Tony and Tico: Maverick Men

by AshCamarazzi
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Tony And Tico: A Fan Couple Joins In

Maverick Men Cole and Hunter certainly work their hardest to keep the juicy amateur porn on their site as fresh as possible and they have yet to disappoint.  This time they invited two fans who sent them a sex tape to join in.  Tony and Tico are a couple and it's the first time that they are inviting another couple between then and what better couple than deliciously dirty and experienced Cole and Hunter.  Our Maverick Men just ate these two up and fell instantly in love with their big cocks and juicy

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Zeb Atlas: Built Tough

by CockFight
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Zeb Atlas in Raging Stallion's Built Tough


Zeb fans rejoice!  Okay let me clarify; Zeb fans that want to see him do some serious fucking REJOICE!  Landon Conrad had indicated in an interview at Cocktails With The Stars a few months ago that he was excited and going to be working with someone huge, but wouldn't say who.  I've been guessing who it might be and I'll admit that Zeb was on my short list of possibilities and I'm thrilled that he's in this movie.  After talking to Zeb at Cocktails With The Stars he's changing as a performer and a person, getting that sleeve tattoo, growing out his hair and now Chris Ward's hardcore directing style seems like the natural progression for a performer that wants to push the limits beyond what he's used to and I can honestly say that watching him fuck the hell out of Landon (who's happy to be a bottom, trust me) and new exclusive Micah Brandt is exhilarating and most of the video is filled with inspired fuckers.  I particularly love the contrast of the scene between super sexy Morgan Black while he grins at his eager bottom Billy Berlin like he's just giving him a taste of the rest of what he's capable and it's hot as fuck.  

Let's not forget deliciously talented Tom Wolfe and bottom extraordinaire Jason Michaels who cannot get enough of the Wolfe's cock in his ass. I can't get a trailer yet but click here to watch it on the site and get your copy, because trust me, you WANT this whipped cream and cherry for your Zeb collection.



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JW Bare and Rod Drainer: Hairy And Raw

by JoreyLoves Cock
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Rod Drainer fucks JW Bare

Wasting not time, Rod leads JW to the deck where he begins to deep throat his tasty cock, sucking his hard prick balls deep within his hungry mouth. Flipping each other on the floor isn’t a problem where both explore each other’s hole with wet lips and dripping tongues. Tight raw ends have a musky taste and both men’s goatees are soon flavored with the scent of horny man ass. Like a respectable champ, Rod forces JW to the sling where he begins to slide his fat raw cock in him bareback. Rod’s balls bounce on JW’s ass he takes advantage if every inch there is to offer. Rod uses the sling poles to pound in his furry hole even deeper and decides to flip JW over to see how he feels doggie style.


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Carter Jacob's First time With Kristopher:RAW: ChaosMen

by CockFight
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Carter Jacobs RAW Flip Fuck With Kristopher

Oh Chaos Men, I do love your knack for chemistry!  Carter and Kristopher have both been making some changes lately.  Kristopher got that beautiful new upper body tattoo, and Carter has decided to bottom on camera, woohoo!!  That face/body combo of Carter's is such a turn on and even though his first time was just what you would expect a first time to be, Kristopher happily let's him take the reigns, flips Kristopher over and fucks him hard he wants it so bad. 

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Tyler Saint fucked by Zachary Hale:

by CockFight
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Zachary Hale's Big Cock and Tyler Saint's Tight Hole

Tyler Saint has been making movies since 2007 and shows no signs of slowing down, which usually means that he's just as sweet as everyone says he is.  His body is in peak condition and he's ready to get fucked...and we like that!  Zachary Hale is kind of new to porn but one look at that massive cock and you just know he was made to fuck on camera.  I could watch Tyler suck on it for hours it's just so thick and juicy looking!

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