Fraternity X Caged Bitch Bareback College

Caged Bitch Fraternity X

by Aaron Shepard
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The brothers at Fraternity X were running low on beer, and some douchebag poured some into the cage for the house bitch! Nothing is worse than wasting a good cold one…

So, they threw his ass over the cage, and pounded his hole while we watched the UFC fight. Woo hoo… These guys just love fucking bitches!

Lucas Entertainment Alejandro Castillo Cody Winter Bareback

Alejandro Castillo Pounds Cody Winter Rough and Raw Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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Cody Winter is attracted to all different kinds of men, but he has an affinity for hung Latin guys. Say no more, Cody; the guys at Lucas Entertainment have the perfect match for you.

Alejandro Castillo is always on the lookout for a bottom guy he can use as his own personal sex toy, and Cody is more than happy to fulfill that need.

Lucas Entertainment Stephen Harte Black Pearl Bareback

Stephen Harte Rides Black Pearl’s Big Black Dick Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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Stephen Harte is working overtime, when an unexpected delivery is made to his office. Much to his surprise, Stephen discovered a vast collection of black dildos in the package. But why play with something fake when you can have the real thing?

Black Pearl, the black hunk, who made the delivery, quickly figures out that Stephen Harte might be a strongman in the white-collar world, but behind the bedroom door he turns into a submissive slut, who loves handing his ass over to a alpha top. Black Pearl has a huge black dick between his legs, and Stephen services it with his mouth and ass.

Kristen Bjorn Juice Dani Robles Ivan Gregory Bareback

Juice: Dani Robles & Ivan Gregory Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Ivan Gregory invites Dani Robles to his flat after their training session at the gym. Dani is obviously enamored with his trainer and cannot contain the excitement rising up in his shorts. Ivan is delighted that Dani is so excited and decides to wrap his hot lips around his cock and give him a blowjob like he’s never had before. Dani has fantasized about this day ever since they began training together, and now he has the opportunity to taste that muscle man’s fat cock. Dani does everything that he can to get his mouth around that huge, meaty cock.

Ivan flips Dani onto his shoulders and plunges his wet tongue deep into that furry, tight hole. Dani moans with pleasure as Ivan continues darting his tongue in and out and swirling around the tight pucker ring. With ease, Ivan slowly glides his hefty cock into Dani’s hairy, raw ass. The guys switch up positions and Dani now has the opportunity to grind his ass down hard onto Ivan’s throbbing cock as he squats down and feels the huge cock fill his ass. Throughout this entire time Dani’s cock has remained rock solid as every thrust of Ivan’s cock pushes him closer and closer to the edge. Ivan and Dani begin working in tandem with each other, taking the fucking to a higher level, which brings both men to the brink of explosion. Dani explodes with a huge load of creamy cum that coats his hairy thigh. Ivan immediately follows suit and infuses both of their hot loads together on Dani’s thigh. Ivan then shoves his dripping cock back into Dani’s drenched ass, a treat to take home.

Kristen Bjorn Buddies Ely Chaim Amir Dib Bareback

Buddies: Ely Chaim & Amir Dib Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Ely Chaim knows the benefits of having a reliable and talented fuck buddy; that is why he takes good care of his, Amir Dib. No formalities are necessary here, just pure hot-blooded man on man sex.

Ely and Amir know just how to pleasure the other and are hard upon first sight of the other. Ely drops to his knees and takes Amir’s chestnut colored cock deep into his mouth and down his throat as Amir raises his own level of pleasure by stimulating his nipples. Ely loves servicing Amir’s cock, from the head to nibbling on the foreskin, to the long shaft and furry balls, no part of that cock is left unattended. Amir jumps on the opportunity to pleasure his buddy’s cock and does so with zest. Ely also loves to have his nipples played with while Amir feasts on his raging hard cock.

Amir has edged Ely and backs off just in time for Ely to flip around and shove his hot ass into Amir’s face. Amir fucks his ass with his talented tongue before slamming his raw cock deep inside of Ely. With Ely bent over the table, Amir rams his cock in and out and takes Ely to the edge of his limits again. Amir flips Ely onto his back and continues his onslaught of hardcore fucking. Ely joins Amir’s rhythmic fucking with his cock in hand and signals Amir that he is ready to blow his load. Amir automatically knows that it is time to intensify his pace and just as he does Ely erupts his huge load of creamy cum. As the last of Ely’s cum flies Amir rips off his hot load as he shoves his cum slicked cock back into Ely’s drenched ass.

Your Buddy always knows how to turn you on, edge you and push your limits, so take good care of your Buddy!