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There is only one word to describe anexanderavn… HUGE! 

Immediately upon entering his room, I was awe struck by him.  Here was this massive man in front of the camera, simply flexing in front of the camera.  His biceps bulged as he pumped his arms.  Awestruck as I was, I wanted to know more about this gorgeous man.  I struck up a conversation.  As we chatted, I grew to really like anexanderavn!  He was fun and playful and seemed really interested in what I had to say.  I certainly didn’t hurt that kept flexing!   Yet even with all those muscles and all that skin, I wanted to see more of this Adonis.  I did the only thing I could; I took him private.

When I had anexanderavn all to myself, things quickly intensified.  He stepped away from the camera allowing me my first glimpse of his whole body – well at least most of it.  anexanderavn was in a pair of black posing trunks, showing off his muscled legs and juicy butt.  The trunks didn’t stay on for long though.  He pushed them swiftly off his hips, letting them fall to the ground.  There he stood in all his glory… My mouth dropped!  Remember that one word I used to describe anexanderavn – HUGE – well I wasn’t just referring to his body.  This Latin stud had a thick, uncut cock! 

He quickly took hold of that huge dick and started to stroke himself for me.  This was definitely just another muscle that anexanderavn knew how to expertly workout.  The longer he stroked the more intense his vocalizations got.  Soon he was groaning and I knew that I was in for a treat.  Within seconds, anexanderavn was shooting his load all over himself! 

Damn I already want more of this man.


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