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Upon entering his room, I found SepsyConstantine92 half naked in front of the camera.   Clad in nothing but a track jacket and a pair of white trunks, SepsyConstantine92 left little to the imagination as he played with himself beneath the thin white fabric.  Granted, I was still hoping there’d be a little less imagination required soon…  Good things come to those who wait, right? 

We began chatting as he continued tugging on his ever-growing cock.  He had an amazing personality and was incredibly outgoing; plus I mean he was hot!  He was definitely a catch.  I knew I wanted more of SepsyConstantine92, so I took him private.  That’s when the real fun began.

SepsyConstantine92 and I continued to chat while alone.  His hand never once leaving his cock as we did so.  As the conversation progressed in a more sexual direction, his hand began to more even fast beneath the fabric of his trunks.  I’d had enough of the suspense.  I asked SepsyConstantine92 if he’d show me what he was working on beneath those briefs.  With a coy smile, SepsyConstantine92 stood and slowly began to push the waistband of his briefs below his hips.  They soon fell to the floor as his cock snapped up from beneath the fabric.  His big cock now pointed straight towards the camera as he allowed me a moment to admire him.  It was certainly worth the wait!  Precum had already begun to drip from the tip of his cock as he sat back down on the couch.  Using the clear liquid as lube, SepsyConstantine92 took hold of his cock and began to gently play with himself again.

He must have enjoyed the attention because precum continued to steadily flow from his cock.  His pace quickened, and his balls soon began to pull taught.  He was quickly approaching orgasm, and I longed to see him release his thick seed.  With a few more tugs of that big dick, SepsyConstantine92 fired off one of the biggest loads I had ever seen!  He was covered from chin to treasure trail in the warm liquid.

After a show like that, it’s safe to say that SepsyConstantine92 certainly warmed up my night!  Let him warm yours up next. 


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