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I woke up this morning and needed to release some pressure IMMEDIATELY – if you know what I mean.  I did what any of us would have done; I logged onto SuperMen.  After browsing through the model index for a while, I settled upon Andre_Ferrer.

I found this young, athletic black stud seated in front of the camera waiting for someone to connect with.  Naturally, we started to chat and things escalated quickly.  Having grabbed a bottle of oil, he poured the clear fluid over his body.  His hands glided slowly across his chest and down his rippled abs.  Andre_Ferrer did not stop there though.

His hands continued their journey along his body.  Upon reaching his briefs, he slid his hand beneath the waistband of his briefs; his cock grew quickly with his touch.  A moan escaped his mouth as he continued playing with himself. 

Ugh I wanted that cock bad!  It looked perfect – big, thick, and uncut – beneath the thin blue fabric.  A small circle had begun to form near the tip of cock, that was the last straw.  I took him into private chat.

Within seconds of going private, Andre_Ferrer lost the briefs.  His thick, uncut cock quickly bounced up from beneath his waistband, leaving a trail of precum on his abs.  Slowly he began to stroke himself, moaning with pleasure as his hand slid along the thick meat.  Precum continued to pour from his dick; the clear liquid begged to be licked up!  Soon his stroking sped up, his moaning intensified; he was at the verge of orgasm, and I wanted to see him shoot his thick load.  Andre_Ferrer continued to pull on his big cock till he shot one of the biggest loads I’ve seen on SuperMen.  It looked good enough to taste! 

M’m, m’m, good.


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