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AndreMorety reminded me of that guy in college that I’d always lusted for but never had.  He was the quarterback of the football team, always dated the hottest girl on campus, and never seemed to have an issue in the world.  Well thankfully, AndreMorety gave me my second chance with "that guy" and I didn't waste it this time!

He was lying on the bed half-clothed with his keyboard in his lap when I entered his chat room.  I was already overly excited to see him there in his boxer briefs - his cock visible beneath the tight fabric.  Slowly he began to stroke himself through the thin fabric, eliciting a quick response.  I was already drooling – from my cock and my mouth – as he toyed with his now hard cock through his boxer briefs.  It wasn’t enough though.  I needed to see more… So I took him private.

The boxer briefs were off within moments of being alone.  He wanted me to see him in all his glory, and oh how glorious it was!  AndreMorety took hold of his rigid cock and began to stroke.  That was not enough attention for him, though.  As he stroked his cock with one hand, his other slowly reached past his balls and began to circle is taint.  Watching as he played with his tight hole, had me leaking pre-cum everywhere!  Slowly he pushed a finger into his ass, allowing himself to grow accustomed to the sensation before fucking himself with his hand.  Now loosened up, he inserted a second, and then a third!  He moaned as he inserted each new digit, his cock drooling pre-cum.  Using his pre-cum as lube, he fucked his hand with earnest as he pounded his hole with three fingers.  AndreMorety wasn’t going to last much longer at that pace, and nor I.  His moans as he shot that load were almost as impressive as the immensity of it.  He was drenched in the creamy, white liquid... literally!

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect "second chance!”


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