Channel 1 Releasing American Made Scene 1 Derek McLaughlin Kyler Ash

American Made (Scene 1): Derek McLaughlin & Kyler Ash Channel 1 Releasing

by Aaron Shepard
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It doesn’t take long for things to heat up in the sauna between Derek McLaughlin and Kyler Ash, but even a dip in the pool can’t cool these boys down.  These smooth tatted hunks, flip-flop poolside, with Kyler drilling his huge cock deep into Derek’s ass till they’re both drenched in sweat AND cum!

Sean Cody Regan Curtis Bareback

Regan & Curtis: Bareback Sean Cody

by Aaron Shepard
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It’s been a while since we’ve seen Curtis, and he’s due for a good pounding!

Regan was up for the challenge, and went straight to Curtis’ hotel room to have some fun.  He found Curtis laying on the bed with his ass in the air ready for some action.  Unfortunately, it was cut short because they were a bit too loud… let’s just say Curtis was glad to be back!

Guys in Sweatpants Dante Colle Double Loads Trent King Bareback

Dante Double Loads Trent: Trent King & Dante Colle Guys in Sweatpants

by Aaron Shepard
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Ever in the mood for someone to just pull up on their motorcycle, make you stop whatever you're doing, and bareback you over his bike?  Well, that's exactly what Dante did to Trent, and it was fucking great.

Trent was mid-story about one of his gym hookups, when Dante rode up; Trent didn't seem to mind the interruption, considering what was about to go down.  Trent's 10" cock swings around as Dante grabs onto his hips from behind, and pounds his hole doggy style.  Dante unloaded his first load with Trent on his back, and they used his cum as lube as they kept fucking.  Once Trent busted his load, they used his cum as lube too, and Dante busted his second load all over and inside Trent's already cum covered hole!

Helix Studios Raunchy Romance Max Carter Travis Berkley Bareback

Raunchy Romance: Max Carter & Travis Berkley Helix Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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It's date day for fantasy couple Max Carter and newcomer Travis Berkley, who act playful while looking pretty during their romantic rendezvous by the bay where they enjoy ice cream and one another.  After a romantic kiss by the water we join the couple in their cozy cabin on a bayside cruise, where the romance gets a bit raunchy!

Carter seems to take the reins, stripping the ravishing red head while kissing every inch of his alabaster skin before making his way down to Berkley's boner and engulfing every thick inch of delicious dick the boy's got to offer.  Max eye fucks Travis intensely as he eats cock before face fucking the kid just as intense with his own hard cock!  Carter tosses Travis back on the bed with his butt in the air then tosses salad like a sous chef.  He smacks Berkley's beautifully smooth, lily-white butt as he eats ass like a fiend.  He uses his fingers and full open hands to spread the boy open and enter his tight, hungry hole.  

Max teases Travis's tush; slapping his bareback bone on the boy's caboose before slamming his schlong inside and smacking our newbie's cheeks till their cherry red.  He likes to let Berkley know who's the boss of this booty.  Carter cracks the kid on the ass and says, "I'll let you ride me."  Travis is more than happy to be bossed around on this bad boy's boner since he's experiencing ecstasy at every angle.  Carter then orders Travis onto his knees while continuing to spank his sex hungry cock whore, who reaches back to spread his pretty pink cheeks so Max can muscle his throbbing member in even deeper.  Berkley's boner is about to burst, he reaches for his rod and lets Carter know the floodgates are about to open.  He cums all over the cabin's crimson colored sheets which now match the hand print Max has left on his beautiful behind. Carter starts pumping harder, he pulls out only to cream the kid's well worked hole then push the fruit of his lusty labor back inside Berkley's butt for the perfect, deliciously drippy cream pie finale.  The sweaty couple ends in a passionate, cum covered embrace.