Chi Chi La Rue's Off The Streets Vol. 2: Chicago and Minneapolis

by NickYoung
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Off The Streets 2: Chicago and Minneapolis
Channel 1 Releasing/Rascal

This was literally my first movie! A totally random cool thing I did. I remember I was a roofer at the time for my sister's construction company. I had just left corporate America, unsatisfied with my work. I quickly turned all that around after staring in a little known film Chi Chi La Rue's Off The Streets II: Chicago and Minneapolis from Rascal Video. It was a totally rad time to be entering the industry, Chi Chi LaRue was starting up her own production company and Stars like Cesar, Nino Bacci and Myself were living it up in West Hollywood in the old House. I have many fond memories of sitting on the front steps at Chi Chi's house, not to mention the great number of boys I got to sit on living there. I swear her house was a magnet for hotties and with hotties brought more hotties. We used to hang out all night party and have a great old time until whoever would pair up with whoever they hadn't paired up with yet and bed down for a lond days sleep.

I had a really fun time filming off the Streets in Chi Chi's hotel room in Minneapolis. It really was Live and Raw back then. I know I am dating myself with my statements here a bit but I am happy to say I was smart and got into the adult business at a ripe young age so thankfully I still look pretty good.
 Anyways, I digress. This was really the movie that got me into the biz and promted Chi Chi to Raul R. Who I met in Chicago who quickly got me into Sextortion where I had my first on camera penetration. I co-stared opposite Jason Branch; DAMN that was a hot fucking DAY! That boy was so good to me he took amazing care of me and made my first on camera sex scene a wonderful experience. I really loved the guys at Catalina, Catalina was later purchased by Chi Chi LaRue and Channel 1 Releasing.

My career has come a long way since Off The Streets, but this is where it all began... I will have to write that story some night too! Here is what Channel 1 Releasing had to say about it: "
Chi Chi LaRue takes 24 real men OFF THE STREET and get's them in front of the camera. Filmed on the road, Chi Chi stops by four cities and get's some midwestern guys to get off in front of the camera. With five hot solos and four sweaty duos, OFF THE STREET will have you hard as a rock and ready to hit the road for the midwest!!"

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To The Last Man: A Chat With The Directors At The Premiere

by Scotty B
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tothelastman.jpgScotty B Talks to the Directors of
Raging Stallion's To The Last Man
I felt ever so humbled to be able to speak with award winning Directors Chris Ward, Ben Leon, and Tony DiMarco before the screening of To The Last Man from Raging Stallion Studios.

I've met Chris Ward numerous times in passing but have never had the pleasure of meeting Tony and Ben. A little nervous? Of course. The western adult feature is one of the most ambitious projects I have seen any porn studio release in years - I think I like this better than their previous movie Grunts, - who doesn't love a cowboy?

These three guys plus the amazing photography of Kent Taylor made it possible to be at the screening and allow us ALL ACCESS to their models. Check out my Q&A with Chris, Tony and Ben below, we all had a lot of fun and I hope that fun translates!

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Aim To Please: Mustang Studios

by NickYoung
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aim_to_please.jpgAim To Please

OH God, Yes, I remember making this movie! It was an amazing week in Palm Springs. The temperature was a balmy 127 degrees in the shade and people were laying under the pool toys to get shade while in the tepid water. On top of that, we made pie for our Bar-B -Que! We shot a really hot sex scene!... Well, the first part of shooting got a little difficult because of the heat, then the AC went out and it got a little warm under the lights, but we were troopers and really it’s not so difficult when you get to fuck hotties like Vince Ditonno! His cock was so delicious. I do remember Billy Brandt needed a fluffer and he picked me it was no problem to oblige. He was such a sweet guy I just loved working with him. I really love and miss that guy.

We did manage to have a little fun off camera, as was usually the case with most of my Co-Stars. Let me tell you the best sex was usually in my hotel after the shoot.
  SHHHH I didn't say that. LOL I was usually a pretty good boy and followed most of the rules. The typical trouble makers usually kept the spotlight off me so my indiscretions got less attention. I mean if you are going to break the rules break the rules but at least be smart about it.

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Bad Behavior: Falcon Studios

by NickYoung
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bad_behavior.jpgBad Behavior
Falcon Studios

What can I say about Bad Behavior. This was probably my favorite movie ever. The memories I most associate with this are one rainy day in Los Angeles I was sitting on the floor in Chi Chi's room, a call came in from John Rutherford and he could not find anyone to replace a "BIG COCK" in the gang bang scene. She looked at me and I must have smiled just right because she said I have the perfect guy here for you; Nick Young! I was immediately cast in the Falcon Film Bad Behavior and within a few days flown off to San Francisco where I would be put up in the Commodore Hotel next to the Nob Hill Theatre, (We can talk about my days and stories from the Nob Hill Later) at this point I am still a good boy. So anyways I arrived ready for the scene that morning nervous to meet John Rutherford and the first thing he asked was to see my cock. I immediately showed him and the smile on his face I will never forget.

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Stud Buds

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stud_buds.jpgStud Buds
Blue Pictures

The box cover of Stud Buds looked so awful that I kept it next to my bed for weeks... no part of me wanted to review this movie. It finally took Nick Young's incessant threats of taking away my porn movie review privileges to make me watch what would be the most painful movie ever from Blue Pictures- BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

"Never judge a book by its cover," my family used to say, however I'm sure they weren't talking about the movie Stud Buds. From the first scene featuring two bicyclists, one with a twisted ankle, quickly get to know each other and in no time flat start sucking on each others bike shorts, nipples, semi-hairy holes and uncut cocks... YES, YES, YES. What I like best about this scene? They let the models foreskin show when the bottom is getting fucked. Too many major studios shun foreskin and try to hide it, in this scene as the model gets fucked his foreskin is prominently displayed and they even feature the cock getting a bit smaller as the hung top fucks his partner vigorously - you know how it happens in real life, again... extremely hot!

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