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When I entered DEIVYNX’s room, I wasn’t really looking for anything.  I’d found his profile on SuperMen, and thought he was pretty cute.  He wasn’t my normal type – I tend to prefer the more athletic, muscly guys – but there was just something about him.  He was shirtless in front of the camera, simply waiting for someone to come and say hello.  I struck up a conversation with him, and he really began to perk up.  DEIVYNX started dancing and was just having a good time.  As he continued to dance, I grew more and more interested in what DEIVYNX was hiding beneath him jeans.  Rather than waiting for him to slowly reveal his “goods,” I decided to expedite the process.  I took him private.

Have you ever noticed that some of the skinniest guys have the biggest cocks?  Well this was certainly true of DEIVYNX! 

As soon as we went private, I asked him if he’d strip for me.  With a sheepish smile, he slowly began removing his jeans.  Much to my surprise, DEIVYNX was not wearing anything beneath his jeans, so as he danced his way out of them his cock became more and more visible.  And what a cock it was!  The thing was huge and was only getting bigger.  With his jeans on the floor, DEIVYNX sat back down and took hold of his now erect cock.  Using both hands, he slowly stroked his thick, uncut meat.  As he became more excited, his pace quickened and soon he abandoned the two-handed technique for quicker strokes of his cock using just his left hand.  His hand quickly became a blur as his strokes became more manic, the head glistening as precum oozed forth.  He must’ve been getting close though, because his stroking soon slowed.  He asked if I was ready to see him shoot that load. 

“Fuck yeah!  Shoot that big load for me, baby!”

With my permission, he let loose a fountain of cum.  Completely covering his abdomen and chest with the creamy man-milk, DEIVYNX continued to pull cum from his cock.  After seeing that show, though, I will certainly be making a return visit to DEIVYNX!


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