On Fire! Jet Set

by Nick Young
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on_fire_jetset.jpgOn Fire!
Jet Set

Thank you Chris Steele for making a porn surrounding fire trucks/men. The only constructive criticism is to hire some unknown masculine and burly firemen to play the part, but you did give us smooth tattooed studs to gawk at so I?m not complaining! <br></br>

The cast of 13 guys runs the gamut of porn twinks and muscle studs to jerk our meet off to. From Sebastian Young, Dean Phoenix (he?s back in the biz) to Jeremy Hall (uncut and Canadian yummy) the cast is pretty fucking ingenious, leave it to Steele and now retired porn star Chad Donovan to bring it and set the DVD on fire. <br></br>

Stand Out Scene: A five-some that includes CJ Knight (oooh what a pretty uncut cock) doing just some of the hot fucking!

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Cody Cummings and Sebastian

by Nick Young
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Cody Cummings is

Cumming for Sebastian
Every once in a while I like to get an eyeful of Cody Cummings monster cock and today just felt like the day! Post Valentine’s Day sex extravaganza, the tease setting of the blind fold got my attention and immediately turned me on so I settled in to watch more. Sebastian deep throats that massive cock like he knows exactly what Cody likes and I love to watch it!

cody_cummings_sebastian_2.jpg cody_cummings_sebastian_3.jpg

Anticipation is sooo hot and I love that Cody can’t see what’s happening and can only imagine what sensation he’ll experience next. It makes the whole experience hotter for me though it still doesn’t distract me from my desire to move Sebastian aside and sit on that luscious cock myself! Check it out for yourself guys. Tastey!

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by Scotty B
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breakers.jpgBreakers: GayVN Nominee 2009
Titan Men

Being Bruce Cam's final adult film I requested a copy of Breakers for not only a keepsake but for the talent involved in this production. Gay porn household names like, *taking a deep breath* Damien Crosse, Arpad Miklos, Dean Flynn, Victor Banda, Rick Van Sant, Tony Buff, Diesel Washington, Francois Sagat and XBiz Winner of gay porn star of the year Jackson Wild. Breakers has seven scenes and is over five hours of sex.

This movie is a who's who of porn stars and the action is even better, typical of Bruce Cam. The standout scene is easily the threesome between Tony Buff, Darius Falke and Mister Sagat. If you're a fan of golden showers, ass play and burly men this is a scene that will most likely give Titan the award if they are to win. Available in both Blu-Ray format as well as standard DVD, my second favorite scene is Damien Crosse paired with Jackson Wild. Imagine Damien in a wetsuit and then showing off his thick uncut cock to Jackson Wild. The only thing about this scene that I wish Bruce would have incorporated was the two of them flip-fucking... that would have made it as good as gold, but I'm not complaining this film was still breathtaking.

Trust me you haven't seen camping until you've gone on this adventure with Bruce and the boys, 13 in total!!!

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Big As They Come 3

by NickYoung
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big_as_they_come.jpgBig As They Come 3
Jocks Studios/Falcon

Big As They Come 3 was a very interesting movie. Jocks was the All American line for Falcon Studios back in the day and I remember models flocked to it and fought tooth and nail to get the attention of anyone who worked at Falcon. I was always so happy and felt so humble whenever I was cast in one of their films. I always knew I was going to be made to look my best. I always worked with the hottest guys and the entire experience would be amazing. John Rutherford, Chi Chi, Bill and the many other amazing people there really made the whole experience.

I particularly remember this film because it was typically rainy in San Francisco when we filmed it. SFO is always rainy but what was weird was that the rain was warm. Maybe it was that Jeremy Jordan had handed out tabs of acid one night and everyone tripped balls but who knows. I remember there was warm rain when we crossed the bay in a boat. I also remember we ate dinner and dessert at a very tasty place on the Castro. One of the great things about San Francisco is the hole in the wall dive restaurants that have been there for eons.

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by Scotty B
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end_game_jett_blakk.jpgENDGAME: Review with Trailer!
Dirty Bird Pictures
Directed by: Jett Blakk

Two things attracted me to Jett Blakk's newest movie ENDGAME. One, Jett Blakk is a beautiful Director and Person so anything he puts his name on I am automatically there. Two, Chad Hunt bites the big one and bottoms for a bunch of guys including porn star Nash Lawler, who happens to be a friend of mine.

For months I've heard the buzz about Chad bottoming and new the SECRET for months but swore to secrecy because of Jett, the movie's sake and for the life of the person that disclosed to me the tidbit of information.

This plot-driven movie delivers a somewhat believable scenario and the hottest sex Jett has filmed yet! The scene that everyone is talking about is not Chad Hunts jerk-off scene, although it's in there and worthy of a GAYvn nomination. No, no, no, the scene that people are buying this DVD over features Cort Donovan, Phenix Sait, Nash Lawler, and Chad Hunt. Playing the victim of a gang rape ever so well, not only does he display his talent as an actor but as a rotating bottom giving turns to all the men!

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