Rompers & Raw Fucking Devin Franco Shawn Reeve Dakota Payne Bareback

Rompers & Raw Fucking: Devin Franco, Shawn Reeve, & Dakota Payne Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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Devin Franco finally receives a package in the mail he’s been excitedly waiting for…

He ordered rompers online for him and his fuck buddies – Dakota Payne and Shawn Reeve – to wear during their visit to New York City.  Dakota is into it, but it takes Shawn some coaxing to finally put the pop-culture garment on.  Regardless, they all wear the rompers and spend the afternoon out and about in city before returning home.  All right, Devin got what he wanted and everyone wore the rompers.  

Now it’s time for Shawn to get what he wants:  for them all to take the outfits off and have a hot bareback threesome.  And amidst the sucking, rimming and fucking, Shawn breaks out his collection of toys and uses them on the very eager holes of Devin Franco and Dakota Payne.  And now that he’s all loosened up, Devin and Shawn go as far as double-penetrating Dakota!

Lucas Entertainment Ken Summers Leads a Five-Man Double Penetration Orgy Dani Robles Logan Rogue Ralph Novak Sean Xavier Bareback

Ken Summers Leads a Five-Man Double Penetration Orgy: Dani Robles, Ken Summers, Logan Rogue, Ralph Novak, & Sean Xavier Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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Ken Summers loves group sex, the more men who come his way the better!  He might be a little guy, but he’s not shy.  He teams up with fellow bottom Dani Robles as they submit to serving Sean Xavier, Ralph Novak, and Logan Rogue.  

Ken loves being the center of attention, and when he’s taking Ralph and Logan’s cocks up his ass at the same time while sucking off Dani and Sean, it’s clear the production team gave him exactly what he wanted!

Kristen Bjorn Sex Men Singlets Wagner Vittoria Richard Rodriguez Bareback

Sex Men: Singlets: Wagner Vittoria & Richard Rodriguez Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Wagner Vittoria has a surprise for Richard Rodriguez, singlets. At first he thought it would be fun, but when they put their singlets on, they find out how erotic they truly are.

As they begin to play they find that their ever-growing cocks cannot be contained.  Wagner pulls Richard’s throbbing cock out and consumes him whole.  Richard loves the way the singlet frames Wagner’s ass and this only adds fuel to his fire as he begins pumping his hard cock in and out of Wagner’s hungry mouth.  Wagner’s cock is barley contained in his stretched to the limits singlet, when Richard frees his cock and showers him with his expert cock sucking skills that only intensifies the magnificence of Wagner’s perfect cock.  

Wagner strips Richard down further and plunges his wet tongue into that hot, smooth, pink hole.  With Richard’s ass nice and wet, Wagner rams his fat, raw cock deep into the hot pleasure canal.  After some hot ass pounding from behind, Wagner switches up positions and has Richard squat down backwards onto his hungry cock.  Richard loves the feeling of his ass being filled as he grinds down harder onto Wagner’s pulsating cock.  Richard spins around and continues grinding his ass hard onto Wagner, letting us enjoy the view of the hot muscle globes being pierced deep and hard.  Wagner then flips Richard onto his back and spreads his legs wide open.  This leaves Richard’s pink hole fully exposed and open for a hot fucking.  Wagner pounds his ass hard and Richard edges Wagner on as both men draw closer and closer to ecstasy.  As their rhythm matches up Richard grabs his cock and rips off a hot, creamy load of cum.  Wagner loves the sensation wrapped around his cock and the visual of Richard exploding his hot load that he unleashes his own thick load of cum onto Richard’s wet ass.  As the last drops of cum are oozing out of his cock head, he rams his cock back into Richard’s ass.

New adventures keep sex wild and wonderful; now go play!

Kristen Bjorn Sex Men Downtown Sergio Moreno Mario Domenech Bareback

Sex Men: Downtown: Sergio Moreno & Mario Domenech Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Traversing the city has its challenges, but Mario Domenech knows the right streets to cut through and some days you just might run into a hot man like Sergio Moreno.

Mario notices Sergio getting off of his motorcycle, because every man on a motorcycle is hot, and exchanges that special look with Sergio.  Mario joins Sergio at his flat and both men begin working over the other’s nipples and pits.  With a quick dose of spit Mario easily glides his lips down the full length of Sergio’s rock-hard cock.  Mario loves the feel of that fat cock filling his mouth and chokes it all down.  Sergio leans Mario back and applies his ample lips to his meaty cock, sucking him to his full length and girth.  Mario flips Sergio and licks, laps and fucks his hairy hole with his probing tongue.

Once Sergio’s hole is fully lubed up with spit, Mario shoves his raw cock deep into that furry ass.  Mario finds that Sergio’s ass is getting him turned on too fast and has to pull out.  Sergio flips Mario and has him squat down on his huge cock.  Mario loves the sensation of this motorcycle studs raw cock deep inside of him and drives his ass harder onto his steely rod as his own cock flops around with pleasure.  Sergio continues flipping Mario in multiple positions before he ends up on his back and his ass filled to capacity.  This position strokes Mario in all the right places and forces his hot load of cum to erupt and shower his ripped abs.  Mario’s ass grips Sergio’s cock and massages him into an explosion of thick gooey cum that coats Mario’s furry hole.  Sergio massages, then penetrates Mario’s wet ass with his cum slicked cock.

A motorcycle stud always knows how to mount a hot man and ass!