Guys in Sweatpants Trent King Barebacks Liam Cyber

Trent Barebacks Liam: Liam Cyber & Trent King Guys in Sweatpants

by Aaron Shepard
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Liam was past due for a return to Guys In Sweatpants, and this is his first time bottoming on the site.  He wanted the biggest dick they could find to pop that cherry.  Trent and his uncut 10-inches are the perfect match for Liam's nice, tight ass.

The passion and pure lust was oozing with these two; they had been anxious about fucking ever since the guys at GISP told them it was happening.  Trent tongue fucked Liam's hole to get it ready to slide his huge cock in, but you can see the "holy shit" look on Liam's face as it goes in inch by inch.  Once it's in, though, Trent went down, balls deep, watching every inch slide in and out, in and out.  At one point, Liam climbs on top of Trent and bounces on his cock as his own hard cock slaps off his abs.

It ends with both of their loads in and around their mouths and Trent's hole.  You’ve got to love some hot cum swapping!

Helix Studios Fuente de Amor Ashton Summers Gabriel Martin Bareback

Fuente de Amor: Ashton Summers & Gabriel Martin Helix Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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Latin lovers rejoice with this extra spicy scene starring two of THE most beautiful bronze boys on the planet!  Superstar Ashton Summers and the gorgeous Gabriel Martin make masturbation magic that will set your screen on FIRE.

They flirt in their native language of lust, even if you don't speak Spanish, the seductive sounds rolling off these golden god's talented tongues will take you on an exotic, erotic journey.  The Latin lovers melt their beautifully bronze, flawless flesh into one another as Ashton pulls up to Gabriel's gorgeous ass.  Summers slides his condom free cock smoothly into Martin's hot, hairless hole.  He wraps his muscular gymnast body around the boy, while Martin spreads his butt and accepts every big, bareback inch in complete cock synchronicity.  Gabe seductively slithers up onto Summers for a beautiful bare and deep balls to butt ride.  Summers switches it up, getting on his knees to knock his cock in even harder.  Martin doesn't mind, though, and if fact it's putting him right where he needs to be to unleash his spicy Latin load.  Summers follows suit, jumping up to jack his jizz all over Martin's beautiful cum hungry mug.  The newbie looks luscious and fully content covered in a cum-tastic coat of Ashton's tasty nut nectar.

Helix Studios Will It Fit? Cole Claire Shane Cook Bareback

Will It Fit?: Cole Claire & Shane Cook Helix Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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Cute twink Cole Claire is getting naughty in the shower with our new, hot hunk Shane Cook.  Cole is in heaven with cocky Cook as he shows off his massive muscles for the meat hungry whore while he man handles Claire's bubble butt.  The guys "attempt" to get ready for a night out, but are having a hard time trying on cloths between kisses and cock strokes.  Cole finally gives up, powerless against Cook's crazy huge cock and realizes he'd have a better time on his knees than at the club anyway.

Shane's schlong is massive and meaty thick in the middle.  Cock crazed Cole does his damnedest to deep throat the hunk's huge hog, but he can't quite get his lips down to the beefcake's balls but he sure is having a gagging-good time trying!  Cook reminds us of a younger, cuter version of pro wrestler John Cena, in looks AND actions.  He takes total control of Cole, rips off his clothes, spins the kid around and smashes his face far up inside the boy's beautiful booty.  

Wet, open and ready for a raw ramming, Cole gets cocked with every inch of Shane's beefy, bareback bone, way down deep to the balls.  This kid can take a cock well in any and every position but clearly enjoys riding the raw rig best.  Claire cums riding the horse, spouting seed all over Shane's smooth muscles.  His tight twink hole does wonders for Cook's cock as well and the guy can no longer keep his big behemoth from blowing!  Claire craves cum like a starving slut. He sprints up off the giant jock to slurp at every spectacular spurt.  Cook unloads the full contents of his cock onto the kid's face and the boy just keeps on slurping that schlong for more.  

The twink sums it up perfectly by saying, 'big load for a big dick."  The scene ends similar to how it began, with a wet and wild shower; the latter being just a bit stickier and more fun!

BelAmi Online The Bigger The Better Peter Annaud Raphael Nyon Bareback

The Bigger, The Better: Peter Annaud & Raphael Nyon BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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Sometimes reactions to Peter`s “peter” can range from shock and awe to eager anticipation or all the way through to fear of its massive girth.  Although this is Raphael`s first encounter with Peter, it is certainly not his first encounter with a massive dick.  Even so, you will notice that Peter makes sure that Raphael is totally turned on and engaged before revealing his big surprise.

There is something in this scene for everyone, romantic seduction, expert cock sucking and rimming and a generous helping of solid fucking.  The icing on the cake though has to be the two huge and creamy cum shots:  one all over AND in Raphael`s ass, the other all over Peter`s face.

BelAmi Online Satisfaction Guaranteed Dylan Maguire Jeroen Mondrian Bareback

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Dylan Maguire & Jeroen Mondrian BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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Some things are worth waiting for, and Dylan Maguire is definitely one of those things.  Jeroen has been left at home all day alone and was so horny by the time Dylan arrived that it was almost guaranteed that this scene was going to be a hot one.

One thing we can certainly say about Dylan is that he never does anything half-rate.  Whether it is work, play, getting into trouble, or making love, he is always 110% invested.  Jeroen is one of the BelAmi boys, who has definitely grown into his role as a porn star, and with each scene he becomes more at ease with enjoying himself sexually in front of the camera.