Cole Streets and Colby Keller: Cocksure Men

by JoreyLovesCock
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Cole Streets And Colby Keller

Cole Streets became an instant favorite with the NYXXX camp when he stepped on the scene a few years ago with Raging Stallion and now that he's independent and making videos elsewhere I was happy to see him pop up at  Colby has grown out his beard and I think he's so much sexier with it.  Wiping that baby face off is a necessity for getting fucked by tall gorgeous Cole Streets.

There's an obvious chemistry between Cole and Colby and watching Cole just ride Colby like an animal is hot as fuck.  Colby is clearly enjoying every second of this punding, as did I. 


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Peters Twins Orgy: Bel Ami

by CockFight
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Peters Twins Orgy

The Peters Twins just can't be real, they're just too hot and horny and rediculously well built.  Thank you Bel Ami for throwing a bunch of other hot men on top of them so that we can with them fuck.  It had to have taken a LONG time to shoot this scene and I frankly don't know how the camera man could concentrate around all that fucking! 

CLICK HERE for video.

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Solomon & Vander - RAW with Toys

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Texas Hotties Fuck Raw


Brian at Chaos Men, Thank you again for delivering gorgeous men really fucking each other.  Maybe he just reminds me of someone but Solomon is so fucking sexy I could barely save my cum shot for the end.  The playing with toys was totally hot but the second he shoves his dick inside of Vander I almost lost it. 


I like it when men either in my bed or on my screen like to talk.  I displays confidence and it's sexy as hell.  I went back and watched some of his other scenes and not only can he dish out a deep dicking but he can also TAKE IT!  He likes to smack his ass while he gets fucked and I think I might have a new favorite model!  I want more more more from Solomon... NOW!


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Mitch Vaughn And Spencer Williams: Boyfriends

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Mitch Vaughn and Spencer Williams: Boyfriends

Well now they're technically husbands but HEY!  It's still hot to watch them fuck!  After watching them together at Cocktails With The Stars I know we have some fans who have been waiting to see them together on camera again and here it is!  The trailer cracks me up when they add sound effects to Mitch Vaughn's legendary cum shot, but doesn't detract from the hotness.


A versatile scene is rare enough but between boyfriends it's hot as HELL!  A couple that flips in the bedroom?!  I could fantasize about that for days.  The hotel lighting isn't ideal for this shoot but at the same time it adds an authenticity to a scene between a couple, rather than just two random porn stars.  Maybe this was shot on a whim?  Were they just horny and said, "Hey Dominic, come over!" 


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Bryan Cavallo Fucks Jason Cooper

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Bryan and Jason

So I thought when I first saw Jason Cooper with his uber whitebread name, baby blues and bushy blonde hair that I might be dealing with a boring straight bottom, but of course I checked anyway as an homage to my beloved blodes of the past and thankfully, I was wrong!  Jason loved every inch of Bryan's cock and I loved watching him take it!

He's so sweet and innocent it makes him irresistable to watch.  I just can't beleive that a kid that looks and sounds this wholesome likes a big fat cock up his ass and I think I just got a whole new personal fetish!  Somewhere in the world, this guys childhood neighbor is going to find this video and the boy next door fantasy (who IS really gay!!) will blow his ficking mind...and load!


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