeston in our Bratislava studio.  

You all know Enrique already but this is Matt`s first outing on BelAmi Online.  Matt is a bit of a fitness fanatic as you will gather from the introduction to today`s scene, but all the effort certainly seems worth it as his body finds a nice balance between being very fit but not overly muscled.  There will be more of Matt coming on freshmen, including his interview and solo, before he makes his return on BelAmi again in June.

BelAmi Online Offensively Large Joel Birkin Arne Coen Bareback

Offensively Large: Joel Birkin & Arne Coen BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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We last saw Joel in a night scene with Adam Archuleta, but BelAmi is happy to have him back with another big dicked buddy in Arne Coen.  

When Joel first started filming with BelAmi it seemed that his monster dick was quite intimidating for most of his scene partners, but by now they almost all seem quite at home getting pounded by all 10-inches.

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ChaosMen Boyd Roman Serviced

Boyd & Roman: Serviced ChaosMen

by Aaron Shepard
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I think there are four cum shots in this video…

Boyd had mentioned he likes to be in charge, when working with guys smaller than him.  He gets off on pleasing bigger guys, but wants to be serviced by smaller guys.  Turns out, that Roman really likes furry daddy-types, so ChaosMen had one of those moments when random guys lined-up perfectly. 

Roman does a great job sucking Boyd’s cock.  At one point, Boyd even came a little without saying anything!  It was fairly early in the video, but there is clearly cum oozing down the side of his cock as Roman continues to work on it. 

Boyd started to get interested in seeing Roman’s cock, even going so far as to use his foot to play with it through his shorts.  So… Roman peeled-off his shorts and got into a position to let Boyd suck and jerk his fat cock. 

Roman then gets Boyd doggie-style and eats his ass out.  Boyd loved it! 

With Boyd having already partly ejaculated, though, he knew he might have to stroke his own cock aggressively to get that second nut out.  Roman and him jerk their cocks together, racing to nut. 

Roman partially cums and lets it slowly drop onto Boyd’s cock.  Boyd uses the cum as lube, which makes his own cock explode.  Roman then cums again!  Busting an even bigger nut onto Boyd’s cock.

The two kiss before Roman licks up all the cum and sweat from Boyd’s body.  Finally, he sucks the last bit of cum from Boyd’s musky, spent cock.

Fraternity X Tattooed Ass College Bareback

Tattooed Ass Fraternity X

by Aaron Shepard
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The brothers at Fraternity X have got a hot video this week!

A bunch of the guys were just hanging out, chilling out and smokin up, when his new pledge Kris said he wanted to show us some tattoos on his ass.  I think he just wanted to get fucked.  When that first dick went all the way into him his eyes went to the back of his head… So gay.

Lucas Entertainment Dylan James Geordie Jackson Joaquin Santana Bareback

Dylan James and Geordie Jackson Double-Team Joaquin Santana Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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The polite and boyish Joaquin Santana has a leanly muscled twink body totally free of tattoos.  But his tastes in partners are totally the opposite.  He likes rugged macho-fuckers, who are covered in tattoos and love working out.  He also prefers it when these men are not shy about treating bottoms like sex objects and not people.

It’s a perfect scenario for Geordie Jackson and Dylan James, who meet all the checkmarks.  Can Joaquin handle two tattooed muscle-tops ready to show him a rough time?  You’ll have to watch and find out!