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I think I found myself a new crush, and his name is AndyMosc!  This stud is simply perfect.  I was browsing through SuperMen, when I found him just waiting for some attention.  There he was just lounging on the couch, but there was something about him I found intriguing.  I stuck around and we started chatting.

Turns out he was just as amazing as I had anticipated.  We were really hitting it off and were flirting a little bit before he started slowly undressing.  AndyMosc stopped when he had reached his trunks, allowing me a glimpse of his growing member through the thin material.  He began to sprawl out in his underwear, but I yearned for more than just conversation.  I asked him if he would show off for me a little bit longer.  With a sheepish grin, he kneeled and grabbed a bottle of water.  Slowly he poured the clear liquid over his chest, his hand followed the water down his torso and into his trunks.  AndyMosc lingered there, however, as he began to stroke himself within the trunks.  The thin fabric clearly outlined his now hard dick… Oh, how I wanted to rip those trunks off of him.  I needed to see more. 

My desires were quickly satisfied!  While still holding his cock in one hand, he pushed his briefs to his knees.  With a clear view, it became clear that his cock was just as perfect as the rest of him.  AndyMosc had me drooling as he stroked his now very hard, very visible cock.  What I would have given to feel, to taste, and to ride AndyMosc right then and there.  But alas I coud not… So I settled for watching him jerk that perfect piece of man meat for me.  He played with his beautiful cock for nearly 20 minutes before erupting in pleasure. 

And an eruption it was!  AndyMosc was covered in cum:  abs, chest, and face.  What I would have done for just a taste… Yum!


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