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If you’re in the mood for chiseled, good looks and a muscled body, then DeAllesandro is the man of your dreams!

I had just finished dinner and decided that after a full day of work I deserved some R&R.  I logged in to SuperMen, and started looking for someone that could help me relax a little.  DeAllesandro was the obvious choice.  I’d entered his room and there he was flexing for the camera.  It took all of 10 seconds for me to realize that I needed to see more of this man.  I immediately went private, and let DeAllesandro take the lead. 

We started talking, and he let me know that he was REALLY horny and hadn’t cum in over three days!  He went on to describe all of the things he wished he were able to do right now:  to have his cock buried deep in someone’s throat; to have a tight hole to rim and prepare for his thick, uncut cock; to have a man to pound mercilessly till they both shoot their massive loads.  As he vividly described each of his fantasies, it became clear that they were having an effect on him.  The bugle in his gray trunks was steadily growing, and I was ready for more than just talk.

DeAllesandro slipped his fingers beneath the waistband of his trunks, and pushed them to the floor.  His rigid cock smacked against his hard abs, leaving a streak of precum behind.  He wasted little time in taking hold of his cock, his fist moving slowly up and down the shaft as he continued fantasizing.  He wanted things to start slow:  allow himself to enjoy the warmth of his man’s mouth; enjoy the taste of his man’s hole as he moaned with pleasure; feel his man’s hole wrap around his huge, uncut cock as he fucked him hard.  As his fantasy progressed, his stroking intensified and his balls began to tighten as he approached orgasm. 

I’m not going to ruin the ending, but I will say that we both left the show covered in cum and I was STILL begging for more.  Start your own fantasy with DeAllesandro, because I’ll definitely be going back for round two!


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