BelAmi Online Christian's Accidental Lovers Christian Lundgren Brian Jovovich Bareback

Christian’s Accidental Lovers: Christian Lundgren & Brian Jovovich - BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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BelAmi chose this scene with Brian to open their Christian Lundgren special for purely physical reasons, as both guys are handsome, blond and athletic.  The scene was originally filmed to be shown over 2 days, but it didn`t quite turn out as we hoped, so we turned it into the one day version that you see here today, and as a result we all get double the cum and double the fun!

AlphaMale Fuckers Micky Carpathio Dolf Dietrich Bareback

Mickey Carpathio & Dolf Dietrich AlphaMale Fuckers

by Aaron Shepard
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Mickey Carpathio and Dolf Dietrich meet up for a clandestine fling at a local hotel room.  

There, they make out while stripping out of their work clothes.  They take turns sucking each other, servicing big dick like fiends.  Then Mickey devours his tattooed hunk buddy, eating his ass out as if he were dining on prime, Grade A beef, and in a way, he is!

Rimming Dolf only makes the hunk want to get fucked.  He offers up his ass for Mickey to do with as he will.  The bearded, bald otter has a pretty big dick for a guy his size and what he lacks in height, Mickey more than makes up for in the way he bareback fucks the handsome giant moaning on the hotel bed!

AlphaMale Fuckers Teddy Taggart Cooper Roads Bareback

Teddy Taggart & Cooper Roads AlphaMale Fuckers

by Aaron Shepard
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Cooper Roads and Teddy Taggart are here to tell us that what they like most about sex is…EVERYTHING!  How can you pick just one thing?  

They’re reply did not surprise us, especially coming from Cooper.  Based on his online profile we had a pretty clear picture that the bearded, longhaired redhead is up for almost anything, at almost any time.  Teddy, we’re still unsure of but after watching him with Cooper, watching him go down on that big, uncut cock and taking Cooper’s raw dick up his ass, well, let’s just say we think there’s very little Teddy wouldn’t do!

Guys in Sweatpants Dante's Double Load Dante Colle Diego Bareback

Dante’s Double Load: Dante Colle & Diego Guys in Sweatpants

by Aaron Shepard
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Diego is a man of few words, but that’s a whole different story when talking about video games or dick.  Luckily the guys at GISP have someone with a beautiful dick who some of you may know – Dante Colle.

Dante, who decided to make his grand return to the industry via GuysInSweatpants, takes pride in being able to fuck multiple loads into his bottoms, and Diego wasn’t complaining about that.  Once they got back to the hotel from their hike, the boys literally tore the clothes off each other, and devoured each other’s bodies, cocks, and holes.  You can see the ecstasy on Diego’s face as Dante slides his lubed up cock into his hole, loving every inch of it down to the balls.

Dante’s first load shoots all over Diego’s body and cock, and he busts his second one deep inside Diego.  Diego loves feeling the load shot in him so much that he blows his load while Dante is balls deep and mid-orgasm.