Sean Cody Dean Conrad Bareback

Dean & Conrad: Bareback Sean Cody

by Aaron Shepard
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“My favorite thing about Conrad [are] his beautiful hazel eyes.  You just get lost in them.”  Dean started off nice and sweet, but when the time came for the real fun, he pounded away at Conrad’s tight hole until he was covered in cum!

Being the veteran that he is, Dean wanted to make sure Conrad was conformable and eased into all of this nicely.  Conrad has a few films under his belt already, but certainly not as many as Dean, so he definitely thought he would benefit learning a thing or two from an experienced hottie.  Needless to say, Dean sure gave Conrad a lesson he won’t soon forget.

Guys in Sweatpants Mateo Vice Fucks Vincent Bareback

Mateo Fucks Vincent: Mateo Vice & Vincent Guys in Sweatpants

by Aaron Shepard
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The guys at GISP must have made Mateo's day, when they told him they had a hot new guy with a big ass and big cock for him.  He was even more stoked, when he found out this new guy, Vincent, loves to get fucked rough and smacked around during it.

The passion and kissing between these two at the beginning is amazing to watch, and it quickly transforms into some ass eating, raw and choke fucking hotness.  You can see the look of excitement on Vincent's face each time Mateo gets rough with him, while fucking him balls deep.  At one point, Mateo holds him down, plowing him face down ass up, and it's a pure look of ecstasy on Vincent's face.

If you love cum eating and swapping, you'll love the end of this video!

Helix Studios Haunted Holes Ben Masters Wes Campbell Bareback

Haunted Holes: Ben Masters & Wes Campbell Helix Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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A gorgeous group of Helix hotties swap Halloween stories before gathering up the nerve to enter a spooky haunted house.  Out and on the other side of the scares the boy's hearts are pumping and adrenalin races through their veins.  Wes Campbell and Ben Masters decide to take advantage of the extra excitement.

Once back at their place, Campbell can't take his tongue away from the blood flow throbbing through Ben's thick main vein as he gobbles cock like Halloween candy!  Pretty boy Campbell is looking super tasty to Masters as well and the boy does some serious work on Wes's wang all the while handling his own hearty hog.  Still ravenous, Wes wants some of the young studs ass.  Masters lifts his legs over his head in an instant and is met with Campbell's wet mouth, fingers and feisty tongue and finally, his beautiful bareback bone.

The young stud licks his pouty lips and looks down at Campbell's raw cock sliding inside his tight hole, then tosses his head back, getting lost in the bareback pleasure.  Wes continues pounding ass like he's tenderizing raw meat and Ben just opens his legs wider, holding his ankles as open as they'll go.  Between passionate kisses, Master's mounts Campbell and rides his butt banging blond like a stallion.  Campbell slaps the hot brunette's ass between caressing it; his nice cheeks are firm but have enough meat to make them dance with each hit as they slowly turn a nice shade of pink.  Once Wes gets our guy standing, the cock cam goes in from underneath capturing all the meat pounding, cock stroking action.  Ben is about to blow, he stands up to feel Wes's warm body on his back completely as he strokes his engorged groin to release blast after blast of boy butter.  Masters bends back over so that Wes can continue wailing on his now twitching hole.  Campbell pulls his piece out and aims at Ben's bullseye, shooting and covering it completely with cum.  He plays with the warm wad as he slip slides his cum covered cock back and forth over Ben's beautiful butt.

Helix Studios Boulevard Bareback Wes Campbell Cameron Parks

Boulevard Bareback: Wes Campbell & Cameron Parks Helix Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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It's the end of the night and the club is closing, but after some heavy flirting that turns into a hot make out session outside, Cameron Parks and Wes Campbell decide to keep the party going in private.

Cameron can't wait to get on pretty boy Campbell's cock and by the look of the growing bulge in his drawers, Wes is just as anxious to get his knob gobbled!  Parks pulls at the beautiful blond boy's red-hot underwear and out flops his gorgeous engorged groin with a hefty bounce.  Campbell grabs Parks by the back of the head and stuffs his cocksucker full to the balls.  Wes lies down with his perky bubble butt looking absolutely scrumptious and goes in on Parks piece before he has the boy bend over to get at that smooth hole.  He eats ass like it's his last meal, spreading the peaches and cream caboose and shoving a few fingers inside the tight tunnel to warm up his boy for the main course of cock. 

Wet and ready, Parks slides right down on Campbell's cock bareback and immediately gets a hot, raw rhythm goin'.  His perfect peach looks spectacular spread apart as Wes's wang invades that ass.  Wes winds his hips, then blasts his bone upward, slapping Cam's can with his cum filled balls. T hen Cameron turns around and REALLY gives us a show, beating off as Wes wails the inside the boy's walls.  With Wes still lodged deep inside, Parks lays back and lets a hearty load of cream loose.  Even though he got off, Cameron rolls over to give Wes even more ass!  This kid is a fucking machine!  Campbell's blond surfer boy locks dangle in his beautiful face as he slams schlong deeper and deeper.  A gorgeous camera angle captures Campbell's exquisite ass, plump but firm, perfectly round and smooth.  His nuts start to tighten and he pulls out just enough to give Cam a yummy cream pie.  

Campbell can't take his eyes off his sticky, white work of art.  He plays with his seed, spreading it around Parks pretty pink pucker before sealing this fantastic fuck with a kiss.

BelAmi Online Ariel Vanean's Special Bastian Duffy Bareback

Ariel Vanean’s Special: Bastian Duffy BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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It was always going to be a hard choice for BelAmi to select their favorite flip-flop scene from Ariel Vanean to include in this special; they are all just so good.  In the end they chose one where he is paired up with one of their younger guys, Bastian Dufy.

Both are passionate and energetic lovers equally at home being on top or bottom.  In Part 1, Ariel is topping his younger buddy; while in Part 2 the roles will be reversed.  For those of you who would like to get to know Ariel more intimately, you can find him online at BelAmiChat quite often… You have to get in early though as he is VERY popular.