Stick It In! Maverick Men

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Stick It In!

No name for this adorable fan of Cole and Hunters that begged them to come over and violate his hole seven ways from Sunday, but I like it better that way.  It's just like one of those random hook-ups when you don't remember their name but their face and smooth sweet ass linker in your memory for years.  This guy according to Cole and Hunter was one for the record books.  He was shy at first but eager and has a beautiful body.  Every time Cole fucks his face you can tell

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Sketchy Sex 2 : FraternityX

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Sketchy Sex 2

Bently was so sexually frustrated after a week of midterms that once they were over he decided to become the house fuckwhore for the weekend and Ethan, Jose and Myle were more than happy to fuck him senseless all weekend.  He starts the weekend off right with his pretty mouth and sucks his way around

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by TwinkyEater
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Twink lovers rejoice!  When the Raging Stallion family of sites decided to branch out a few years ago and start they did something right and the site has become a staple in my Twink fantasy land.  If you're a fan of all kinds of Porn Stars, but like me think they were cuter before they hit the gym and started bulking up then is a great site for that!  Some of the industries favorite pretty boys have been featured on the site, peppered with their original Twink finds that are absolutely delicious and there never seems to be a bottom to their well of Twink hotness.  Some of my favorites include

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Tony Capucci Returns and Fuck Jimmy Clay

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Tony Capucci Returns! Fucks Jimmy Clay

Hallelujah Tony Capucci has returned to porn!!  I thought he was lost forever but I'm very happy to report that he has returned and my cock and imagination would like to thank CockyBoys for bringing him back.  There's something about the solo of a returning Pro that just makes me drip all over my underwear.  Not all solo's are created equal but just like the obscenely hot return of Benjamin Bradley, I relished that solo like water in a desert and so too is Tony's, complete with a refreshing cum shot to the bedroom mirror that I would have happily licked clean.

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BelAmi American Models: Austin Merrick

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BelAmi Online:  Austin Merrick

Continuing with my current obsession with the new BelAmi guys, we meet Austin; brand new American model for Bel Ami and he's just as articulate as he is cute, if not more so and it's so fucking sexy.  He's young, he likes extreme sports and stroke his long, thick juicy cock as often as he can and I haven't been this excited by a solo in a few weeks.  I love to watch him play with his ass too so that I can get a good look at that juicy hole and fantasize eating it for hours.

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