Chicago Bound : Nick Young Reviews His Movies

by Nick Young
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Chicago Bound
Men Of Odyssey

This movie was filmed over a twelve-month span by two of today's top directors Chi Chi LaRue and Jim Steel, Chicago Bound tells the story of two roommates and their weekend in the Windy City. See the sights they saw and re-live their sexual experiences (and those of other guys) in the same hotel. If I recall it was this dumpy apartment that was being redone in LA and the EVER SO SEEDY "STAR SUITE" @ Man's Country.  This place was WHACKED!!!  

It was fun to shoot this one, if I recall this was my first movie with Jason Hawke.  Funny story how we came up with his name, Jason Hawke.  He really wanted to use the first name Jason, and I was reading an article about Ethan Hawke, and I thought hmmm how about Jason Hawke?   Chi Chi exclaimed that she loved it.   This was when all the C1R offices still were in an apartment that over looked Santa Monica Blvd.  My oh my how things have changed since then.  Chi Chi now has her own company store and mini porn empire.  Not sure where Jim Steel is these days but I think I saw him out for the David Forest month.  Perhaps he will come out and say hi to everyone at 'Cocktails With The Stars' sometime soon.  Where ever you are we miss you Jim Steel and hope you are doing great.  Keep making sexy fuck films.

 CLICK HERE to watch Chicago Bound

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Skyler Caine and Florian Nemic: Cockyboys

by Cock Fight
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BelAmi's Florian Nemic Fucks Skyler Caine

Holy Hotness!  Ever since CockyBoys and Bel Ami started making movies together, all I hear is music.  Sweet, sexy music to my ears.  As if seeing Cocky-Hottie Bobby Clark fuck Colin Hewitt wasn't enough to get me excited the two companies put two more of their pretty boys together and I couldn't be happier about waiting for more!

It's possible that Skyler got his first piece of European ass on this couch and it looks awfully sweet to me! Florian's massive Hungarian cock is more than a mouthfull and it made my mouth water just watching him suck on it.

Florian took his time prepping Skyler hole for his big cock and it was just too much for me to stand,  I needed a break!

Florian starts off by fucking Skyler missionary style on the couch but Skyler isn't shy when it comes to deep dicking so he climbs on top of Florian and rides like a good American and Cowboys that cock into the sunset.

After he came, Skyler hops off to jerk Florian off and then licks up his juicy cum which is the sweetest icing on this cake. 

I'll do my best to keep you guys posted on the latest from CockyBoys and the boys at Bel Ami!

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Jacob H @ Blake Mason

by Squirt
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What can I say; I cannot get enough of the hot blokes at There's something about the accents, fair skin, and huge uncut cocks that make me go wild. This week is no different. Jacob H. is "hot, hung and hetero" per the site, right up my alley.

Jacob has my loins going right away, beautiful supple lips and a hot accent. I am totally enamored by the Q & A to start the scene. I think he is talking about women but I can barely tell and sadly its still turning me on. He loves a good "throat fuck" but "its hard for them to deep throat" he says. I think he needs a guy like me to work on it for him HA!

As he slowly strips down you can see a big ole' package in his boxer shorts. Jacob has a nice athletic frame and shaved head that are fine and dandy with me. Off come the shorts and out pops a huge uncut cock, best part is that its gonna grow more.

He lies back on the couch and goes to town wanking his big meat. So much for me to focus on, the big cock and those freaking lips.....HOT! The cameraman obviously has me in mind as he pans over his hot body with close-ups on the big meat he is wanking. His skin is so far that after he jerks off for a bit, the upper body is getting flush. We get he from every angle wanking on the couch with his nice balls bouncing around.


Now its time for the money shot and his cock gets thicker and the head is clearly engorged. Uh oh, here it comes......Jacob pounds furiously until a nice thick milky white load shoots out. You get a good look at his huge veiny uncut cock with cum all over it. Perfect!

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Nick Capra FUCKS John Magnum

by CockFight
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Cocksure Men Puts New Model John Magnum With Hot Veteran Nick Capra

Nick Capra fucks John Magnum, and HOW!  I heard mention of this scene so I thought I would check it out and I can't for the LIFE of me understand why people weren't shouting this one from the rooftops because it's a HOT FUCK!  I like to watch a good pounding especially when we're talking about two muscle hunks with great chemestry!  John Magnum may very well be an up and coming bottom after people see this one (not to mention that deep throat  talent). He takes it hard, and he takes it good and now...I want more!  Watch the trailer for a taste! 

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