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I had logged into SuperMen after a pretty rough day at work and needed to unwind a little.  After browsing through the models, I found RossSwain.  That’s when things began to turn around for me.

I entered RossSwain’s room to find him sitting in front of the camera, clad in a black t-shirt and jeans.  He wasn’t my typical type, but there was just something so alluring about RossSwain.  We started chatting and I quickly came to find that in addition to his boyish good looks and toned body, RossSwain had the most enchanting personality.  We really seemed to hit it off.  As our conversation progressed and became more sexual in nature, I was able to convince RossSwain to remove his shirt.  Once I was finally able to see some flesh, I was convinced.  I wanted to see more of RossSwain; I took him private.

Once I had RossSwain all to myself, he wasted little time in starting the real show.  His hips slowly began to sway as he unbuttoned his jeans.  His simple gray trunks became visible as his jeans fell to the floor.  His body now completely visible had me drooling!  Granted he wasn’t massively muscular, but he was toned to perfection and the bulge in his trunks had my full attention.  His hands began to wander as he teased me with his body.  Slowly, his hands made their way to those gray trunks.  With a quick push, RossSwain removed his trunks and gave me my first look at his massive, uncut cock.  If that was soft, then I couldn’t imagine how big it was when hard!  Hopefully I’d find out soon though…

RossSwain must have known exactly what I was thinking, because he took hold of his huge dick and started to tug at it.  Quickly eliciting a response.  Now fully erect, I was astounded by the size of this twink’s cock!  Like, damn.  He continued to tug at his cock, moaning as he jerked himself off.  Precum slowly began to gush forth as his hand slid along the shaft.  Soon his balls grew taught, and his breath quickened.  He was going to cum and I was ready for it!

As he furiously pumped his massive man-meat, RossSwain shot his load all over his muscled abs, the creamy liquid covering his entire torso.  As re recovered from his intense orgasm, he reached down and scooped up some of his man-milk to taste.  The show ended with his simple reaction, “Mmm… It’s so sweet.”


WebCam SuperMen

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