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AdamLuxury is a stud!  It’s that simple. 

He has the face, the body, and the personality.  What isn’t there to like?  The answer is actually nothing.  Well other than the fact that he’s almost always in a private chat!  When he is free, however, you’ll quickly understand why he’s always private.

I’d been keeping my eye on AdamLuxury for a while the other afternoon, and as I had said he’s almost always in private.  I was, however, lucky enough to find him free for a bit and jumped at the opportunity to chat.  Upon entering his room, I found him lounging in an armchair with nothing but a pair of loose boxers on.  He had his legs draped over the arms of the chair and was looking sexy as ever.  We got to talking and I quickly understood the appeal of AdamLuxury.  He was more than just a handsome face and a killer body; he had an amazing personality.  Without even thinking about, I took AdamLuxury private because I knew I wanted more.

Once private we continued to chat, but our conversation had shifted to a more “personal” level.  He wanted to know what turned me on and what my desires were.  The instant I had finished answering, AdamLuxury was a foot.  He pushed his boxers the floor and was already beginning to get hard.  He tugged at his semi-erect cock only a few times before he was completely hard.  That’s when the real fun began…

But if I told you everything about AdamLuxury there’d be no reason to visit him for yourself!  So, go check him out and see what all the fuss is about.  You won’t be disappointed.


WebCam SuperMen

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