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This boy is CUTE!  And well sometimes that's just what you need in from

Things started off with AwesomeAden4U sitting shirtless in front of the camera, a striped holster outlining his muscular chest.  As I traced his body with my eyes, I lingered at the tight briefs he had on, the thin material leaving little to the imagination as he played with his big uncut cock to fullness right in front of us.  And this is in the PUBLIC chat!  Things got far more exciting when I took him into the private…

The briefs came off and I got to see just how perfect that uncut cock was!  AwesomeAden4U worked his thick meat till we were both on the brink of climax before he stopped... Ugh!  At first I was upset, but when I saw the dildo he’d pulled out from off camera, my anger quickly subsided.  He leaned back exposing his tight hole to the camera, and slowly began to press the thick toy against his flesh.  He gently circled his hole, slowly closing in on it before the toy popped right in!  His cock was rock hard as he pushed the toy deeper into his ass.  AwesomeAden4U started to fuck the toy in and out of his hole, moaning with pleasure as he pounded himself.  His cock oozed precum as he was quickly brought back to the edge. 

I’m not going to spoil the ending, but let’s just say we were both HIGHLY satisfied with his finale.  It was truly… EXPLOSIVE!  

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