Lucas Entertainment Sergeant Miles Dominates Jon Bae Bareback

Sergeant Miles Dominates Jon Bae Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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Sometimes a guy needs a firm hand to learn how to properly service a true man, and Sergeant Miles takes the time to teach this lesson to Jon Bae.

At the onset he’s being led around by a belt tied around his neck and wears only briefs.  This is Jon’s uniform while Sergeant teaches him what he demands to have his alpha-male needs met.  Sergeant takes his time eating Jon’s pretty little boy-hole, which leads up to him tying Jon’s hands behind his back.  Why?  Because Sergeant Miles likes teaching submissive bottoms how to give hands-free blowjobs.

What follows is a mercilessly deep ass fucking Jon Bae can barely handle.  But if you’re going to get involved with an alpha-male like Sergeant Miles, it’s something you must be prepared for.

Kristen Bjorn Sex Men Gym Rats Rogan Richards Gabriel Lunna Bareback

Sex Men: Gym Rats Rogan Richards & Gabriel Lunna Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Rogan Richards and Gabriel Lunna train together at the gym and find that they have arrived before the gym has opened.  Rogan invites Gabriel back to his place and shows him how to flex and pose.  Gabriel finds this hairy, muscle beast to be more than he can resist and Rogan is enticed by the smooth, rippling muscles of Gabriel.

Rogan releases Gabriel's straining cock from his posing strap and engulfs his rock hard cock with his bearded lips.  Gabriel is enthralled to watch this uber masculine, muscle man servicing his cock with precise expertise.  Gabriel knows that he needs to back off before his balls are drawn up too tight and he doesn't want this moment to end to soon.  Running his hot tongue and moist lips up and down the lycra that holds Rogan's massive cock brings every fiber of Gabriel's being to life.  Rogan guides Gabriel up and down his fat shaft as Gabriel devours and worships the beast’s monster cock.  Rogan flips Gabriel over and runs his tongue and beard up and down his ass cheeks then delves deep into his pink hole with his hard, strong tongue.  Rogan then stands up and rams his meaty cock deep inside of Gabriel's raw ass.  Rogan pounds Gabriel hard and his cock ring ensures that his balls are slapping up against his ass with equal force.  The guys flip positions as Gabriel squats down onto Rogan's fat cock and takes Rogan to the edge of ecstasy.  Rogan knows that they are both very close to the edge and changes up positions again, this time with Gabriel on his back and his legs spread wide open.  Gabriel's cock has been rock solid the entire time and only seems to reach a higher level of hardness as he feels Rogan's cock fill him even more deeply.  Rogan fucks Gabriel with his forceful thrusts and Gabriel is pushed over the edge and blows a huge, thick load of cum all over his heaving chest and ripped abs.  Rogan cannot resist the pulsating ass muscles working his cock and creams Gabriel's smooth ass with his huge, milky load of cum.  Rogan can see that Gabriel's ass is still throbbing with desire and massages his ass with his cum slicked fingers.

The alternative workout for gym rats.

Kristen Bjorn Full of Spunk Scene 1 Gabriel Lunna Ridder Rivera Bareback

Full of Spunk: Gabriel Lunna & Ridder Rivera Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Ridder Rivera works out hard at the gym to get the massive muscular body that he has, so when he spotted Gabriel Lunna at the gym working his ass off he wanted to know more about this new guy at the gym.

Gabriel was blown away when Ridder invited him over after the gym.  Ridder’s towel is ripped away and we are all blown away with his massive mahogany cock.  Gabriel wastes no time and immediately makes a feast out of Ridder’s monster cock.  Cock sucking is Gabriel’s forte and he makes sure that every centimeter of his fat shaft is pleasured.  Ridder truly appreciates Gabriel’s incredible skills and wants a taste of Gabriel’s hot cock before it explodes from straining from all the excitement.  Gabriel’s cock has become rock solid and his balls have drawn up tight as Ridder deep throats his explosive cock.  Ridder senses that he has sucked on Gabriel’s cock too long and has crossed the line of no return.  Ridder leans back as Gabriel erupts a thick load of cum directly into his hungry mouth.  Ridder sucks Gabriel’s cock clean and savors the delicacy oozing from within.

Gabriel moves into position and Ridder’s tongue begins probing and pleasuring Gabriel’s hot, pink ass.  With his ass drenched in saliva Gabriel lowers his bare ass onto Ridder’s steely rod.  Gabriel goes balls deep and rides Ridder as hard as he can.  Ridder flips Gabriel and takes him from behind, plunging his cock in and out of Gabriel’s ravenous ass.  Ridder tests Gabriel’s limits by alternating from rapid fire fucking to pulling out and plunging his cock back in as deep as possible.  This style of fucking keeps Gabriel’s cock rock hard and plunges Ridder over the precipice of pleasure as he showers Gabriel’s ass with his hot load of spunk.  Ridder rams his cum slicked cock back inside of Gabriel, so that his new gym buddy has something to think about later. Prohibition Part 1 Jacob Peterson Roman Todd

Prohibition (Part 1): Jacob Peterson & Roman Todd

by Aaron Shepard
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With the population of 1928 New York City skyrocketing, the city outlaws sex between men and women.

Underground clubs have cropped up where not everything is as it seems, but everything is as you want.   The men turn to the men for what they need, and that’s exactly what club owner Roman Todd is going to get from smooth and delectable Jacob Peterson. Hat Trick Part 1 Andy Star Paddy O'Brian

Hat Trick (Part 1): Andy Star & Paddy O’Brian

by Aaron Shepard
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Paddy O’Brian loves sex as evidenced by his numerous lovers – the first being Andy Star.

Andy swallows Paddy’s perfect cock, before opening his hole for a good rimming.  Paddy cares to his hole before working his cock deep inside.  

Andy loves a dick deep in his ass, and Paddy certainly delivers.