Helix Studios Trail Blazers Joey Mills Max Carter Bareback

Trail Blazers: Joey Mills & Max Carter Helix Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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Max Carter and Joey Mills are horny hikers exploring the great outdoors.  Their shirts are off and their tight young bodies are glistening in the sun causing a magnetic attraction and the boys desperately NEED dick, and NOW!

The boys find solace in the shade of a tree and go all “Wild Kingdom” on each other’s cocks.  Joey's hole beckons for Max's attention, and gets it… HARD.  Carter gets his work area wet before plowing the kid bareback over a rock like a lion in safari.  Back inside, the boys finish what they started.

Bare and condom free the boys fuck like wild animals in heat.  Joey has dick by the pound, and Carter knows when not to pass up a good thing.  After he's punished Joey's pucker sufficiently, the duo flip and Max definitely gets filled to capacity.  The beautiful twink is an absolute powerhouse of a top, and makes Max his dick-bitch in hog heaven as he fucks him.  Joey likes a dick in his ass when he nuts, so the pair flip again finishing with a cream pie for dessert!

BelAmi Online Winter Warmer Adam Archuleta Rocco Alfieri Hoyt Kogan Joel Birkin Yuri Alpatow Scott Reeves Bareback

Winter Warmer: Adam Archuleta, Rocco Alfieri, Hoyt Kogan, Joel Birkin, Yuri Alpatow, and Scott Reeves BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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There is no hiding the fact that this scene was filmed in the heart of winter in central Europe as the scene opens with the boys having a bit of rough and tumble fun in the snow. 

** Just as much as the presence of Bielko gives away the fact that the scene is filmed by Marty Stevens **

When the boys all get back inside it does not take them long to gravitate to Joel`s dick in this cum-filled oral adventure.  As it is a two part scene, you know we are in for a treat as they all get together for a good old fashioned, although small, orgy.

BelAmi Online Christian's Accidental Lovers Andrei Karenin Christian Lundgren Bareback

Christian’s Accidental Lovers: Andrei Karenin & Christian Lundgren BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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Today we have another of Christian`s Accidental Lovers, Andrei Karenin.

A night out on the town may have put Andrei to sleep as soon as they got home, but it certainly made him as horny as hell the next morning!  This is a high-energy encounter between two expert lovers as their primitive urges take over, and we move from serene “wake-up sex,” to some of the most frenetic lovemaking we have seen for a while.  Whatever Andrei can give Christian takes, and then asks for more.

Maybe Christian has just discovered the best hangover prevention ever.

ChaosMen Jalen Robbie Rivers RAW

Jalen & Robbie Rivers: RAW ChaosMen

by Aaron Shepard
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Robbie is obviously a pro, so the guys at ChaosMen were happy to put him with Jalen, who had not done a full-sex scene on film.  Though, given Jalen's sensual enthusiasm during his Serviced video, they were not expecting any problems. 

Robbie is definitely the dude in control in this video, but my guess is that Jalen will be more aggressive once he finds he can also take charge.  It also helped that Jalen was really into Robbie.  Jalen is more of a top, but he proves in this video that he is an eager bottom as well.

Robbie certainly has some moves!  He rides Jalen's cock like a pro with is hard cock bouncing up and down as he grinds Jalen's cock into him.  Robbie is a great top as well though, fucking Jalen hard while he strokes his buddy's cock. 

Jalen gets his ass fucked last, so Robbie squirts his load all over Jalen't hole.  Then, Jalen cleans his cock by sucking out that last little bits of cum, before finally blowing his own load!

Fraternity X Plowed Hole College Bareback

Plowed Hole Fraternity X

by Aaron Shepard
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Gauge was lipping off, so the brothers at Fraternity X slipped a little something in his drink to calm him down… He ended up face down on the floor screaming like a little bitch.

They threw his dumb ass on the bed, and plowed his gapping hole till no one could recognize it anymore.  For real it looked like somebody juicy lips.