Lucas Entertainment Manuel Skye Nick Capra Double-Team Jackson Radiz Bareback

Manuel Skye and Nick Capra Double-Team Jackson Radiz Bareback Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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Nick Capra, Manuel Skye, and Jackson Radiz are pitted against each other in a pull-up competition, of which Jackson loses and Nick ties with Manuel.  That means when they all hit the showers, Nick and Manuel get to share in the fun of using Jackson.

Jackson Radiz is a horny bottom who isn’t intimidated by the erect raw cocks of Nick and Manuel, nor the rock-hard bodies they’re members are attached to.  Manuel and Nick don’t take it easy on Jackson, but at one point during their encounter Nick is fucking Jackson while Manuel raw-dogs Nick!

Kristen Bjorn KB Underpants Manuel Scalco Jake Cook Rico Fatale Bareback

KB Underpants: Manuel Scalco, Jake Cook, & Rico Fatale Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Everyone is so excited at Kristen Bjorn for the launch of the new line of underwear, but watch what happens, when the photo shoot with Manuel Scalco, Jake Cook, and Rico Fatale goes awry…

Photo shoots can get very stressful, but as the models strip down and are completely nude everyone takes notice, especially the other models.  After the photo shoot the models tug, touch, and stretch the fabrics until Jake goes down on Manuel and pleasures his cock with his hot mouth.  While Jake is busy sucking on Manuel’s cock, Rico climbs on the furniture to get into a better position for Manuel to suck on his cock.  The underwear has been lost and now it is all out raw sex with the models.  Rico appears to be the “pig” in the group and gets on his knees and sucks in both cocks at the same time.  Manuel feeds Rico his cock a bit longer to make sure he has an extra layer of saliva dripping from his cock as he forces his bare cock deep into Jake’s hungry hole.  Much to Rico’s delight Manuel periodically pulls out so that Rico can apply more spit with his talented mouth.  Rico repositions himself and now Jake is being fed raw cock from both ends and takes it like a true super model.  Jake and Manuel move Rico into the perfect position as they begin tag teaming his famished ass.  Manuel moves in and gives the final push that thrusts Rico’s hot load of cum to explode.  Just as Rico releases his load, Manuel kicks it into high gear and rapid-fire fucks Rico until both Jake and Manuel are showering him with their thick loads of cum in tandem.

Good thing the cameras were left running.

Kristen Bjorn Room Service Titan Tex John Rodriguez Bareback

Room Service: Titan Tex & John Rodriguez Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Titan Tex just checked into an exclusive hotel and finds himself in need of more towels; thankfully, the room attendant, John Rodriguez, arrives just in time.  

John arrives and finds out that their towels are not able to contain Titan’s mighty tool.  As with all boutique hotels, customer service is paramount, so John immediately sees that their guest is in need of some special attention and John just so happens to be the expert that is needed in this particular room.  Titan drops his towel and shows John his massive, meaty cock and John springs into action.  Sizing up this monster is no simple task; John begins by running his tongue up and down the huge mahogany cock then delves in and consumes it with his ravenous mouth.  John does everything within his power and the expanding limits of his mouth and throat to pleasure his guest.

With Titan’s colossal cock all glistening wet, John lowers his ass over Titan’s darting tongue.  Titan bathes John’s ass with pleasure and abundant saliva. John moves to all fours and demands that Titan fuck him hard.  Titan likes the commands of the room attendant and rams his cock full span, until his balls are resting against John’s ass.  John loves the feel of that full girth and length of Titan’s cock and demands more.  Titan climbs on top of John and drives his cock deeper than imaginable.  John flips onto his back and Titan reaches and stimulates John in all the exact spots that drive him crazy.  This is also the exact position that drives Titan wild as well, as his balls draw up tight and his cock expands to its fullest girth and length inside of John.  This is too much for John to hold back and lets his hot load of cum spray all over his abs.  All those tight muscles in that sweet hole of John’s has milked Titan for all he is worth as Titan unleashes his creamy load all over John’s ass, thighs, cock and abs.

This is one room service call that does not require a tip, just a repeat.