Falcon Studios Earthbound Heaven to Hell 2 Scene 6 Brent Corrigan Skyy Knox

Earthbound Heaven to Hell 2 (Scene 6): Brent Corrigan & Skyy Knox Falcon Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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Rogue (Skyy Knox) was a sex slave, but he turned his back on his master, The Devil, and became Earthbound.  After stumbling into a crowded bar, Rogue finds his personal angel:  Lucky (Brent Corrigan), an angelic gogo dancer.  It's love at first sight, and the power of their love frees Rogue from his enslavement by the Devil.

Rogue, overwhelmed with gratitude, kisses Lucky passionately.  Removing their clothing, Lucky wraps his lips around Rogue's huge cock.  Switching places, Rogue slathers spit along the shaft of Lucky's cock, then uses his fingers to probe inside Lucky's tight hole, then gives Lucky a taste.  Lucky throws his legs in the air, and Rogue presses his face between Lucky's ass cheeks.  Flipping places, Lucky reciprocates.  Sliding his tongue along Rogue's crack, then rubbing his cock right down the center.  

Slowly at first, then picking up speed, Lucky starts fucking Rogue doggy style. Their hard muscles flex and bend as they grind their bodies together.  As Lucky lies back on the bed, Rogue uses his powerful legs to raise and lower himself on Lucky's hard cock.  Standing up by the side of the bed, Rogue drives his hard member into Lucky.  The incredible sensations of Rogue’s cock inside him get Lucky ready to blow.  He strokes his cock and cums into Rogue's mouth, who then snowballs it back to Lucky with slow, tender kisses.  Kneeling over Lucky's face, Rogue shoots his load right into Lucky's open mouth.

Falcon Studios Earthbound Heaven to Hell 2 Scene 5 Johnny V Andre Donovan

Earthbound Heaven to Hell 2 (Scene 5): Johnny V & Andre Donovan Falcon Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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The Devil's Dark Angels have been sent to a sinful nightclub to capture and return Rogue, who abandoned their master.  In his quest for information, one of the Devil's Dark Angels, Andre Donovan, encounters a bar patron, Barfly (Johnny V).  After learning what he needs to know, Andre decides to have some fun with Barfly.

A single kiss snowballs into writhing and groping, which then turns into Barfly sucking Andre's massive cock.  Moistening his fingers with spit, Andre probes Barfly's hungry hole, eager to sample its pleasures.  Spreading Barfly's ass wide, Andre dives in tongue first and delivers a frantic rim job.  Removing all his clothing, Andre slaps his huge cock across Barfly's ass, and then presses it inside.  As sweat glistens on their bodies, Andre picks up speed, pounding the hell out of Barfly.  After doing it doggy style, Andre positions Barfly in a seated position, using gravity to bounce him up and down.  Barfly's huge balls flop up and down as he rides Andre's thick fuck stick.  

When he climaxes, Barfly shoots a hot, white load across Andre's muscular thighs.  Kneeling before Andre, Barfly eagerly licks the Dark Angel's cock and balls.  His reward is a blast of cum to the face, and he gratefully uses his tongue to clean Andre's throbbing cock.

Falcon Studios Earthbound Heaven to Hell 2 Scene 4 JJ Knight Blake Riley

Earthbound Heaven to Hell 2 (Scene 4): JJ Knight & Blake Riley Falcon Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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Sent on a fact-finding mission by his employer, Lord, Henchman (JJ Knight) encounters a mysterious motorcyclist.  Biker approaches Henchman, and doesn't flinch when Henchman cops a feel, but the moment Henchman tries to remove the Biker's helmet, he gets immediately rebuffed.  

Ducking inside a dark and dirty warehouse, Henchman removes Biker's motorcycle jacket - no shirt underneath.  Clawing at Biker's pants, Henchman opens the fly and services Biker's hard cock.  Still, he refuses to remove his helmet.  Henchman tongues the sensitive tip of Biker's cock and tugs on his big balls.  Rising to his feet, Henchman won't take no for an answer:  he has to know whom he's dealing with.  Finally, acquiescing, Biker reveals his identity: Blake Riley.

They kiss passionately, completely caught up in mutual lust.  Getting on his knees, Biker fishes Henchman's monster cock out of his pants, and gives Henchman an intense oral workout.  Biker squats down and sits on Henchman's face, using a set of utility stairs to get at just the right height.  Pushing his tongue up into Biker's hole, Henchman eagerly savors the warm, soft flesh.  Sitting down on top of Henchman, Biker somehow manages to cram Henchman's humongous schlong into his hole.  The enormous length and girth of Henchman's cock stretches the skin of Biker's hole, and he braces himself against the stairs to better withstand Henchman's intense pounding.  Jerking his hard dick, Biker pumps out a copious load across Henchman's washboard abs.  As Henchman strokes himself, Biker laps up his own load from Henchman’s torso.  As Biker teases Henchman with his tongue, Henchman ejaculates a massive, spurting load that shoots across the room and hits Biker in the side of the head.  After licking Henchman's cock clean, Biker shares the taste with Henchman in a final, fiery kiss.

Dominic Ford Raw Husbands Hugh Hunter Fucks Dolf Dietrich Bareback

Raw Husbands: Hugh Hunter Fucks Dolf Dietrich Dominic Ford

by Aaron Shepard
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Real-life husbands Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich visited Dominic Ford while he was on Fire Island, and couldn't wait to work out in his gym… But they almost immediately started fucking instead!  While they have appeared together before, Hugh has never fucked Dolf in a scene before that is until now.

Don’t miss any of the action as these two husbands go at it raw!