I found these two Latin studs – Brian and Alejo – last Sunday evening.  They took what was merely a lazy Sunday, and turned it into a brief moment in heaven.  I entered their room to find them shirtless in front of the camera; simply chatting between themselves and waiting for someone to pleasure.  I gleefully accepted said position.

They began by slowly moving their hands across one another’s chest.  Pulling closer till their lips pressed against one another.  Their hands continued to explore each other’s bodies as their lips spread to allow their tongues to play.  The passion in their kiss was exponential and it only made me beg for more.  As if they could read my mind, the two began to use their lips for more than mere kissing.  Brian traced Alejo’s body with his lips as he worked down to Alejo’s now very hard cock.  With a single motion, Brian took all of Alejo into his mouth.  Alejo gasped as his cock disappeared down Brian’s throat.  Slowly Alejo slid his hand down Brian’s back till it came down upon Brian’s plump, ass with a smack.  He continued his exploration, and began to slowly play with Brian’s tight hole as Brian continued sucking on his cock.  Brian moaned around Alejo’s cock as Alejo slowly slid a finger into him.  Soon enough he added a second and then a third finger as he intensely finger-fucked his partner.  These two – and myself – were ready for something a little more than finger-fucking though. 

Alejo stood and began to tease Brian with his cock.   Slowly sliding his hard member against Brian’s waiting hole.  With a single thrust, Alejo slid his rigid cock into Brian, not stopping his entry till his balls rest against Brian’s ass.  Allowing Brian to acclimate for a mere moment, Alejo began to fuck Brian’s hole.  His speed varying as to keep Brian moaning with pleasure…

I’ll stop there though!  You need to simply visit 2DITYGUYSFUCK for yourself and experience their show for yourself.


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