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Did I get lucky tonight!  I just left SexyblacPress’ show as a very satisfied customer.

This athletic stud was just waiting for someone; thankfully, that someone was I!  He was already dancing when I entered his room.  Pulling at his skimpy pink briefs as he swayed his hips to and fro.  As he continued to dance, I could not help but notice the bulge in his briefs steadily growing.  Soon his cock was clearly visible beneath the thin fabric, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it.  It was massive!  He must have known where my intrigue lay, though; slowly he pushed the waistband of his briefs down allowing his huge cock to bounce up from beneath the fabric.  He took hold of his massive man-meat and began to stroke himself.  This, however, did not last long.  He pulled the briefs back atop his cock and smiled.  What a tease! 

After that, I needed more though.  I took SexyblacPress private, and that is when the real fun began.  Immediately, he pushed his briefs to the floor.  Allowing his hard cock to snap up and smack himself in the stomach.  He took hold of his thick, uncut cock and slowly began to tug at the hard flesh.  As he pulled on his cock with one hand, he used his other to gently tug at his nipple.  A moan escaping his mouth as did so.  That, however, was not the only thing that had escaped his body.  Precum began to steadily flow from his cock as he played with himself.  The clear fluid glistened off the chocolaty flesh, providing amble lubrication for his hand to continue stroking.

 “I want to feel your lips on my cock.  Feel your tongue against my flesh as you lick the precum off of me,” SexyblackPress said as he continued pulling on his thick meat.  I relished with desire as he teased me with that thick meat.  I yearned for his cock, to feel it in my mouth as I pulled him deeper… Mmm.  As I told him how I’d swallow every inch of him till he shot his load, his pace increased.  He was ready to cum, and so was I!  He continued to stroke his cock furiously till we both shot our loads!  SexyblacPress’ body was drenched in his creamy load, cum pooling in his abs and belly button.  Slowly he leaned back to catch his breath after the intensity of that orgasm.

After that show, I will definitely be visiting SexyblacPress again!


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