BelAmi Online Slide It In Rhys Jagger Nino Valens Bareback

Slide It In: Rhys Jagger & Nino Valens BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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One of the best things about Nino is that he is always more than willing to learn new things.  Luckily Rhys has a lot of things to teach him, starting with how to roll a cigarette, even though Nino is only a “special occasion” smoker.

This clip was filmed after Nino returned from studying English in New Zealand; so at least the boys have a portion of a common language.  As always it is a joy to watch Nino bottoming and the same can be said here about Rhys' topping.

BelAmi Online Antony's Accidental Lovers Marc Ruffalo Antony Lorca Bareback

Antony’s Accidental Lovers: Marc Ruffalo & Antony Lorca BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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It’s impossible to resist calling this BelAmi’s Marc Antony scene, but they’re definitely missing a Cleopatra to make the analogy complete.  Even without Cleo, both these boys give a show that would be worthy of any Roman drama, and especially evident is how expert Antony has become at sucking dick.

Both guys are almost perfect specimens of the BelAmi-type and there is a genuine chemistry between them in this scene.

AlphaMale Fuckers Tyler Phoenix Ray Diesel Bareback

Tyler Phoenix & Ray Diesel AlphaMale Fuckers

by Aaron Shepard
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The dry desert heat has Tyler Phoenix and Ray Diesel super horny.  

Outdoors, they begin to make out.  Bearded Tyler, however, has heard of Ray's big black cock and can hardly wait to have the thick, juicy slab of meat in his mouth.  Ray is all too happy to oblige, but he's not entirely without dick sucking skills so, after fucking Tyler's face, Ray drops to his knees and returns the favor, choking on Tyler's pink, curved fat tool.  Still dressed, the interracial couple gets a bit more intimate in a shaded area.  There, they strip off their shirts and make out while feeling each other up, taking their time as they get to pants and belts.  Tyler once again devours Ray's monster then gives up his ass for Ray to do with as he pleases.  The hairy-chested bearded top buries his wide pink tongue in Tyler's hole and rims the hungry ass, priming Tyler for the stretching of his life.

Ray slides inside, pumping in and out, bareback fucking Tyler, who wants it all, every last inch, in the worst way possible.  Clearly he's never taken anything that big before or, if he has, it's been a while.  Ray guides the eager, slutty white boy, putting him through his paces as he continues fucking, giving Tyler plenty of cock and penetrating deep.

Falcon Studios Looking for the Big One Scene 4 Roman Todd Dane Stewart Tyler Roberts

Looking for the Big One (Scene 4): Roman Todd, Dane Stewart, & Tyler Roberts Falcon Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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After a day of surfing, Dane Stewart and Tyler Roberts are chilling on the couch watching some football, when Roman Todd enters and sits between them.  Roman notices that Dane is watching porn on his phone and decides that it's way better than the football.  He reaches out and puts each hand on a crotch and soon all three buddies are naked and throbbing hard.  

The sight of the massive dicks in front of him gets Tyler in the mood to suck and he's the first to go down on Roman.  The guys take turns sucking each other off with no one left out of the action.  Tyler wants a taste of Roman's sweet hole and spreads his legs for better access to rim him deep.  After Roman is fully opened up, Dane steps up to be the first one inside.  He slips his dick deep inside and fucks the stud as Tyler gets him from the front.  After getting reamed from behind, Roman wants to test the waters with Tyler's big dick.  Tyler sits down on the couch as Roman rides him.  The studs take turns tag teaming Roman's willing ass and finally, as Dane is back inside, Roman lets loose and blows his load all over his tight body.  When Tyler sees the pleasure that Roman is feeling, he steps up to his buddy and offers up his load to cover the panting stud.  Dane is the last to go, and when he finishes, Roman is dripping wet.

Now, all three are grateful for a satisfying day at the beach.

Falcon Studios Looking for the Big One Scene 2 Pierce Paris Michael Delray

Looking for the Big One (Scene 2): Pierce Paris & Michael Delray Falcon Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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When Pierce Paris and Michael Delray get in from a morning on the sunny beach, they can't keep their hands off each other.  The toned studs kiss and feel each other through their shorts until Michael can no longer keep Pierce under wraps.  With the flip of the Velcro crotch on Pierce's board shorts, his swimsuit hits the floor and his massive hard dick is revealed.

“You're so big,” Michael observes as his eyes widen and his mouth opens.  He gets down to worship Pierce and his extra thick dick, covering every inch of his manhood with his full dick-sucking lips and his eager tongue.  Pierce needs to fulfill his hunger and gently pushes Michael to the bed so the two studs can 69.  Michael is no small wonder either and Pierce has a hard time fitting all of him into his mouth.  As they suck each other off, Michael follows his instincts and starts rimming Pierce's tight hole.  All the ass play gets Pierce ready for action and he bends over to let Michael plow him with his giant dick.  Pierce is hard as a rock all the way through Michael's reaming, and after riding Michael for a nice long session, Pierce hops off the big dick and plants his cock firmly inside Michael.  Michael loves every thrust his can get and begs for Pierce to fuck him harder.  As Pierce picks up the pace, Michael blasts his big white load all over his tight and toned body.  Once Pierce sees Michael letting loose, he gives himself permission to finish up and adds his own pleasure to Michael's sticky mess.