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GodAlexiss, as his name implies, is truly divine!  His muscled body, chiseled good looks, and sultry eyes immediately captivate you.  That, however, is simply the beginning.  He then seduces you with his movements, causing you to yearn for more.  Let me explain how I got my first taste of this forbidden fruit.

It had been a long day.  I had just gotten home from work and needed to unwind.  Wanting a little help, I had logged onto SuperMen in order to find someone that could lend a helping hand.  That was when I found him – GodAlexiss.  I knew simply from his profile pic that this was the man for me! 

I entered his room to find him seated in front of the camera with his keyboard in his lap.  He had nothing but a pair of simple, black trunks on, which provided me with an ample view of his bulge – and ample it was!  I took a moment to simply admire the “god” in front of me rather than jumping into a conversation.  When I did, however, begin chatting, I was quickly enamored by his personality.  He was so pleasant and outgoing; I craved for more of him.  I took GodAlexiss private for my own taste of divinity.

As we continued to chat, his trunks eventually slipped to the floor as he became more comfortable.  His lips weren’t the only things I wanted a taste of now… That thick uncut cock begged for some oral attention.  Without a mouth to fill, GodAlexiss began to play with himself instead; choosing rather to tell me all of the things he desired.  Things got hot!  As his excitement grew, his pace quickened.  His ball grew tight and GodAlexiss approached orgasm.  And that cum shot was the best part of the show!  It was godly. 

I cannot be too surprised, though.  After all he is a god.


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