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Who doesn't love some Latin muscle?  Thankfully, JoshStephens provides just that and MORE!

We started things off in the public chat; he was flexing his arms, playing with his bulge, and simply being playful.  The more he did, though, the more excited I got and the more of him I wanted to see!  JoshStephens continued to tease us with what may have been, but I wanted what could be...

I took him private, and he took the show to the next level!  JoshStephens immediately removed the white briefs that were covering him, and took a step back from the camera to reveal his muscled body in ALL of its glory.  If you thought he was sexy before, wait till you see him without anything covering him.  When I saw that hard cock pointing straight at me, I’m pretty sure I fell for JoshStephens.  Each and every inch of him – and there were plenty – was perfection!  

As he continued dancing, he began to stroke his big, uncut cock, precum oozing as he toyed with himself.  This stud knew how to work his body – and the camera!  This was simply the beginning, though.  JoshStephens went to the bed, where he pulled both of his legs up to his chest.  With his tight, pink hole now exposed, JoshStephens began to slowly finger himself.  Soon he had gone from one finger to three!  The continuous pleasure must’ve been too much for JohnStephens, though; with a primal moan he fired off a massive load.  The creamy liquid coating his abs, chest, AND face; I think he was even surprised by the size of it. 

Can anyone say, “Clean up on “Aisle JoshStephens!”?


WebCam SuperMen

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