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If you’re in the mood for dark, brooding features and muscle, then 00FITNESSBOY69 is the man you need!

I had just finished dinner and decided that after all that work I deserved a little R&R.  I logged in to CameraBoys, and sought after a stud.  00FITNESSBOY69 was the winner.  I entered his room and there he was shirtless on the couch.  He was even sexier than I had anticipated.  It took about 10 seconds for me to realize that I wanted to see all that he had to offer. 

I immediately went private and let 00FITNESSBOY69 take the lead.  We started talking and he told me that he was really horny that night.  He began to describe all of the things that he wish he could be doing right now – feeling a pair of warm lips wrap around his thick cock, plunging his dick into a tight hole, etc.  The way he described his fantasies was definitely having an affect on me, and from the growth in his briefs he was ready to show me just how horny he was.  He slipped his fingers beneath the waistband and pushed his briefs past his rigid cock.  It bounced up and smacked his hard abs. 

With his cock free from its cage, he wasted no time in taking hold.  His fist moving slowly up and down the shaft as he continued to describe how he wish it were a pair of lips around his cock.  He wanted to start slow, enjoying the warmth of his “partner’s” mouth.  Yet he had but his hand and me to describe all the dirty things I wanted to do to him.  Soon our fantasies began to mix and he was stroking faster as we our conversation became raunchier.  This boy definitely knew how to dirty talk and I loved it!

I can’t ruin our entire fantasy, but by the end of it, we had both cum and I was begging for more still.  You should definitely start your own fantasy with 00FITNESS69; I might have to go again right now.  Hehe.


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