AlphaMale Fuckers Teddy Torres Rogue Status Bareback

Teddy Torres and Rogue Status AlphaMale Fuckers

by Aaron Shepard
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Friends in real life, Teddy Torres and Rogue Status get together on their lunch breaks to satisfy their hunger for big cock.  Handsome, hairy hunk Teddy starts by going down on bald, bearded Rogue, drenching his cock in spit.  It’s Rogue’s turn to suck some cock; he takes Teddy’s thick, uncut slab of meat down to the balls.  There are no complaints from either of these two, but what Teddy likes most, especially at lunch, is getting stuffed full of raw cock!

Rogue gives him exactly what he wants; he goes balls deep and pounds away at Teddy’s tight hole.  Both men grunting and snorting like pigs as they fuck.  There are times, though, when Rogue needs a big dick up his ass as well.  

Next thing you know he’s straddling Teddy, and impaling himself on that juicy cock.  Rogue rides Teddy like a pogo stick; fucking himself until he’s ready to shoot his load… straight into Teddy’s mouth!  The batter flies and Teddy is good to catch as much as he can before returning the favor and giving Rogue a mouthful of cream they both share.

Dominic Ford Vegas Domination Jaxton Wheeler Alexander Gustavo

Vegas Domination: Jaxton Dominates Alexander: Jaxton Wheeler & Alexander Gustavo Dominic Ford

by Aaron Shepard
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Throughout Dominic Ford’s Vegas Domination series, they filmed a hot top dominating his sexy bottoms!  

Jaxton was the perfect Dom for this series:  he's masculine, hairy, forceful, and he fucks like an animal.  And for the finale, they’ve paired him with Alexander, an insatiable, sexy bottom who takes Jaxton's dick like no other.

Dominic Ford Bareback Scott DeMarco and Cody Kross

Bareback: Scott DeMarco and Cody Kross Dominic Ford

by Aaron Shepard
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Love, passion, and tenderness.

This is an amazing scene featuring Scott DeMarko and Cody Kross.  The two of them spend a lot of time kissing and fooling around, before Scott uses his huge cock to make love to Cody.  Cody likes it so much, he even cums in the middle of the scene!  Not to worry, though.  Scott simply cums on Cody's tight ass, and fucks him some more.  The show will go on!

TimTales Emanuel Rucci Fucks Ian Torres

Emanuel Rucci Fucks Ian TimTales

by Aaron Shepard
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The guys at TimTales have got a treat for you on this big dick Saturday!

Introducing Emanuel Rucci, a sexy latino from Colombia… And he's packing some serious meat!  With a huge cock and some bull-size balls, he's going to do some serious damage.

Ian Torres, bottom expert in large cocks, is the lucky one testing their newcomer.  This is a hot scene, featuring everything from deep throating to deep fucking!

You’ll want to watch out for those big balls slapping Ian's ass, though.  What a view!

Fraternity X Afternoon Football Bang College Bareback

Afternoon Football Bang Fraternity X

by Aaron Shepard
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It’s a perfect afternoon at the Fraternity X house… the brothers all hanging out, having a few beers, watching the game, getting their dick sucked.  Does it get any better?

Well maybe if they were slamming his ass against the wall, and fucking his brains out?  Oh yeah; that was fun too.  College life rules!