BelAmi Online Study Break Kevin Warhol Jamie Durrell Bareback

Study Break: Kevin Warhol & Jamie Durrell BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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You may not believe it but the BelAmi boys are always trying to improve themselves.  Some of them are enrolled in part-time studies, others are teaching themselves a trade, and many of them are at university.  Apart from the more academic pursuits, there are always new sexual techniques to be acquired and practiced as well!

While Kevin may not be able to help Jamie too much with the former, he is perfectly happy to help him out with the latter.

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Lucas Entertainment Hans Berlin Enjoys Double Boy-Hole from Devin Franco Ricky Verez Bareback

Hans Berlin Enjoys Double Boy-Hole from Devin Franco and Ricky Verez Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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When no one is around, Hans Berlin takes great pleasure in being a bad influence on the boys he mentors:  Devin Franco and Ricky Verez.  After a long business trip, Hans has returned home to find his boys lazily hanging around the house, so he decides to put them to work.

First, Hans takes turns fucking both Ricky and Devin in the ass bareback.  Then, he encourages Devin to fuck Ricky, in the ass… just like Daddy taught him!

Kristen Bjorn Men's Needs Manuel Scalco Apolo Fire Bareback

Men’s Needs: Manuel Scalco & Apolo Fire Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Manuel Scalco and Apolo Fire return home from an after-hours party and have been dancing with sexy, sweaty muscled men all night…

As they start kissing it is their throbbing, hard cocks that are demanding attention.  The strong, uncut cocks are unleashed and Manuel begins sucking on Apolo’s huge cock.  Apolo enjoys feeding Manual’s need for cock and makes sure that he gets every inch of it.  Manuel flips with Apolo and Apolo immediately begins sucking on his cock, making it harder and stronger than steel.  Apolo flips Manuel over and eats his raw ass until it is sufficiently soaked before ramming his cock into that puckered hole.  Apolo begins fucking Manuel, but notices that he is in need of additional lubricant so he pulls out and continues eating Manuel’s ass.  Apolo realizes that Manuel has enough lubricant, but he is enjoying fucking his ass with BOTH his cock and his tongue.  So, he repeatedly pulls his cock out and begins probing with his hungry tongue.  After going back and forth from tongue to cock, Apolo is ready to have his big, beefy muscle ass fucked.  

Manuel steps up and slips his cock into Apolo and begins his rhythmic fucking.  Manuel’s fucking has exceeded Apolo’s needs as his balls draw up tight and his cock is in a perfect plank.  As Manuel continues his fucking Apolo unleashes his thick creamy load of cum.  Manuel immediately slips his cock out and showers Apolo’s thick thighs with his hot load of cum before he shoves it back inside of Apolo’s dripping ass.

There are many ways to fulfill Men’s Needs, Manuel and Apolo wanted to show you how they meet theirs.

BelAmi Online Worth Waiting For... Ariel Vanean Torsten Ullman Bareback

Worth Waiting for…: Ariel Vanean & Torsten Ullman BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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So many times it pays to be patient, and wait for what you really want.  

That is a lesson well learned by Ariel Vanean as he sits alone waiting for a meeting, when Serendipity, and perhaps Luke Hammil, steps in.  Turns out, they were unknowingly waiting for each other all along.  In this encounter, it is obvious that Ariel has had the hots for Torsten for quite some time and simply cannot wait to feel him inside his ass.

If you like horny guys have some genuine steamy sex, this is just the scene for you!

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