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I came home last night and needed some time to just relax.  I logged into with no intention of staying for long.  I just wanted to check things off and unwind a little, but then I found Ethan_Joy.  As soon as I entered his room, I knew I wasn’t leaving.

His muscled body filled the screen – his thick thighs, rippling abs, and muscled chest – his face just out of sight.  He had his keyboard sitting atop his lap, inhibiting a clear view of his bulging black trunks.  His body was simply perfection.  Naturally I started flirting with him, and Ethan_Joy didn’t shy away.  He eventually even gave me a glimpse of what he was hiding under that keyboard.  All I have to say about that is “Damn!”  After seeing that I knew I had to go private with him. 

Once we had the room to ourselves, the keyboard was the first thing to go.  He then adjusted the camera so that I could see more than just his crotch and torso – although I certainly wasn’t complaining about the view.  Ethan_Joy slowly began moving his hips as his hands explored his body.  They slid across his arms, his chest, and down his abs, but soon they found their way to the waistband of his trunks.  He gently pushed them lower, providing small glimpses of his growing cock.  I begged for more and he willingly obliged; he pushed the trunks to the floor.  His big, uncut cock sprung up and smacked hard against the rippled muscles of his abdominals, leaving a small bit of precum behind.  His hand quickly took hold of his thick meat and began stroking.  He moaned as his hand moved along the shaft of his perfect dick.  I watched intently as his pace began to quicken; his balls tightening as he approached orgasm.  Ehtan_Joy was going to shoot his load and I was more than ready to see it. 

Within moments he was shooting a fountain of cum into the air, covering his entire torso with the milky fluid.  After that show, he wasn’t the only one covered in cum though.  Be sure to check out Ethan_Joy, you won’t be disappointed!


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