Double Penetration: Coco Cherry Pop: Maverick Men

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CJ returns to Maverick Men

Apparently Maverick Men has been holding out on us and this footage was shevled because they thought we couldn't handle the hottness.  Oh, REALLY?!  Well I'm happy to say that now that the cock is out of the bag and they know that their fans are dirty pigs that we get to see this gem. 

CJ's cock is a work of are from his pink head to his milk chocolate foreskin and he loves 

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Valentine's Day: Austin Zane

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Valentine's Day Romance

These two came to Cocktails With The Stars in West Hollywood for Valentines Day and the audience fell in love.  We met this original Gay Porn duo last year at the Grabby Awards and they've come pretty far since they launched their own website and what I like best is that they're just doing their own thing, listening to their fans and giving them what they want.  Case in point, their fans have been loving the chemistry between these two guys the most so as a Valentines Day gift for the fans, they decided to shoot a hot and romantic scene together, stripping away crazy porn moves and just getting to the hot, connected passionate sex and I think it's absolutely gorgeous!  Don't get me wrong, I like it rough sometimes too, but this scene is getting filed amongst my all time favorites, when I'm in the mood for love.

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Jessie Colter and Josh West: Bound Gods

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Jessie Colter: Bound God

Jessie is by far one of the hottest and most desired Porn Star to hit the scene in the last year and he told us about his scenes with Kink when he was in town and what a great time he had making them so I'm thrilled that they've now been released.  Jessie is the best kind of exhibitionist, loves his body,

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Horse Hung Hairy Hairy Hole: Maverick Men

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Davis Joins The Maverick Men

Apparently this massively hung stud has been a fan of Maverick Men for a while and the guys were thrilled to add him to their collection of hot boys they've fucked mercilessly.

Davis' cock really is a thing of beauty and let's not take for granted his curly fiery bush, blue eyes and fair soft skin that just reminds you of the cute boy from school way back wne that you fantasized about in class and were just convinced that he had a big dick. Well this time you were right and that cock gets all kids of worshiped. 

David does plenty of cock worship on his own before getting punded by the maverick pair who are both Alpha Tops so he knew what was coming when he signed up and clearly loves riding those fat cocks like a champ!


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Jay Roberts and Adriano Carrasco: Stages Of Sex: Lucas Entertainment

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Jay Roberts and Adriano Carrasco

If you didn't fall in love with Jay Roberts the first time you saw him then you should look again, because the man is beautiful and endearing and damned good at taking it in the ass.  His scene partner Adriano Carrasco I'm seeing for the first time but I loving his look as well as the way he fucks!  Michael Lucas is all about chemistry and I love it when he gets it right. 

The setting is beautiful and it's rare to see such beautiful men in such a beautiful place outdoors with white sheets and rolling green laws, I love the entire esthetic of this scene and could watch it all day.  Looking forward to seeing more of Adriano in the future and Jay Roberts will hopfefully keep bringing beautiful to every scene.

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