Dominic Ford Pheonix Fellington Creampies Armond Rizzo Bareback

Pheonix Fellington Creampies Armond Rizzo Dominic Ford

by Aaron Shepard
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Pheonix Fellington and Armond Rizzo is a match made in porn superstar heaven.

How have these two never worked together before?  The chemistry between thee two power players was amazing, and the sex is incredible.  Armond begs for Pheonix's huge cock!  After Pheonix cums inside Armond's tight ass, he then pulls out so we can see him still cumming as Armond pushes the cum out of his ass.  It's so hot.

TimTales Ridder Rivera Barebacks César Paulino

Ridder Barebacks César: Ridder Rivera César Paulino TimTales

by Aaron Shepard
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Hot steamy passionate lovemaking is on the menu today!

TimTales exclusive Cuban muscle god, Ridder Rivera, brings the young César Paulino to the ultimate climax.  At first, César simply couldn’t believe his eyes; this Havana-native is truly bigger than nature.  Based on César’s dripping hole, love was certainly in the air that night!

TimTales Adam Sahar Raw Fucks Dano Guerre Bareback

Adam Raw Fucks Dano: Adam Sahar & Dano Guerre TimTales

by Aaron Shepard
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Adam Sahar is at his finest in this exquisite bareback scene!

His thick, Uruguayan cock brings Dano Guerre’s hole to pure ecstasy.  It’s a rough, raw fuck with just enough tenderness.  Dano certainly can’t get enough of that meaty cock.  Watch him cum violently as he’s getting fucked.  And of course, he gets rewarded with a heavy load up his hungry hole!

Raw Fuck Club Oh Fuck! Is Right Esteban Orive Nate Stetson Bareback

Oh Fuck! Is Right: Esteban Orive & Nate Stetson Raw Fuck Club

by Aaron Shepard
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Super sexy stud Nate Stetson wanted to bottom in a scene for RFC, so naturally, they called Esteban Orive to break him in with his huge cock.

There's nothing sexier than hearing Nate cry out in pleasure and pain as Esteban shoves inch after inch of his uncut meat inside his tight hole.  And for taking it like a man, Esteban showers Nate's face with a huge load.