Lucas Entertainment Dylan James Geordie Jackson Joaquin Santana Bareback

Dylan James and Geordie Jackson Double-Team Joaquin Santana Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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The polite and boyish Joaquin Santana has a leanly muscled twink body totally free of tattoos.  But his tastes in partners are totally the opposite.  He likes rugged macho-fuckers, who are covered in tattoos and love working out.  He also prefers it when these men are not shy about treating bottoms like sex objects and not people.

It’s a perfect scenario for Geordie Jackson and Dylan James, who meet all the checkmarks.  Can Joaquin handle two tattooed muscle-tops ready to show him a rough time?  You’ll have to watch and find out!

Lucas Entertainment Dante Lauro Michael Lucas Bareback

Dante Lauro Bottoms for Michael Lucas Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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Nothing turns Dante Lauro on more than being a good little boy and behaving for a hung top.  So when Dante sees that Michael Lucas’ 10-inch, uncut cock is ready to be serviced, he opens up his throat and starts pleasuring him.

At 12:25, Dante demonstrates just how well he knows how to buck up and take raw dick, because Michael goes balls deep inside the well-behaved bottom!

Kristen Bjorn Real Lovers Jake Cook Vlad Hunter Bareback

Real Lovers: Jake Cook & Vlad Hunter Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Jake Cook and Vlad Hunter are real life loves, so when Jake told us that he was getting such great feedback on social media, and Vlad felt a little left out, we invited Jake back for further filming.  That is when he started boasting about how handsome and sexy Vlad is and he thought he would be a real asset to any film.

Vlad and Jake came over and we told them to just do what comes naturally for them.  The room was automatically filled with electrical energy fueled by the passion these two exuded.  Their first kiss set off a spark of passion that will enthrall you.  The kissing turned to some bumping and grinding and then to some deep throat cock sucking, the kind that only your lover truly understands and can deliver.  Vlad expertly pleasures his lover’s cock with his scintillating mouth until Jake pulls back with a rush of over stimulation and then equally delivers a cock sucking that is award winning.  Jake also has a little trick that turns Vlad inside out with desire and that is by popping his balls in and out of his mouth.  Vlad and Jake then move into a hot 69 position where Jake is pleasured with the view and taste of Vlad’s beautiful, smooth, pink hole.  Jake gets a taste of that sweet ass before they are both devouring each other’s cocks again.  Vlad flips Jake onto his back, spreads his muscular legs and rams his raw cock deep within.  Both men are nice and smooth, leaving nothing to block the view of their deep penetrating lovemaking.  Flipping Vlad, Jake plunges the full length of his cock deep into his lover’s awaiting ass.  Jake has a smooth, rhythmic pace going and can begin to sense that Vlad is reaching his threshold.  The pace is increased and Vlad responds exactly as Jake desired as he feels his cock being held captive with a vice grip strength from Vlad’s ass muscles just as his creamy load of cum rushes across his washboard abs.  Jake immediately withdraws and spews his thick load all over Vlad’s torso.  Jake saves the last of his load as he deposits it inside of Vlad and crowns the experience with a kiss, just as it all began.

Kristen Bjorn Hunks Attila Kardos Torsen Wolf Bareback

Hunks: Attila Kardos & Torsen Wolf Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Torsen Wolf is on holiday, when he turns on his Hunks App to find the sexy Attila Kardos.  Attila invites Torsen over and they are immediately attracted to each other.  Of course, all the small talk has taken place on the App and now it is time for action.

The guys quickly strip down and size each other up.  Torsen drops to his knees and begins to suck and swallow the hot Hungarian cock of Attila.  Torsen and Attila go back and forth with their cock sucking, before Attila moves the action to the other room.  As Attila sits down, Torsen lowers his smooth ass down and onto Attila’s rock-hard cock.  Torsen grinds his ass down hard onto Attila’s cock and feels his smooth balls pressing against his hungry ass.  When Torsen isn’t grinding down on his cock, Attila takes over and pummels his ass with his throbbing cock.  Attila takes full control and flips Torsen onto his back and fucks his raw ass deep and with a force that is driven by those smooth, ripped muscles of his.  With all that deep pounding Torsen’s balls have drawn up so tight that they are locked and loaded and ready to unleash his hot load of cum.  Attila has taken Torsen to the cliff’s edge and he has no option but to let his cum erupt from his straining cock.  Just as Torsen begins blowing his load, Attila pulls out and lets his own hot load fly forward and coat Torsen’s smooth balls.  While Attila’s cock is still oozing cum he shoves it back inside of Torsen’s wet ass.  With his cock buried deep within Torsen, Attila leans in and gives Torsen a tender kiss.

Is your Hunks App this productive? Jumping Undies Dean Phoenix Spencer Whitman

Jumping Undies: Dean Phoenix & Spencer Whitman

by Aaron Shepard
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Spencer Whitman is chasing after his undies after a wild night out… Thankfully he finds that at the feet of the ever handsome, Dean Phoenix.  There’s only one-way to thank Dean after find his undies, and that’s with some good ole cock sucking and fucking!