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There is only word to describe BornBad89, and that is HOT!  This man exudes sexiness.  From the facial hair to the tattoos covering his muscled body, there is not a single thing on this man that does not scream for attention, which is exactly what I gave him.

When I entered his room, BornBad89 was shirtless with the keyboard in his lap.  That alone was enough to get me going!  I didn’t want to waste anytime with BornBad89, though; I needed to see more of that muscled body.  There was one muscle, in fact, that I was just dying to see.  Before that could happen though, I asked him to show off to the camera a little for me, he sheepishly smiled and obliged my request.  BornBad89 flexed his arms and chest, the muscle bulging as he showed each of them off.  He continued by showing me his legs and back; however, my focus was elsewhere... 

My next request was simple:  lose the shorts.  To which he again smirked, and slowly removed his shorts; they hit the floor to reveal a pair of very flattering trunks.  I salivated at the sight of this heavenly man in them, but it still wasn’t enough.  I needed more. 

I took BornBad89 private, and while we were alone, he continued to oblige my every request.  He gave me full control of his body.  Time seemed to standstill as I watched him work his body for my pleasure.  His perfect cock standing at attention from the moment his trunks hit the ground till the moment he shot his massive load.  It was most assuredly an experience I will not soon forget!

I will definitely be back for more of BornBad89!  I recommend you all visit him as well, only at


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