Lucas Entertainment The XXX Files Devin Franco Damon Heart Bogdan Gromov Bareback

The XXX Files | Devin Franco, Damon Heart, Bogdan Gromov Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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It’s a parody, it’s a reboot – it’s a reboot-parody!  It’s Must Seed TV

Special Agent Cox Smulder (Devin Franco) wants to prove an alien abducted him, but with a skeptic of a partner like Agent Sully (Damon Heart) it’s easy to get pulled back to earth.  With one unsolved mystery after another, Sully and Smulder find themselves closer to the truth, until they come face to face – and face to cock… and ass to mouth – with a close encounter of the probing kind.

Lucas Entertainment Shawn Reeve Dakota Payne Bareback

Shawn Reeve and Dakota Payne | Internship Gone Raw Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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It’s time for the wunderkind Shawn Reeve to make his final decision – does Dakota Payne have what it takes to be a successful intern?

The determining factor, however, is whether or not Dakota Payne is willing to put in some overtime.  Sure, the internship might be unpaid, but when a boss as hot as Shawn Reeve fucks you up the ass, who’s going to complain about staying late some nights?  Dakota sure isn’t!

Kristen Bjorn The Hood William Bravo Devian Bareback

The Hood: William Bravo & Devian Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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William Bravo receives an anonymous text instructing him where to find his lover Devian.  William follows the instructions, but when he arrives there is only a naked man in a leather hood.

Not to miss an opportunity, William reaches out and begins to stroke the somewhat familiar man’s cock.  William recognizes who this man in the hood is and decides to play along.  He takes out his monster, black cock and feeds it to the man in the hood.  As the man in the hood sucks and swallows William’s gigantic cock, William begins to strip the anonymous man of his hood.  Just as William suspected, it is his lover Devian.

As both men look into the other’s eyes, not a word is spoken and the fantasy plays out.  William bends Devian over the chair and begins to worship his hairy ass with his exploring tongue.  Devian is primed and ready as William lunges his fat cock shaft fully into Devian’s hungry hole.  The essence of mystery and anonymity has sparked a deep lust for one another.  William gives Devian a pounding neither has felt in some time.  Devian squats down onto William and gets that deep fucking you get when you are at the height of horniness.  Both men’s cocks are hard as steel and balls are drawn up tight as Devian is flipped onto his back and William drives both their desires through the atmosphere.  William’s cock is insanely massaging Devian’s trigger point and forces his hot load of cum to gush out.  As Devian’s cum flies he is able to capture some of it in his mouth.  Devian rushes to spread his pink hole open for William as his creamy load unleashes itself onto that scorching hole.  William shoves his cock and cum back into Devian.

With both men thoroughly pleasured, William returns to the fantasy and forces Devian back into submission. Skin Diving Bellamy Bradley Jack Kross William Seed

Skin Diving: Bellamy Bradley, Jack Kross, & William Seed

by Aaron Shepard
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Bellamy turns an innocent snorkeling session into a full-on fuck fest, when William and Jack catch him spying on them.  These two gorgeous men decide they are going to take his more-than-willing hole for their own. 

Bellamy certainly isn’t complaining about either of their thick, uncut cocks!