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I got home from work early, so was just going to relax at the house.  Sounds nice, right?  Unfortunately, I was SO bored!  With the hope of relieving that boredom, I’d logged into and started browsing.  It didn’t take long before I found LanaxHairy. 

When I entered his room, LanaxHairy was already shirtless in front of the camera.  His boyish features and toned body – with the perfect sprinkling of hair – immediately caught my attention.   I didn’t waste anytime striking up a conversation with LanaxHairy, and what began innocently quickly escalated.  The sexual tension was palpable between us; I simply couldn’t take it any longer.  I craved for more of LanaxHairy; I took him private.

Once LanaxHairy and I were alone, he quickly took things to the next level!  He stood and slowly began to sway his hips; gently spinning to provide me a view of his perfectly toned body.  He hands slid across body, lingering at his chest for but a moment to tug at his nipples before moving towards the waistband of his red briefs.  With a gentle push, he teased me with small glimpses of his bare cock and ass; I begged for more.  With a sheepish smirk, he threw the briefs to the floor, providing me with an uninhibited view of his body.  I took but a minute to admire LanaxHairy’s body before asking for more.  His hips continued to sway as his hands reached for his uncut cock.  Within moments, his cock was hard and he was moaning in ecstasy as his hand slid along the shaft.  LanaxHairy knew exactly how to work his cock! 

It didn’t take long for his moaning to intensify and soon he was asking me if I was, “ready to seem him shoot?”  Without hesitation I encouraged him to let his load fly, and that’s exactly what he did.  It went EVERYWHERE!  If only I could’ve helped clean him up…


WebCam SuperMen

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