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Mmm... AlexSmile is quite possibly one of the hottest men I've found thus far on!

I entered the chat and found him shirtless in front of the camera.  The keyboard resting upon his lap - his legs spread - providing a perfect glimpse of his bulging, yellow briefs.  

My eyes moving across his body from his entrancing blue eyes to his rippled abs, yet always back to those yellow briefs.  His cock struggling to fit inside the thin fabric.  I needed more of this man and I wanted it all to myself.  I went private.

With the room to ourselves, the keyboard no longer remained upon his lap.  He stood and allowed me to see his body in all its glory.  His bronze skin, his bulging muscles, and of course the ample cock still hidden under his briefs.  I asked to see more and he was more than willing to oblige.  He slowly slid his briefs off, revealing his cock.  Although not rigid yet, it was still a sight!  He began to stroke it, giving life to the beautiful member.  Soon he was rock hard, but his hand did not leave his cock just yet.  His fingers lingered on the head, precum dripping from the tip.  He then brought them to his mouth and sucked the sweet fluid off of them.  

His hands moved across his body with ease; sending shock waves of pleasure throughout his body.  His cock twitching as he teased his rigid nipples.  He worked his way back down to his cock and took control of it with his right hand.  His left continuing its exploration of his own body till it rested upon his bubbly, muscle ass.  This is but the start of a show that would not soon forget though.

I don't want to ruin all of the surprises, so go check out AlexSmile at  You will NOT be disappointed!


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