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If you are looking for a “master” for the evening, then Gregor_D is the guy for you! 

I was feeling a bit submissive the other night and wanted a little kink, so I entered Gregor_D’s room.  I found him seated shirtless in a pair of jeans, a leather cuff, and what appeared to be a policeman’s hat.  He exuded confidence and seemed to demand respect.  Sheepishly, I greeted him.  He responded quickly and soon we were settling into our roles of master (Him) and slave (I).

Although it began awkwardly, I soon took to his domineering personality. I wanted the fantasy to go beyond that of simple text.  As he stroked his cock and bossed me around, all I could think of was how I wanted to actually be there in front of him.  Waiting for him to tell me what to do next.  Gregor_D said he’d have me suck his thick cock clean before bending me over the desk and fucking me bare.  He wanted to hear me beg for more as he buried his dick deep inside my tight hole.  It was so fucking HOT hearing him boss me around.  Granted it was just a fantasy, but I was yearning for more with each word.  I truly wanted him to fuck me.  I wanted to feel his hand fall upon my ass as he shoved his cock deep inside my tight hole. 

As his fantasy intensified, his stroking quickened; however, he made sure that I keep my hands off my cock or I’d be punished… Ugh!  I watched as he covered his muscled torso with his sweet, creamy seed.  With a sigh of content, he left me with one final order:  “Lick it up!”

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