Sean Cody Wyoming Getaway Part 4 Asher Deacon Dillan Jack Lane Malcolm Bareback

Wyoming Getaway (Part 4): Asher, Deacon, Dillan, Jack, Lane, & Malcolm Sean Cody

by Aaron Shepard
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It’s certainly a sight to see when you get six horny guys together in a secluded winter oasis, with a whole lot of dick, ass, and testosterone coming from all ends!  Asher, Deacon, Dillan, Jack, Lane and Malcolm couldn’t get enough of each other, so this is just part one of this intense orgy!

Let the fun times begin...

Guys in Sweatpants Judas King Roughs Up Vincent Bareback

Judas Roughs Up Vincent Guys in Sweapants

by Aaron Shepard
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This video is particularly hot because GISP has a bottom, who loves getting roughed up while fucked, and a top, who loves manhandling and rough fucking his bottoms.

Judas starts out somewhat gentle with Vincent's hole, practically making love to it – kissing it, blowing on it, licking it, face planted deep in it.  Then the real fun starts!  Judas fucks him face down ass up, doggy style, on his back... and holds him down by the throat in every position.  He even slaps him around a bit to make sure he knows who's in charge.  Vincent remains submissive, and loves every second of it in the process.  Judas busts his load all over Vincent's perfect bubble butt; Vincent then busts his load all over his own abs and Judas feeds every drop to him!

Helix Studios Priorities Kyle Ross Shane Cook Bareback

Priorities: Kyle Ross & Shane Cook Helix Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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Let’s spend some time with Helix hotties Cameron Parks, Kyle Ross, and Shane Cook as the guys hit the town.  Twink superstar Kyle is hitting it off with man candy Cook, so being the good wingman he is, Cameron catches on and gets to Grinding on his phone, then slips out to let his boys play.

Shane is a big beefcake, mountain of a man from Missouri that our pretty blond boy can't wait to climb.  Once on his knees, Kyle finds out fast that Cook's cock is just as impressive as the rest of him.  Ross works the beer can thick dick like a kid on Christmas morning, unwrapping the uncut monster with wide-eyed wonder and quickly getting to work.  Shane slaps his ballooned up bone onto Kyle's wet, waiting tongue.  The pretty boy opens wide, but still can't fit the entire fat phallus inside.  Kyle is no quitter, though!  This is a gold star suck job if we've ever seen one.  Shane strips his boy, bends him over, slaps his ass and gets to eating.  

Ross's ripe plum is begging to be plucked and Cook enjoys every bite of butt before sliding his super sized schlong between the twink's tight cheeks.  Kyle tells our Adonis to go slow for a sec, but soon his dick pig spirit kicks in and he's getting slammed like a screen door in a windstorm!  Both boys are gifted at each end and the cock cam catches every inch from underneath as Shane's muscle ass works with his wide willie to pummel Kyle's smooth sphincter.  The perfect pair switches it up and Kyle gets to ride the hot hunk along with a sexy, sidesplitting position before tossing his legs in the air and really opening up.  He jacks his rock hard jock as beer can boy bangs his beautiful butt causing Kyle to blast cum onto his smooth six-pack.  Cook jumps up and jams his giant Johnson in Kyle's cock hungry open mouth.  Shane braces his big muscle body with a hand on the kid's neck as he squirts an unbelievable amount of nut onto pretty boy's perfect face!  Ross still looks gorgeous as hell coughing on cum and gagging on his guy's girthy groin.  Kyle won't let Cook's cock loose, he just keeps on slurping.

This here is why Ross is a twink superstar and Cook, with that massive member of his is THE newest super-sized superstar.  The true definition of "bigger is better!"

BelAmi Online Erotic Massage Arne Coen Bastian Duffy Bareback

Erotic Massage: Arne Coen & Bastian Duffy BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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BelAmi was happy to unwarp this special two-day scene starring Arne Coen and Bastian Duffy for Boxing Day.

It is not so often that they have a massage opening to a scene, and Bastian seems to have a natural gift for working all the stress and tension out of Arne's muscles.  Part 1 starts with a gentle, romantic pace, which builds up to some deep and intense fucking by Bastian until Arne shoots his load all over his chest.  Part 2 is just as intense, though; Arne simply takes over the role as top!

BelAmi Online Jock Flip-Flop Marc Ruffalo Raoul Vargas Bareback

Jock Flip-Flop: Marc Ruffalo & Raoul Vargas BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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BelAmi starts this flip-flop special with a few probing questions from Marty, who is interested in finding out if sportsmen really do make for superior lovers.  While Marc is a little unsure, Raoul assures us of the truth in this assumption.  Whatever the truth in the matter, it is undeniable that both guys have great bodies, impressive dicks, and know how to make love.

Day 1 sees Raoul pounding Marc, while Day 2 the tables are turned, and Marc is topping Raoul.