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There he was sitting in front of the camera clad in nothing but a zip-up and a pair of tight red briefs.  0BigHornyStud didn’t have to do anything and I was already enthralled; he was just so damn sexy!  The red fabric was perfectly outlining his cock – not yet hard – as he spoke with all of his viewers.  Intrigued by him, I of course began to chat with him and see how far I could get him to go.  With a little persuasion, 0BigHornyStud slowly unzipped his sweatshirt, exposing his rippled torso for the camera and my pleasure.  His hands moved across his body as we tempted us.  I couldn’t handle it anymore; I needed more of 0BigHornyStud.  I went private…

Once I had 0BigHornyStud all alone, the real fun began.  He grabbed hold of the oil and slowly began to pour the clear fluid onto his chest.  It dripped down his rippled abs and onto his red briefs.  The fabric beginning to darken as it became wet.  His hands soon followed the liquid as he rubbed it onto his flesh.  Within seconds, 0BigHornyStud’s hands disappeared into his briefs and began to run the oil in COMPLETELY.  It did not take long for the red fabric to stretch, his cock now clearly visible beneath the thin fabric.  Before I even had to ask, he pushed them to the ground and let me gaze upon his perfection.  After I praised just him for a little, 0BigHornyStud to hold of his massive hard on and began to stroke himself.  Slowly at first, simply enjoying the pleasure and allowing me to drool a little bit more.  As he continued to stroke, however, his pace quickened and his moans intensified.  Soon he was stroking his cock furiously.  He wanted to cum, but wanted to make sure I was ready to see him burst… Oh was I ever!  I wanted that big load almost as much as he wanted to come!

With a few more strokes, 0BigHornyStud let it flow.  He shot his load all over his rippled abs, even managing to hit himself on the chin!  With the site of that, it didn’t take me long to come to fruition either.  What a show!

The name says it all:  he is big, he is horny, and he is a STUD!



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