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While I was browsing through SuperMen, I came across 2InchesFat4u.  Most of the time it's the model’s primary photo that draws me into their rooms; however, it was 2InchesFat4u’s name that got me into his room.  I was curious as to what he was referring to.  Obviously my first intuition was his cock, which would be THICK at two inches wide.  So I entered…

As soon as I saw him lying on the bed with his bulge clearly visible in his white trunks, I knew my intuition was correct.  From the looks of things, 2InchesFat4u was packing some HUGE meat and I was more than ready to see it released.  I didn’t waste anytime after that; we went private.

When I had 2InchesFat4u to myself, the first request I had been that he remove those white trunks and let me see that monster he was hiding.  He laughed then quickly obliged.  He pushed the trunks to the floor and let his meat flop.  Still entirely soft his cock already looked HUGE.  2InchesFat4u took hold of his massive cock; pulling the foreskin back to expose the head, he began to play.  His cock quickly grew as he continued to work his meat.  He was soon rock hard and working his monster of a cock masterfully.  2InchesFat4u put on a show that I will not soon forget and the load that he shot… and I thought his cock was big!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to see this “monster” in action.


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