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This boy is KINKY!  I had popped into VersatyLover24's room thinking I was just getting ready to watch a sexy otter jerk his big dick, but was pleasantly surprised.  

I found VersatyLover24 sitting in front of the camera wearing a flannel and a pair of jeans, which would be pretty normal had there not been a number of toys laid out on the bed:  Fleshjacks, dildos, vibrators... Oh My!  I wasn't initially prepared for all of VersatyLover24’s fetishism, but I readied myself quickly to explore.  We began chatting, and he proved to be an amazing guy; between his fun-loving personality and him stroking his cock off-screen, I wanted to see more.

I brought him into a private room and asked him to show me how he uses all those toys.  He was very happy to oblige first by standing up and showing me what I could only imagine before - his cock.  His cock was already glistening with what I image was a combination of precum and lube.  That image alone made this private chat worth every penny, but that was simply the beginning.  He quickly removed his clothing and lay back on the bed.  Once on the bed, VersatyLover24 pulled his legs up to his chest allowing me access tohis his perfect, pink hole.  He grabbed one of the dildos he had lain out and began to slowly tease his hole with the tip of it; his moans escalating as he applied more pressure.  His hole soon gave way and allowed the toy to slide in with ease!  He looked completely satisfied as he fucked himself with one hand while stroking that thick dick with the other, but there were still more toys to play with!

VersatyLover24 took hold of the Fleshjack he had next to him and shoved his big dick balls-deep inside.  Between him fucking that Fleshjack and pounding his tight hole, I couldn't tell which I wanted more!  He quickly switched toys, so that he could sit up and ride a dildo while pounding that Fleshjack to fruition.  The combination of both toys had him quickly approaching climax though.

If watching him bounce up and down on that "dick" wasn't enough to get me off, seeing him shoot his massive load all over that Fleshjack definitely was!  VersatyLover24 definitely put on a show for me and I will be sure to visit him again.  You should all do the same!


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