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It had been a long week, and I just needed to unwind a little.  I logged into and immediately found myself a winner, Tommy_Flex.  This Romanian stud had a killer body, a handsome face, and a personality that was infectious.  Basically I was hooked…

For the first five minutes all we did was talk, something often lost on webcam.  He asked about my week and how I felt about the recent election.  It was nice to just “shoot the shit” as they say.  As our conversation continued though, he began asking more explicit questions, “What is my favorite online fantasy?  Do I like to suck cock?  Can you handle big cocks?”  With each response, the smirk on his face grew and he offered one final question, “Would you like to see my muscles oiled up?”  Yes!

Knowing that there was only way I’d get to see that, I took Tommy_Flex private.  Once we were alone, he stood and began slowly rubbing oil across his smooth skin.  His muscles flexing as his hands slid over them.  He was simply beautiful.  With a little encouragement, Tommy_Flex slowly peeled off his shorts and skimpy brown briefs.  His hand immediately wrapped around his cock as he began to tug on his foreskin.  Quickly his dick grew and it was big!  Already knowing that I liked sucking cock, Tommy_Flex began to thrust his cock towards camera; instructing me to, “suck on this big cock,” as he did so.  Oh how I wish I could have!  Instead, I settled for simply watching him pound his meat till he shot off a huge load. 

Wish it could have been on my face instead of his abs but it was incredible either way!  I’ll definitely be back for seconds with Tommy_Flex.

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