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I woke up this morning rock hard!  Clearly, I couldn’t do anything till I took care of it, so I logged into SuperMen and started browsing through the guys.  That’s when I found Andrew_Sheer…

I entered his room to find him lounging on the couch; he was wearing a black tank and a pair of jeans.  We began to chat, and things quickly intensified.  He started telling me how much he enjoyed watching guys deep throat his big, uncut cock!  How he loved having his balls licked while his cock was buried to the hilt in a man’s throat … Quick questions, are you accepting applicants? 

I asked him if he’d show me a little more skin, to which he smirked.  He stood and began flexing his muscled arms before slowly pushing off his jeans.  Andrew_Sheer had a pair of tight black briefs on, but his cock was already hard and clearly visible through the thin fabric.  Gently he swayed his hips as I simply watched him flex, mesmerized by his body and his cock.  He was fucking hot!  The show didn’t last long though; he sat back down with yet another smirk.  I craved for more though!  I needed to see that perfect uncut cock, so I went private.

Once I had Andrew_Sheer to myself, it didn’t take long for the show to continue.  He again stood, revealing his briefs to me, but this time they did not stay on.  He pushed the thin materiel from his hips and let them drop to the floor.  Within moments of his cock being released, he took hold of it.  His hand moving along the shaft of his fully erect cock with ease.  All the while, he orated his dirtiest thoughts.  Telling me how he wanted fuck my throat, before bending me over the couch to pound my tight hole.  Andrew_Sheer was DIRTY and I loved it!  The combination of his vigorous stroking and dirty thoughts must’ve been too much.  His load exploded from his cock and onto his black tank, covering it with his thick white man-cream.  He moaned as he came down from his intense orgasm, and then told me to clean up the mess he just made before signing off…

My response, “Yes, sir!”


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